Kohinoor Dubar Basmati Rice - Mishry’s Detailed Review
kohinoor dubar basmati rice review

Kohinoor Dubar Basmati Rice – Mishry’s Detailed Review

Kohinoor Dubar Basmati Rice is aromatic and all the grains plumped up well. These are well-suited for daily use

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Kohinoor Dubar Basmati Rice has a medium-long grain. The rice has a distinct basmati-like fragrance and they cook well. They are not sticky.

If you think Basmati just means Biryani rice, think again! Basmati rice is popular around the globe for its distinct aroma. But not all Basmati rice are meant to be used for biryanis and pulaos. There are different categories of basmati rice like dubar, tibar, sharbati, sella, pusa and many more. They differ from each other in price depending on the length of the grain.

These are a few varieties that many popular brands sell in 1kg, 5kg and 10kg packaging. We picked a bag of Kohinoor Dubar Basmati Rice to test them for their grain length, aroma, cooking time, and color. Here is what we found out in our Kohinoor Dubar Basmati Rice review.

Before we begin our review, let’s tell you about dubar rice. What is Dubar basmati rice? Dubar rice is broken long grain basmati rice with 75% of the full length. They are just as aromatic as long grain basmati and are best suited for everyday use.  

This section discusses the cooking methods, taste, aroma, texture, color, and the grain size of Kohinoor Dubar Basmati Rice. Where can dubar basmati rice be used? Let us have a look.

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1. Cooking Instruction

The back of the pack mentions two methods with which the Kohinor Dubar rice can be cooked. One is an open cook method and the second is the closed pot cooking. 

The Open Pot Method

  • Take 4 cups of water in a pan and bring to boil.
  • Add 1 cup of rice & stir. Add salt, butter or oil, if desired.
  • Boil it uncovered for 7-8 minutes, occasionally mixing with a fork.
  • Drain out the excess water, keep for 15 minutes and then serve.

The Closed Pot Method

  • Take 2 cups of water in a pan and bring to a boil.
  • Add 1 cup of rice and stir. Add salt, butter or oil, if desired.
  • Cover the pan and simmer for some time till the water is completely absorbed.
  • Fluff the rice, let it stand for 5 minutes and then serve.

How We Made The Rice

  • We cooked the rice in Bajaj Rice Cooker (Winner of the best rice cooker review).
  • We added ½ cup soaked rice and 1 cup water. 
  • To enhance the taste, we added some salt and some butter. We used President Butter which won the title of the Best Butter Brand in India in our review. 
  • The rice cooked well in under 17 minutes. 
cooking kohinoor basmati rice in rice cooker
Cooking the Kohinoor Basmati Rice in the Bajaj Rice Cooker.
cooking the basmati rice
We cooked the basmati rice with a 1:2 ratio. We used ½ cup rice and 1 cup water. We also added some salt and butter to enhance the flavor.

2. Flavor

Basmati rice has a distinctive flavor which is best described as nutty or floral. The Kohinoor Dubar Basmati Rice has a lovely flavor that is enhanced even further after adding butter. 

3. Texture & Colour

Ideally, basmati should be fluffy and the grains should not stick to each other. Naturally aged rice has a very ‘khila-khila’ appearance which is a very desirable quality in basmati rice. Kohinoor’s Dubar Basmati rice possesses this quality. The rice has a healthy white color. The rice grains were not discolored or yellow.

4. Aroma

Basmati rice is popular for its heavenly aroma around the globe. The slightly nutty and floral aroma is distinctive in basmati rice. Gauging the basmati for its aroma is a prime parameter.

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The fragrance of that characteristic basmati rice filled up the entire test kitchen. Even the uncooked rice grains are very fragrant.

5. Grain Size

Dubar rice grains are shorter than the long grain rice typically used for biryanis. We checked the boiled Kohinoor Dubar Basmati rice for their grain size and its suitability  to be used in everyday Indian recipes.

6. Price

The price of Kohinoor Dubar Basmati Rice is Rs 125/- per kilo. 

7. Nutritional Information

As mentioned on the pack. 

Serving size – 100 gm of uncooked rice

Energy (Kcal) 296
Protein (g) 7
Fat (Total) (g) 0.3
Carbohydrate (g) 66
– Dietary fiber 3
– Sugar <0.1

8. Available Sizes

The Kohinoor Dubar Basmati rice is available in two sizes – 1 kg bag and 5 kg bag.

Kohinoor Dubar Basmati Rice – Detailed Review

Kohinoor Basmati Rice Product Information
Price Rs 125/-
Net weight 1 kg
Available Sizes 1 kg, 5 kg
Availability Offline and online
Shelf life 24 Months

So what’s the final take? During our Kohinoor Basmati Rice Review we tested them dry and gauged their post-cooking properties. 

The uncooked rice grains are off-white in color with a mild gloss. The size of the grains is just like how dubar rice should be, 75% of the length of the long grain rice. You can see some  broken grains and some have retained their size and length.

The rice grains cook well, do not stick to each other and have a pleasant basmati rice fragrance and texture. These are not new rice and are well-aged rice. We can say this because they have they cook well and are not sticky. New rice is usually sticky and uses up more water while cooking. 

closer look at the kohinoor basmati dubar rice
The grains of Kohinoor Dubar Basmati Rice are off-white in color and are medium sized.
cooked grains of kohinoor dubar basmati rice
The rice grains were fluffy and separate. They did not stick to each other.


  • A 1 kg pack is priced at Rs 125/-.
  • The shelf life of the Kohinoor rice is 24 months.
  • Kohinoor Dubar Basmati rice is aged.
  • Two methods of cooking are given at the back of the pack – open pot cooking and closed pot cooking method. 


  • The rice is fragrant which is typical of basmati rice.
  • The rice grains are fluffy and separate from each other. The rice is not sticky.
  • The length of the grain is fairly long which is characteristic of Dubar rice.

Best Suited For

Dubar rice is best suited for everyday use for steamed rice, jeera rice, ghee rice and pulaos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Kohinoor dubar basmati rice.

1. Which rice is better – Dubar or Tibar? 

The main difference between Dubar and Tibar is the size of the grain. Dubar rice grains are bigger than Tibar rice. The answer to ‘which is better’ lies with the purpose you’re using the rice for. If it’s a khichdi or kheer you’re cooking, the size of the grain is hardly a priority. In fact, new rice grains with shorter length are prefered.  But the grain size will make a difference when it comes to cooking a pulao or biryani.

2. Is Dubar good for biryani?

Basmati with extra long grains are preferred for making biryani. But if its everyday use, dubar rice may be used to make biryani at home. 

3. What is the cost of 1 kg Kohinoor Dubar Basmati Rice?

Kohinoor’s Dubar Basmati Rice is priced at Rs 125/- per kilo.

4. Who made the largest biryani in the world?

The largest biryani in the world was prepared by Kohinoor Foods Ltd. (India) in Delhi in 2008. The brand created a Guinness Record.

Final Verdict

Kohinoor Dubar Basmati Rice is fragrant and cooked well. They did not become lumpy or sticky. All the grains of the rice were separated and fairly long. This could be a good option for making pulaos.

Which type of basmati rice do you use for everyday-cooking at home? Tell us more about it in the comment section below.

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