Sunfeast Yippee Noodles Review – We Tried 3 Flavours
yippee noodles review

Sunfeast Yippee Noodles Review – We Tried Three Flavours

We tried three Yippee Noodles flavors that offer a unique twist. Sweet and spicy, mood masala, and tangy tomato. Can you guess our Top Pick?

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Mishry Ratings

4 / 5
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4 / 5


The rating is for the Saucy Masala Variant. Long, non-sticky noodles with crunchy bits of veggies- we really liked the Yippee Saucy Masala. It has a tangy tomato-like flavor with mildly spicy flavor notes.

Instant noodles are rightly known as comfort food. A warm hug in a bowl, there are tons of ways to enjoy a pack of instant noodles. With some chopped veggies for crunch, an extra-large pinch of red chilly powder, or a huge squeeze of some ketchup, we all have our favorite recipes, don’t we?

What if you could get your preferred flavor of instant noodles instantly? Without the cutting and chopping, adding additional sauces and spices?

Team Mishry’s Sunfeast Yippee noodles review covers three variants of instant noodles from this range. Soupy, slurpy, or completely dry- let’s find out!

Sunfeast Yippee Noodles – Everything You Need To Know

Established as the Indian brand of ITC in 2003, Sunfeast started out with biscuits and cookies. 

Gradually, in 2010 Sunfeast entered the instant noodle market. The Sunfeast YiPPee! Noodles have a unique noodle-cake shape and has a tastemaker with five veggies.

We tried three flavors of Sunfeast Yippee noodles and here’s what we have to say about it. 

1. Available Flavours

Sunfeast Yippee noodles are available in four flavor variants. These are- saucy masala, magic masala, mood masala, and power up masala. 

The tastemakers use a blend of spices and dehydrated veggies. For our Sunfeast Yippee noodles review, we tried the saucy masala, mood masala, and the power up masala. 

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yippee noodles flavors we tried
We tried three flavors from the YiPPee! Noodles range.

2. Available Sizes

There is a wide variety of options available in the Sunfeast Yippee noodles range. 

There are 70 g packs which are single-serve options. You can also avail the 2-in-1(120 g) or 4-in-1 packs(240 g).

3. Main Ingredients

For Sunfeast Yippee saucy and mood masala variants, refined wheat flour, palm oil, and iodized salt are the main ingredients.

Sunfeast Yippee Power Up Atta masala uses 76% of atta instead of maida

The masala mix has varying ingredients. However, the primary tastemaker ingredients include spice and condiments mix and dehydrated vegetables.

4. Price Range

The single-serve (65 g) packs of mood masala and magic masala are priced at Rs 15. The price of Power Up Atta (70 g) variant of Sunfeast Yippee noodles is Rs 20.

When compared to other instant noodle brands in the market, the Sunfeast Yippee noodles price falls in the same range. 

5. Nutritional Facts

Based on the flavor variant you choose, (per 100 gm)provides 450- 470 calories. 

Per serve, the carbohydrate content ranges from 62-66 grams, the protein content is around 10 grams, whereas the fats are 16-20 grams. 

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Sunfeast Yippee Noodles – Our Review Factors

When it comes to instant noodles, the tastemaker can make or break it. We considered the flavor and texture of the noodles. In addition to these, we also gauged whether or not the tastemakers did justice to the flavor names.

Following are other significant parameters that helped us with our Sunfeast Yippee noodles review. 

1. Taste

All credit for the taste of instant noodles goes to the masala mix or the pack of tastemaker. The seasonings in the tastemaker need to be proportioned and the overall quantity must be enough for the entire noodle cake when cooked. 

2. Flavour

All tastemakers use common ingredients like spices and condiments mix and dehydrated veggies. In our review, we talk about how well the flavors came through, which Sunfeast Yippee noodles variant has the most intense flavor, etc.

3. Colour & Texture

The color of the noodle cake highly depends on the ingredients that have been used in the making. There is a slight shift in the color of noodles once cooked.

The tastemaker also helps change the color of the dish a bit. Spices like turmeric and red chilly powder have intense colors that bring different shades to the final product. 

4. Price

Are the noodles competitively priced?

The 65-70 gm packs of Sunfeast Yippee noodles are priced at Rs 15-20/-. The Power Up Atta variant is priced at Rs 20, the other two we tried for our Sunfeast Yippee noodles review were priced at Rs 15/-.

Sunfeast Yippee Noodles Flavours – Detailed Review

Parameters Yippee Saucy Masala Noodles Yippee Mood Masala Noodles Yippee Power Up Atta Noodles
Main Ingredients Refined wheat flour, palm oil, iodized oil, wheat gluten, tomato powder, paprika extract, rosemary extract.  Refined wheat flour, palm oil, wheat gluten, thickeners.  Atta (76%), refined palm oil, dehydrated potato, dehydrated parsley. 
Price Rs 15 Rs 15 Rs 20
Quantity 65 gm 65 gm 70 gm
Shelf Life Best before 9 months from packaging Best before 9 months from packaging Best before 9 months from packaging
Calories (per 100 gm) 469 kcal 457 kcal 451 kcal

1. Sunfeast Yippee Saucy Masala Noodles

Sunfeast Yippee Saucy Masala noodles have a red tinge during the dry stage. Due to package handling, some part of the noodle cake was broken. However, by the looks of it we could make out the noodle cake was round in shape. 

Round-shaped noodle cakes are one of the unique factors of Sunfeast Yippee noodles. The brand shapes their noodle cakes round for long, unbroken noodles post-cooking. 

The tastemaker too was red in color and had some dehydrated veggies. 

closer look at yippee saucy masala
Contents of Yippee Saucy Masala variant.


