Lipton Green Tea: Packaging, Flavor And Price Details

Lipton Green Tea: Packaging, Flavor And Price Details

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Lipton is a popular green tea brand with many variants including honey & lemon, ginger, etc. It has emerged as the winner of the Mishry’s Best Everyday Green Tea Brand for Beginners Review. The pack says that Lipton green tea is a zero calorie drink that helps you feel light and active. As per the official website, this classic form of green tea with no added flavors is a long leaf style of tea that can be prepared like regular tea. It is available in 100 gram and 250-gram packs that make about 65 cups and 165 cups respectively.


For everyday tea-drinking, whether it is at work between meetings, or at home in the evenings, Lipton Green Tea emerged as the best choice in our review. Lipton Green Tea is mild, pleases the palate and is value for money – making it our top choice for everyday drinking.


Packaging of Lipton Green Tea

Lipton green tea leaves come in light green and yellow pack that provides details like how to make green tea, net weight, and contents that include green tea, as suggested by the pack.


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Pricing Information About Lipton Green Tea-Long Leaf

100-gram pack is priced at Rs. 120 and 250-gram pack at Rs. 230. The pack suggests you prepare your green tea by taking half a teaspoon of leaves in 100 ml of freshly boiled water and brewing it for about three to four minutes. It also suggests you do not boil green tea or add milk to it. In case you want a stronger brew, you can add more tea to it.


Flavor Of Lipton Green Tea

Lipton Green Tea has a mild and pleasing flavor, which is great for beginners, making it Mishry’s Top Pick for everyday drinking. Interestingly, Lipton also turned out to be quite a value for money product, making it the perfect choice for people looking to drink it on a daily basis.

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Mishry Secret Sauce- Re-usability

The Mishry Secret Sauce was to check the re-usability of the green tea leaves. We stored the used green tea leaves for about four hours before brewing them again. It was to check if the leaves have retained their flavor and color. Lipton Green Tea, despite being a mild concoction, happened to retain its flavor and color. So, you can definitely reuse the tea leaves.



Lipton Green Tea Customer Care Details:

Email ID:

Phone Number: 18001022221

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