A Readymade White Sauce To Make Cooking Easy - Wingreens Farms White Sauce Premix Review
wingreens farms review

A Readymade White Sauce To Make Cooking Easy – Wingreens Farms White Sauce Premix Review

This readymade white sauce by Wingreens Farms will make your cooking experience easier and hassle-free. Additionally, this white sauce powder is loaded with herbs.

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The Wingreens White Sauce Premix is one of the best readymade white sauces available in the market. The taste and texture are as good as it gets. We loved the addition of dried herbs as they added to the overall flavor of the dish.

As easy as making a basic white sauce may sound, it isn’t. Nailing the milk to butter ratio, getting the right consistency, ensuring the sauce isn’t lumpy are just a few factors that can rattle even the most experienced cooks. White sauce is commonly known as ‘Béchamel sauce.’ In fact, white sauce is one of the most versatile options used as a base for baking a wholesome dish of vegetables, chicken, and pasta

For a clean apron and a relaxed cooking session, Wingreens Farms Sauces have added an instant white sauce premix to their range of products. The Wingreens Farms All-in-One White Sauce with Herbs Seasoning comes in powdered form. All you have to do is add water to turn the dry powder into a readymade white sauce. In our review of the Wingreens Farms White Sauce (Cheesy Sauce), we talk about the price, packaging, the methods of preparation, and a few fun recipe ideas you can try!

Quick Review

wingreens farms review

This white sauce powder by Wingreens Farms is the tastiest shortcut to a bowl of pasta. If you’re looking to add some flavor to your plain ol’ bowl, this readymade white sauce will be your best friend.

MRP – Rs 150/-*

Net weight – 50 grams

*Price at the time of review

*As per information on the pack

  • 100 grams of the product contains 458 calories.
  • This readymade white sauce has a shelf life of 6 months.
  • Contains identical nature substances.

Milk solids, Creamer, Anticaking Agent, Thickener, Starch, Iodized Salt, Refined Wheat Flour, Dehydrated Vegetables, Mixed Spices, Dehydrated Herbs.

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Quick Review Of Wingreens Farms All-in-One White Sauce with Herbs Seasoning

Price and packaging – This readymade white sauce by Wingreens Farms comes in a resealable pouch. It contains 50 grams of the white sauce powder and is priced at Rs 150/-. 

Dry Inspection – Just as we opened the pack, we noticed a rich herby aroma. Similarly, we could see a decent amount of dried herbs in the white sauce powder. Judging by the contents of the pack, we recommend this for two servings.

readymade white sauce
Dry Inspection of the Wingreens White Sauce Premix

How we made it – As mentioned on the pack, we added 5 tablespoons of the white sauce powder by Wingreens Farms to 200 ml of water. The process of converting this powder to a readymade white sauce was surprisingly effortless. We used tagliatelle pasta to add to the sauce. While boiling the pasta, we salted the water lightly. After draining the pasta, we added it to the white sauce and gently mixed it till the sauce coated the pasta nicely. 

The Wingreens Farms pack recommends adding the readymade white sauce to boiled pasta and cooking until the desired consistency is achieved. In addition to this, you can add boiled veggies, paneer, or chicken to take the dish up a notch. You could also add some grated cheese for extra creaminess. We did not add any veggies, meat, seasoning or herbs on our own to check for the actual flavor and consistency of the white sauce.

wingreens farms review
Making the Wingreens Farms White Sauce.
wingreens farms review
Adding the pasta to the white sauce.

Our experience – Pasta can bring out the inner child, and so it did with members of Team Mishry. Our experience with the Wingreens Farms powder was a positive one. From the initial stage to the final step, the entire process was relatively simple. Not only is making white sauce pasta surprisingly easy with this Wingreens Farms Sauce, but the aroma, consistency, taste, and color are marvellous. It took us less than 5 minutes to prepare the sauce without many different ingredients or time spent vigorously mixing the sauce.

We liked that, unlike homemade white sauce, we did not have to continually worry about the ratio of the ingredients or it being lumpy or runny. A single pack makes enough pasta sauce for 2 people. You can adjust the sauce to pasta ratio depending on your personal preferences.

wingreens farms review
Ta-Da! Our bowl of tagliatelle made using the Wingreens Farms White Sauce Premix.

There is no problem a warm bowl of pasta can’t solve. This Wingreens Farm Sauce eliminates all the cutting, chopping, and seasoning steps and gives you a headstart to enjoying your meal. When you can’t decide what to pack for your kid’s lunch box on a rushed morning or want to cook something quick yet tasty after a tiring day, this readymade white sauce is your best bet. It has the perfect taste and perfect consistency. Additionally, this white sauce powder is extremely versatile and can be enjoyed with veggies or a protein source of your choice. Ideal for small families or people living alone.

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