Society Premium Green Tea: Packaging, Flavor And Price Details

Society Premium Green Tea: Packaging, Flavor And Price Details

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Society Premium Green Tea is mostly available online and has a lemon variant too, which comes in a 250-gram pack. As per the official website, Society Premium Green Tea is healthier and full of antioxidants. These have properties, which help counter the effects of free radicals that cause the aging of cells in the body. The pack suggests that it is a healthy source of antioxidants and flavonoids.


Packaging of Society Premium Green Tea

Society Premium is the only green tea of the lot we reviewed that comes packed in a plastic jar, which makes it easier and convenient to store the tea leaves. The package has all the important information including, green tea and its health benefits, how to brew green tea, nutritional facts, net weight, contents, etc.


Pricing Information About Society Premium Green Tea-Long Leaf

250-gram pack is priced at Rs. 165. As per the guidelines on the pack – if you want to prepare a cup of tea, boil fresh water, add one teaspoon of tea leaves, and brew it for a while. You could add honey or sugar, as per your preference. You can also make a refreshing cup of iced green tea to beat the heat.


Nutritional particulars about the Society Premium Green Tea:


Nutritional Facts Per 100 grams Contribution of 100 ml tea
Energy 326 Kcal Nil
Protein 18 gms Traces
Carbohydrate 59 gms Traces
Sugar 0 gms 0 gms
Fat 2 gms Traces


Flavor Of Society Premium Green Tea

Society Premium Green Tea doesn’t suggest brewing time, so we brewed it for about two minutes. It provides an earthy and pleasant flavor and mild color.

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Mishry Secret Sauce- Re-usability

The Mishry Secret Sauce was to check the re-usability of the green tea leaves. We stored the used green tea leaves for about four hours before brewing them again. It was to check if the leaves have retained their flavor and color. Society Premium Green Tea retained both when we reused them.



Society Premium Green Tea Customer Care Details:

Email ID:

Phone Number: 18001212200

*Please note that all the information shared here is based on our review and/or has been extracted from the product packaging.


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