5 Products To Help You Avoid Putting Weight This Diwali
how to avoid putting weight in this diwali

Try These 5 Products to Manage Your Weight During This Diwali

Small measure can go a long way if you want to avoid putting on those extra kilos during the festive season.

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We have excuses. Thousands of them. To not go to the gym during the festive season. To have that extra piece of barfi or pinni which is loaded with copious amounts of ghee. With Diwali right around the corner, we understand that gorging on your favorite mithai and some lip-smacking, deep-fried snacks are inevitable. These weight loss tips are surely going to help you.

A few modifications in the utensils you cook in, and swapping your everyday snacks with better alternatives, here is how you can avoid putting on those extra kilos by following a proper weight-loss diet plan.

Products That Help You Avoid Gaining Weight

How To Not Put On Weight This Festive Season? These five products will accompany you on this journey.

1. Use Non-Stick Cookware

non stick cookware
Non stick cookware helps in cooking with less to no oil.


Non-stick cookware can help to cut down on your oil usage by more than 50%. Nonstick cookware can not only reduce your oil usage but cook the food more evenly and quickly. From omelets to chillas and your favorite sabzi made with half the quantity of fat you usually use, but the taste remains intact.

A cookware set can have up to 3-8 utensils including a wok (kadhai), saucepan, frying pan, tadka pan, and non-stick friendly ladles. Make sure you never use metal spoons for stirring and cooking in non-stick pans as it can scratch off the coating. Wooden spoons can be used while cooking in a non-stick utensil.

2. Switch To An Oil Spray

oil spray brands
oil spray


Typically, a single tablespoon of oil has 110-120 calories. An oil spray will automatically reduce your oil usage and help you stay fitter during the festive season. Cooking oil sprays come in different types of oils, like olive oil, canola oil, and sunflower oil. If you don’t have cooking oil spray at home, you can also do a DIY cooking spray. Just take a clean and dry spray bottle, add your regular cooking oil to it and spray away! This might not be as efficient as the store-bought one, but it might work if you cannot find one for yourself.

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3. Hello, Air Fryer!



Air fryers are a rather new addition to our homes and while some people have been using it regularly, a few have dumped this aside thinking it’s just for frozen food. Think again! From roasting vegetables to making bread rolls, an air fryer can just do the trick sans the extra oil.

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4. Swap Deep Fried Namkeen With Healthier Namkeen

healthier namkeen
Healthier namkeen to aid weight loss



We munch on unhealthy namkeens and snacks in-between meals so much that it should be counted as a meal in itself. A pack of deep-fried peanuts, chakli, fried besan namkeens, even though are LOVED, should be had in moderation because they are so high in calories and don’t really fill you up. Give these low-cal namkeens and snacks a try if you want something to munch on without consuming too many calories.

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5. Low Calorie Cocktails

jimmy cocktail
Flavoured Jimmy’s Cocktails


Festive season means teen patti, lip smacking food and some delicious cocktails. Most of us associate cocktails with fruity syrups, and lots of sugar. Well, that’s about to change! As we found out in our review, Jimmy’s cocktails are value for money, delicious and super convenient. No more collecting 10 ingredients just to make a glass or two. The fact that they look absolutely fantastic is an added plus.

How to Respond to The Urge of Overeating

It is difficult but not impossible to stop overeating. Mindful eating is the best strategy that keeps you informed about how balanced diet you are eating and when you need to stop eating.

Here are some strategies you can follow to stop the urge to overeating.

1. Schedule Your Meals

Scheduling meal times will help you not overeat. Define a proper time to have your meal. If you eat three meals per day or five to six small meals per day, then make a schedule accordingly. Regularly, having the scheduled meal will stop you from the urge that you are always hungry. Besides it, having scheduled meals will keep your stomach healthy as it will have time to digest the food properly.

2. Give Away Leftovers

We tend to eat more if there are leftovers at home. Instead of having that and overeating it, better plan your next meal and try to add them to your next meal. Planning meals is the best way to have mindful eating. Even if you do not want to have it for your next meal, then give away the leftovers.

3. Drink Water

Initially, it is obvious you will feel more hungry as your hunger hormone ghrelin is highly active. To stop the urge of eating, it is better to gulp a glass of water than eating. This will help you stay hydrated as well as no more overeating.

4. Use small cutlery

The proportion matter a lot. Having large plates makes us eat more and hence you overeat. So next time when you are planning to lose weight, make sure you are using smaller plates than usual. Small plates make you eat mindfully, and you will know when to stop eating or when you are full.

5. Motivate Yourself

Trusting your instinct is necessary. The urge is temporary and can be controlled. It goes away after few minutes. Hunger signal comes and goes. Being motivated keeps you consistent and breaks the trap of overeating.

Remember, only eat as much as your stomach needs. You don’t need to satisfy your mind. That’s where mindful eating is essential.

Final Words

So, are you ready for Diwali season? Definitely. By following these products and using it in your daily lifestyle, you will shed as many pounds you want. A little exercise with it can let you lose the unwanted fat quickly. Now you are perfectly ready to get into your favorite dress this Diwali.

If you have any more tips about how to stay fit during this festive season, let us know in the comment box below.

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