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sprig ginger honey review

Sprig Ginger Honey Review: Is This the Best Gourmet Honey?

Sprig Ginger Honey provides the citrusy zing you expect out of freshly grated ginger.

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We loved the robust ginger aroma and flavor of ginger in this jar of Sprig Honey. The freshness of ginger in the Sprig Ginger Honey is pretty remarkable. The clarity and the dark golden color of the honey are also noteworthy.

A gold mine of health benefits, honey (शहद), has been used in India as a natural sweetener and for Ayurvedic medicinal purposes for decades. From face and hair masks to an easy remedy for cough and cold, honey is also widely used to help with digestion. When combined with ginger, the benefits of honey increase significantly. Ginger and honey are a dream team for our digestive and respiratory system. So what better than a jar of honey that has been imbued with ginger? We tried and tested the Sprig Ginger Honey for over 4 weeks in our test kitchen and here are our findings. 

Fun Fact – Did you know that honey is 80% sugar and 20% water?

Quick Review

sprig ginger honey

Sprig Ginger Honey has a beautiful ginger aroma and flavor.

MRP – Rs 499/-*

Net weight – 325 grams

*Price at the time of review

Sprig Ginger Honey – Quick Overview

Sr No.



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1. M.R.P. 499 INR
2. Net Weight 325 grams
3. Best Before 24 Months from manufacturing date
4. Main Ingredients Acacia Honey, Ginger (0.35%)
5. Flavor Ginger
6. Calories 320.1 kCal / 100 grams

*As per information on the pack

  • Mix well before use.
  • Do not refrigerate the honey.
  • It provides 320.1 Kcal of energy per 100 grams.
  • Best before 24 months from date of manufacture.

Honey, Ginger (0.35%)

Sprig Ginger Honey – Detailed Review

At Mishry’s HQ, we tested Sprig ginger honey on few parameters such as aroma, taste and color. Here’s our finding.

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1. Price

A 325-gram jar of this Sprig ginger honey is priced at Rs 499/-.

2. Packaging

The Sprig Ginger Honey comes in a glass jar. The black label accents look very premium. The price is definitely on the higher side, especially if you compare it to regular, unflavored honey.

3. Aroma

As soon as we opened the jar we could see the luscious golden amber hue of the honey and got a strong whiff of the robust ginger aroma. The blend of honey and ginger is lovely. We also did not see any ginger chunks or slivers in the honey. 

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4. Color and Clarity

Before we begin to tell you about the product, you should know that the color of the honey has nothing to do with its purity. The color of honey can range from almost colorless to light brown and even a darker gold. The type of floral nectar the bees used to make honey also determines the color. 

The color of this ginger honey by Sprig is a beautiful natural golden color.

ginger honey - sprig
Sprig Ginger Honey Review

5. How we tried it 

We tried the Sprig Ginger Honey over a period of two weeks in the following ways – 

  • Plain warm water
  • Homemade haldi kadha
  • Regular green tea

6. Taste Test 

The fantastic ginger aroma was not just for show, it reflects in the taste as well. The Sprig Ginger Honey tastes like the freshly grated ginger and honey combo that we usually have when we’re down with a cough or cold. The ginger retains its zingy freshness and not the kind we get from dried bits. It’s absolutely fresh and gives the sweet, thick honey a pleasant citrusy kick. 

We tried it in various forms of herbal drinks over a period of 2 weeks and noticed that Sprig Ginger Honey uplifts the flavor of an average cup of green tea or kaadha. At no point during the tasting, did we feel that one overpowers the other. The smooth, rich blend of honey and ginger is absolutely spot on. 

sprig ginger honey ingredient
Sprig Ginger Honey has a luscious golden color.

We also noticed that the honey starts to crystallize a bit on the sides over a few days. But that’s not a bad thing. Does honey crystalize, you ask? Yes, it is okay for honey to crystallize. In fact, honey crystallizes because of various reasons including storage conditions, the chemistry of honey, and the botanical aspect of honey (the type of flower the bees feed on to make the honey). Crystalized honey is safe to consume and the nutritive value is not altered in any way.

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Final Words

We recommend the Sprig Ginger Honey to anyone who likes ginger as a flavor and for someone who regularly uses honey to sweeten their green tea or warm water. The addition of ginger definitely elevates the flavor of honey and in turn, makes your everyday green tea far more enjoyable to consume. It is also a great post-meal ‘tea’ to consume. Add half a teaspoon to a cup of hot water, and sip it post lunch for improved digestion. 

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