Wagh Bakri Green Tea: Packaging, Flavor And Price Details

Wagh Bakri Green Tea: Packaging, Flavor And Price Details

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Wagh Bakri Green Tea is widely available in super-stores and kiranas. It emerged as the Runner’s Up of Mishry’s Best Everyday Green Tea Review. According to the official website, “Wagh Bakri tea master blenders and tasters have selected the finest green tea made from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis that have undergone minimal oxidation during processing. Wagh Bakri Green Tea is naturally rich in antioxidants (flavonoids), which may help to reduce the harmful effects of stress and pollution on your body.”



Packaging Of Wagh Bakri Green Tea

Wagh Bakri is available in a 100-gram bright green color pack that showcases the preparation process, generic information about the making of this tea, net weight, contents amongst others.


Pricing Information About Wagh Bakri Green Tea-Long Leaf

The 100-gram green tea pack is priced at Rs. 85. The pack suggests to prepare your cup of green tea by heating 100 ml of water till it boils or cool it down for 30 seconds, add half a teaspoon of green tea and brew for one to two minutes, depending on the flavor you prefer. You could add honey, lemon or ginger to it, as per your taste preference.


Flavor Of Wagh Bakri Green Tea

Wagh Bakri green tea has a light color, strong aroma and a pleasant flavor to it that you cannot afford to miss.

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Mishry Secret Sauce- Re-usability

The Mishry Secret Sauce was to check the reusability of the green tea leaves. We stored the used green tea leaves for about four hours before brewing them again. It was to check if the leaves have retained their flavor and color. Wagh Bakri did retain both and became the runner’s up in the review.



Wagh Bakri Green Tea Customer Care Details:

Email ID: feedback@waghbakritea.com

Phone Number: 18001239912

*Please note that all the information shared here is based on our review and/or has been extracted from the product packaging.


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