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7 Guilt-Free Dessert Ideas for Navratri: Sweet Treats You Will Love

Embrace the sugar cravings with a list of Navratri-friendly desserts.

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If you’re celebrating the festival of Navratri and wondering what to eat for dessert, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 7 delicious sweet treat recommendations by Mishry that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth without making you feel guilty about the sugar content.

7 Guilt-Free Sweet Treats For Navratri

Mishry has meticulously and carefully created a list of these 7 guilt free sweets that you can eat during your Navratri Fasting. Let’s have a look at them :

1. Dates and Nuts Barfi

dry fruits and nuts barfi

These delicious and scrumptious barfis are made using dry fruits, nuts and dates. These are extremely healthy , packed with nutrients and also provide you with energy. Shape them in your desired way and enjoy them without any guilt. 

Ingredients Required : Dates, ghee, desiccated coconut, dry fruits & nuts (cashews, almonds, pistachios, berries).

2. Makhana Kheer

makhana kheer

Makhana kheer is another excellent option to have during Navratri fast. It is nutritious, filling and is sure to satisfy all your sweet cravings this Navratri. To make makhana kheer, you need milk, makhana, jaggery and dry fruits. Heat milk in a pan and then add jaggery , dry fruits and makhana to it. Your delicious makhana kheer is ready to slurp!  

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Ingredients Required: Makhana (fox nuts), milk, jaggery and dry fruits.

3. Coconut Ladoo

coconut ladoos

Love coconuts? Here’s an easy recipe made using coconuts as the hero ingredient. Coconut ladoo is a tasty and healthy sweet to indulge in during Navratri. In a pan take ghee and add grated coconut with date paste and roast for 2-3 minutes or until it forms into a dough. Quickly turn it into laddoos and roll on desiccated coconut before serving. You can add cashews and almonds if you like. 

Ingredients Required: Grated coconut, ghee and date syrup

4. Rajgira Halwa


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Rajgira Halwa also known as Amarnath ka halwa is an excellent alternative to atta ka halwa which is also fast-friendly. Start by roasting the flour on low heat until it turns golden brown. In the meanwhile, boil water in a separate pan. Once the flour is roasted, slowly add the boiled water or milk and stir continuously until everything is well incorporated. Now reduce the heat on low and let it simmer until it reaches the desired consistency.

Ingredients Required: Rajgira atta, ghee, dry fruits and nuts. 

5. Sama Chawal Kheer

Sama chawal kheer is extremely scrumptious and is a delicious sweet recipe that can be made for Navratri. It is easy to make and healthy for the body. To make this start by soaking the sama ke chawal for 30 minutes. Now heat the milk in a pan and let it boil. Then simmer sama ke chawal on low heat and ensure you stir it occasionally until it becomes soft. Once cooked, add sugar, mix well and serve it hot!

Ingredients Required: Sama ke chawal, milk, sugar, and dry fruits.

6. Sweet Potato Halwa


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Made using boiled and mashed sweet potatoes, this halwa requires addition of no sugar. Popularly known as Shakarkandi ka halwa, it is a nutritious and healthy sweet treat. The best part is that it is really quick to make and requires absolutely no efforts. Start by boiling the potatoes, then cook in ghee over low heat. Now add milk and sugar and stir well. Let the mixture thicken till it reaches the desired consistency. Garnish it with some nuts and serve hot!

Ingredients Required: Sweet potatoes, ghee, sugar, and milk.

7. Roasted Makhana With Jaggery

Simple to make, delicious in taste! Roasted Makhanas with jaggery is quick to whip up and serves as an excellent fast-friendly snack. For this, start by roasting the makhanas in ghee until it turns golden brown. Once done, drizzle jaggery over the makhana and mix well. Enjoy this sweet and salty snack treat without any guilt! 

Ingredients Required: Ghee, makhana, melted jaggery, salt. almonds (optional)


Sweeten your Navratri celebrations with these treats!

This was our compilation of easy to make and delectable sweet treats that can enjoyed without any guilt. Packed with nutrients, these fast-friendly dessert options is a great way to enjoy your festive meals.

What’s your favorite fasting sweet treat? Let us know.

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