  • One pack of Sunfeast Yippee Magic Masala noodles contains 65 gm of product. 
  • It has a shelf life of nine months from packaging.
  • Additional extracts like paprika and rosemary have been added. 
  • The noodle cake is round in shape. 
  • As mentioned on the pack, these noodles were cooked in three minutes.
yippee saucy masala noodles ready to eat
Yippee Saucy Masala noodles have dehydrated veggies in the tastemaker.


  • The tastemaker had veggies and minute pieces of dried noodles that add a crunch.
  • The noodles, post-cooking are long and non-sticky.
  • The spice level is mild making this a kid-friendly snack. 
  • Masala to noodle ratio is spot-on!
  • The masala coats the noodles perfectly.
  • Easy-to-follow cooking instructions have been mentioned on the pack. 


  • The quantity of dehydrated veggies was not adequate. 

Best Suited For

Do you always add a few tablespoons of ketchup over your bowl of instant noodles? Is the answer yes? Then yes, this Sunfeast Yippee noodle variant is for you.’

In addition to the tastemaker, the noodle cake too has a red tinge. The flavor variant has a tangy tomato taste. The overall product, the cooked noodles, and the little soup that is formed- both were very saucy and flavorful!

2. Sunfeast Yippee Mood Masala Noodles

Sunfeast Yippee Mood Masala noodles come with two sachets of tastemaker! You get the noodle cake, one regular masala mix, and another smaller pack of the mood mix. 

Based on how you feel or your spice tolerance, you can one half or the entire mood mix pack. For the best results, you are recommended to follow the cooking instructions mentioned on the pack. 

Let’s discuss some more about the Sunfeast Yippee Mood Masala noodles.

closer look at yippee mood masala noodles
Yippee Mood Masala variant contents.


  • The noodle cake has a round shape for longer cooked noodles.
  • You get two sachets of the tastemaker in this Sunfeast Yippee noodles variant.
  • The tastemaker has a strong masala aroma and some bits of noodles. 
  • These noodles come in a red and purple colored packaging. 
  • The shelf life of these noodles is nine months from the date of packaging.
  • The spice levels were intense and resembled that of red chilies.


  • This variant cooks well in under five minutes.
  • The masala coats all noodles well.
  • The masala-to-noodle ratio is well-balanced. 
  • This Sunfeast Yippee noodles variant nailed the salt level.
cooked yippee mood masala noodles
Yippee Mood Masala noodles ready to eat.


  • The spiciness may seem too strong to certain individuals. 

Best Suited For

Looking for an Indian brand of instant noodles to test your spice tolerance?

Well, look no further. This variant of Sunfeast Yippee noodles is SPICY! 

3. Sunfeast Yippee Power Up Atta Noodles

The Power Up Atta noodles by ITC Sunfeast have a squared block shape, unlike the other variants. 

Similar to the Mood Masala variant, the Power Up Atta noodles have a sandalwood shade when uncooked. The tastemaker, on the other hand, is quite similar to the Saucy Masala variant. It is a deep red-brown shade with some lump formations. 

This Sunfeast Yippee noodles variant is in collaboration with the makers of Aashirvaad Atta. 

yippee power up atta noodles packaging
Contents of Yippee Power Up Atta noodles.
cooking yippee power up atta noodles
Cooking Yippee Power Up Atta noodles.
yippee power up atta noodles cooked
Yippee Power Up Atta noodles ready to eat


  • This Sunfeast Yippee noodles variant has 76% atta in the noodle cake. 
  • These noodles take around 4-5 minutes to cook well.
  • The 70 gm pack is priced at Rs 20.
  • It has a shelf life of nine months.
  • The packaging has a wheat sack image. 


  • Post-cooking, the noodles were adequately soupy.
  • The masala mix is loaded with veggies. Thumbs up!
  • The carrots add a nice crunch to the dish.
  • There is a great blend of flavors- sweet, salty, spicy. 
  • Each noodle strand is infused with vegetables. 


  • There is a slight pungency that comes towards the end of the bite. We think it may be due to the black pepper in the masala mix.

Best Suited For

If you’re looking to reduce your refined flour intake while keeping the taste levels high, this Sunfeast Yippee noodle variant might be something you should try. With balanced sweet, salty, and spiciness, these noodles are loaded with veggies. You can definitely add more veggies of your choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Sunfeast Yippee Noodles

1. Are Sunfeast Yippee noodles fried?

Yes, these instant noodles are fried.

2. Is Sunfeast Yippee Power Up Atta noodles healthy?

Anything in moderation is okay. But as we all know, 100 calories from processed foods are less nutritious than the same from whole foods.

3. Is Sunfeast Yippee noodles an Indian company? 

Sunfeast is the Indian brand of ITC. 

4. Are Sunfeast Yippee noodles made of maida?

Yes, three of the four flavor variants are made of maida. 

5. How many calories in Sunfeast Yippee Noodles?

Based on the flavor variant, Sunfeast Yippee Noodles provides 450-470 kcals.

Final Verdict – Yippee Noodles Flavours

Team Mishry’s most preferred instant noodle flavor from the three Yippee noodles flavor was- Saucy Masala! This flavor variant is delicious! The addition of dehydrated veggies adds a crunch that makes the overall taste even better. 

That being said, the other variants taste exactly like you would expect them to- going by the label. Yippee noodles are long and non-stick, and the best part? These do not turn lumpy after they have cooled down. When we researched the how and why we found out the brand uses a special scientific process to ensure a bowl of lump-free noodles even after 30 minutes of cooking. 

Have you tried these Yippee noodles flavors yet? Let us know which was your favorite.

*If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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