Haldiram’s Vs. Bikanervala: A Tasty Kaju Katli Comparison

Haldiram’s Vs. Bikanervala: A Tasty Kaju Katli Comparison

We tried kaju katli, everyone’s favorite during Diwali, from two popular chains in India for this festive season. Who is it going to be? Haldiram’s Vs Bikanervala – The better Kaju Katli is from…

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Diwali, especially in the Northern belt, is synonymous with Kaju Katli (काजू कतली). This evergreen diamond-shaped barfi is a hot selling item in almost every shop selling mithais. Made using cashews (Kaju) and sugar, kaju katli or kaju barfi is coated with varq (edible silver leaf).

As we all gear up for the festive season, nothing excited us more than the kaju katli we were about to gorge on. We picked Kaju Katlis from two popular chains in India that are famous for their namkeens and sweets, amongst other things – Haldiram’s and Bikanervala. After a very delicious tasting session, we chose Bikanervala Kaju Katli as our Top Pick. Here’s why!

Bikanervala Kaju Katli vs Haldiram’s Kaju Katli: Quick Comparison

Haldiram’s (L) Vs Bikanervala (R) – The Tastier Kaju Katli.


Haldiram’s Kaaju Katli 

Bikanervala Kaaju Katli


Rs 470/- Rs 483/-
 Net weight 500 grams 500 grams
  • Medium sized
  • Diamond shaped
  • Medium thickness
  • Small sized
  • Diamond shaped
  • Medium thickness
Texture Dry Soft
 Sweetness Oversweet Balanced

Mishry Top Pick – Bikanervala Kaju Katli

bikanervala kaju katli
Bikanervala Kaju Katli

The Bikanervala Kaju Katli is tastier, has a better texture and the sweetness levels were balanced as well.

MRP – Rs 483/-*

Net weight – 500 grams

*Price at the time of review

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Why Bikanervala Kaju Katli is our Top Pick?

Kaju Katlis, in general, are supposed to be small, fairly thin, and shaped like a diamond. The cashew flavor should not be lost due to a sugar overload. The ideal texture of a Kaju katli should be soft and the coarseness of Kaju should not be felt.

The Bikanervala Kaju Katli was chosen as our Top Pick because it was much tastier, had balanced sweetness, and had a softer texture.

These comparatively small sized, kaju katlis had balanced levels of sweetness because of which the cashew flavor remained intact.

We could not feel the graininess/coarseness of the powdered cashews which enhanced the overall experience by a considerable margin.

The uniform varq on these kaju katlis indicated a soft, favorable texture of the mithai.

bikanervala kaju katli - diamond shaped
Bikanervala Kaju Katli – Our Top Pick

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Why Did Haldiram’s Kaju Katli Not Win?

Priced at Rs 470/- (with taxes) for a 500 gram (1/2 kg) box, the Haldiram’s mithai did not fare too well in our review. The Haldiram’s Kaju Katli lagged due to two simple reasons. The sweetness levels were overbearing and due to that, the cashew flavor diminished. Not only that, the texture of the kaju katli was extremely dry, and due to that, the feel and look of the sweet suffered. The varq appeared cracked and not smooth, unlike our Top Pick.

haldiram kaju katli
Haldiram’s Kaju Katli

Haldirams’ vs Bikanervala Kaju Katli: An In-depth Comparison

Our Review Process – Contenders, Parameters and How We Reviewed?

1. The Contenders

We chose two chain mithai-giants in India that are spread across India and have shown its presence internationally as well. Both our contenders fit the bill perfectly –

  • Haldiram’s
  • Bikanervala

2. Parameters

As a list of ingredients was not mentioned on any of the boxes, it could not be considered as a parameter. So we did not know how much percentage of cashews were used, how much and what type of sugar was added, or if these had any other ingredients. We also did not consider the packaging as it keeps changing according to the festive season.

For our tastiest kaju katli review, we decided on two broad parameters.

2.1 Texture

We wanted to check if the kaju katli is dry or soft. Was the texture grainy or smooth? How was the look of the varq? Did the varq crack due to the dryness?

2.2 Taste

Indian sweets are supposed to be a sugar feast! But, the sugar can get a bit overwhelming sometimes and ruin the overall flavor of the key ingredient. In this case, it was the cashews. We wanted to gauge, how balanced or overpowering was the sweetness, and did it kill the cashew flavor in the mithai?

Want to know what sweets or dessert can make your diwali enjoyment blended with sweetness? Read on about list of sweets and desserts you can make this Diwali.

3. How We Reviewed 

This was an extremely delicious tasting session and we couldn’t help but reminisce our own Diwali times as a child, where we didn’t count calories or sugar intake and just gobbled kilos of mithai without thinking twice.

We conducted a blind tasting session where none of the reviewers knew which brand’s kaju katli were they tasting. After multiple side-by-side tasting sessions, we came to our conclusion.

Final Words

Results Of The Face-Off – Haldiram’s Vs Bikanervala

After gauging all the parameters and looking for minute differentiators, Bikanervala Kaju Katli emerged as our Top Pick. Let us know which taste best to you in our comment section below.

Bikanervala Kaju Katli sweet box
Bikanervala Kaju Katli – Top Pick

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Haldiram’s and Bikanervala’s Kaju Katli:

Haldiram’s and Bikanervala’s Kaju Katli differ primarily in texture, taste, and packaging. Haldiram’s Kaju Katli tends to have a smoother texture and a slightly sweeter taste, with a rich cashew flavor. Bikanervala’s version is known for its balanced sweetness and a firmer texture, often praised for its authentic traditional flavor. Both brands use high-quality cashews, but their unique recipes and preparation methods result in these distinct differences. Packaging also varies, with Haldiram’s typically using a more contemporary design, while Bikanervala often opts for a traditional look.

Both Haldiram’s and Bikanervala offer premium quality Kaju Katli, but the value for money can depend on individual preferences and specific purchase situations. Haldiram’s is often more widely available and sometimes priced slightly lower, providing a good value for those looking for an accessible option. Bikanervala, on the other hand, might be priced a bit higher but is often seen as offering a more traditional and authentic taste. Discounts and promotions can also affect value, so checking for current offers is advisable.

The primary ingredient for both Haldiram’s and Bikanervala’s Kaju Katli is high-quality cashew nuts, accompanied by sugar and ghee. Both brands might add a hint of cardamom for flavor. However, the proportion and sourcing of these ingredients can vary, contributing to the slight differences in taste and texture. Haldiram’s might use a slightly higher sugar content, while Bikanervala could focus on a more balanced ingredient mix to enhance the traditional flavor.

Haldiram’s Kaju Katli typically comes in sleek, modern packaging that is vacuum-sealed to ensure freshness and a longer shelf life, usually around 3-6 months if stored properly. Bikanervala’s packaging often has a more traditional design but also focuses on maintaining product freshness, with a similar shelf life. Both brands recommend storing Kaju Katli in a cool, dry place to preserve its quality. The packaging for both is designed to be gift-friendly, making them popular choices during festive seasons.

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