The Tastiest Kulcha Bread

The Tastiest Kulcha Bread

Team Mishry had a rather tasty week when we wolfed down kulchas for our review. Four kulcha brands, and one very delicious tasting session later, we found our winner.

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A piping hot bowl of matra, channa masala, or a meaty curry with soft and fluffy kulchas are a match made in heaven. Kulchas (कुलचा) have been a very loved flatbread in India and can be paired with a lot of main dishes.

To find out about the tastiest, fluffiest packaged kulchas, we reviewed four popular brands available in the market and after a double tasting session, Harvest Gold Kulcha (Top Pick) emerged as our winner and Britannia Kulcha (Also recommended) came in a close second.


The Tastiest Kulcha Bread Is…


Top Pick – Harvest Gold Kulcha


Harvest Gold Kulcha

The Harvest Gold Kulchas were the tastiest and remained fluffy even after cooling down.

MRP – Rs 30/-*

Number of kulchas – 5

*Price at the time of review


Why Harvest Gold Kulcha is our Top Pick?

Harvest Gold Kulchas were our Top Pick because they were the fluffiest and tastiest amongst all the contenders.

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By the end of our tasting session, all kulchas were flat, and a little dry. But the kulchas by Harvest Gold did not lose their freshness. Even when consumed cold, the fluffiness, and sponginess you expect from a packaged kulcha remained intact. The crispiness on the top/exterior after toasting it and the softness on the inside is perfectly balanced.

The kulchas by Harvest Gold were thick and uniform as compared to the other packs. These were not dry. Overall, the kulchas had a nice bite to them. The coriander topping on top, though doesn’t add any flavor punch to the kulcha. We found the salt-sugar balance nearly perfect and felt this helps to pair them with any dish.

The quality of butter paper used to separate the kulchas was also thicker and, as a result, little pieces of paper did not stick to the kulchas.

A pack contains 5 kulchas and is priced at Rs 30/-. 100 grams of a kulcha contains 257 calories. The oil used in these kulchas is a mix of palm oil and soyabean oil.

Also Recommended – Britannia Kulcha Bread

Why we also recommend Britannia Kulcha Bread

Britannia Kulcha Bread came in a close second. We also recommend the kulchas by Britannia because they were tasty and fluffy.

The Kasuri methi is sprinkled generously and evenly on the kulchas which really enhances the overall flavor.

That being said, the flavor of Kasuri methi might hinder if you are having it with something that doesn’t match with its flavor profile. We would pick this up only when we wanted that extra flavour-punch added to the overall bite.

The salt levels are very balanced, making this kulcha a nice accompaniment.

A pack contains 5 kulchas and is priced at Rs 30/-. 100 grams of a kulcha contains 288 calories. The oil used in these kulchas is palm oil.

Our Review Process

The Tastiest Kulcha Bread Review Process

Kulchas are a popular flatbread in India that are eaten with chole, matra, nutri (soybean mince), and other vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries. These kulchas are primarily made using maida (refined flour) and yeast is used to ferment them. ‘Kulcha’ does not necessarily mean these packaged versions. Thin maida rotis when stuffed with a filling like potatoes and onions, for example, are called ‘Amritsari kulchas‘. In some parts of Southern India, a thick fermented naan or sheermal can be referred to as kulchas as well.

Did you know that kulchas were once a part of the Hyderabad state flag till it became a part of India post Independence? Kulchas were the official symbol of the Asaf Jahi dynasty. Even though many historians later claimed that the round symbol in the coat of arms was a moon and not a kulcha, there are still a lot of people who believe that it was indeed a kulcha.

Let us dig in and read how we found the tastiest packaged kulchas for you.

Who Is This Review For?

If you love kulchas, this review will help you select the tastiest and fluffiest kulcha. Our review is meant for everyone who often buys packaged kulchas from the market to enjoy with homemade dishes like channe, matra and rich curries. This review will also come in handy if you are looking for a convenient store-bought kulcha instead of making rotis or paranthas at home.

How We Picked The Brands

We picked four popular brands of kulchas in Delhi NCR that are easily available in grocery stores. Some of them are also available on online grocery portals. We picked the most commonly available type of kulchas – round shaped and white (maida) ones to keep our review standardised. We did not buy elongated kulchas or the whole wheat/atta kulchas as that is a different range of products altogether.

The Brands We Picked

  • English Oven Kulcha
  • Harvest Gold Kulcha
  • Britannia Kulcha Bread
  • Bonn Prime Time Kulcha

The Parameters

While reviewing these kulchas we decided on four prime parameters –

1. Visually appeal – You eat with your eyes first, right? We wanted to see how nice do they look? Does the seasoning on top add anything to the overall visual appeal?

2. Consistency in thickness – Are they thin from some sides and thick on the other sides? Is there consistency in the thickness of the kulchas or not?

3. Taste – This parameter included the taste of the raw kulcha without any accompaniments or curry. We also tasted these lightly toasted with a little butter on both sides. We checked if the seasoning was balanced or not?

As the price and number of kulchas in each pack were the same, those factors were not considered.

How We Reviewed

Our review process was a rather simple one and we divided it into two stages.

  • Stage 1 – Dry inspection
  • Stage 2 – Tasting
Stage 1 – Dry tasting of the kulchas

In our dry inspection stage, we considered parameters like uniformity, thickness, the type of seasoning used, and ingredients used to make the kulchas. During this stage, we also noticed how well these were packaged, how thick or thin the butter paper between the kulchas was. During this assessment, Harvest Gold and Britannia had an upper hand.

Another point that we noted was that none of the kulchas mention the date of manufacturing, only the best before date is written on the pack.

The thickness was also gauged in our dry inspection stage.

For stage two, our tasting session, we buttered up all the four brands of kulchas and toasted them lightly on a tawa. We used regular salted Amul butter for this step. We did not use any accompaniment in our tasting session because we wanted to notice the individualistic flavor and seasoning of the kulcha.

We tasted all the kulchas side-by-side and noticed the fine seasonings, dryness levels, and fluffiness of the kulcha. Apart from Harvest Gold Kulchas, all the other three kulchas flattened within minutes. The seasoning in the Harvest Gold kulchas did not do anything for the taste but the Kasuri methi seasoning in the Britannia kulchas was tasty and the kulchas were soft and fluffy. Because of these reasons, Harvest Gold Kulcha was our winner and Britannia Kulcha Bread came in second.

Quick Comparison – Tastiest Kulcha

Brand Price Flavor Notes
Harvest Gold Kulcha Rs 30/- – Fluffiest (Top Pick)
– Good nutrition table
– Thickest
– Uniform
– Tastiest
Bonn Prime Time Kulcha Rs 30/- – Nice nutrition label
– Little amount of dhaniya (coriander leaves) on top.
– Fluffiness does not retain after cooking/cooling down.
Britannia Kulcha Bread Rs 30/- – Kasuri methi ganrishing.
– Seasoning is nice and balanced.
– Britannia kulchas were the second fluffiest.
English Oven Kulcha Rs 30/- – Has a red chilli powder streak on all kulchas.
– These have a light jeera-ajwain flavor.
– Uneven kulchas.
– Fluffiness does not retain after cooking/cooling down.
A Comparison of Kulcha Brands: Tastiest Kulcha Review

Results Of Our Review

Our tasting session was a rather joyful one and after gobbling on four brands of packaged kulchas, we came to a conclusion that Harvest Gold Kulchas (Top Pick) were the tastiest packaged kulchas. Their softness and fluffiness was unmatched. Britannia Kulcha Bread (Also Recommended) came in second for its taste and seasoning.

Team That Worked On This Review


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