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so good almond milk review

So Good Chocolate Almond Milk Review – Mishry

A plant-based chocolate shake? The So Good Chocolate Almond Milk is a dark chocolate lover’s delight!

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So Good Chocolate Almond Milk has a refreshing chocolate flavor. Unlike regular chocolate milkshakes, this So Good Almond Milk is a mix of mildly sweet and bitter flavors with overall lighter consistency.

Lately, we have seen an ever-increasing demand for plant-based milk. As more and more people become conscious of what they consume or are turning vegan, plant-based milk has become the top choice for consumption.

If lactose isn’t your friend, plant-based milk is the way to go. Typically, the most common plant-based milk options include soy milk, oat milk, nut milk like cashew milk, coconut milk, almond milk, etc.

However, soaking and blending the nuts until a smooth consistency is achieved can be somewhat challenging. This is where ready-to-drink nut milk saves the day! And since chocolate inevitably makes everything better, here is our So Good Chocolate Almond Milk review.

For this So Good Almond Milk review, we ordered the single-serve tetra pack online. 

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Let’s find what all the hype is about!

so good chocolate almond milk
So Good Chocolate Almond Milk tastes fresh!

The brand So Good believes living well and eating healthy doesn’t mean cutting down on the food and beverages you enjoy. And we second this!

Almond milk, oat milk, soy milk, barista milk, and frozen desserts- So Good makes it all. The prime difference being all their products are dairy-free. 

We are reviewing the So Good Chocolate Almond Milk where we talk about the taste, ingredients, price, and most importantly- the almond milk content. 

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Could we taste the almond milk? Chocolate? What about consistency? Is it just like regular milk?

1. Ingredients 

Water, sugar, almond paste (3%), cocoa powder, mineral premix, vitamin premix, salt. 

2. Taste

So Good Chocolate Almond Milk tastes like a thinner version of a regular milk chocolate shake. Additionally, this ready-to-drink nut milk has a mild bitterness to it. We could feel the presence of the cocoa powder here. 

On the other hand, unlike a regular chocolate milkshake, So Good Chocolate Almond Milk is not as milky in taste or consistency. 

3. Flavour

Dark chocolate in a liquid form! So Good Chocolate Almond Milk is exactly that. 

The mild bitterness is coming from the cocoa powder used. Just like the bitter flavor, the sweetness is mild as well.

4. Aroma

So Good Chocolate Almond Milk has the classic chocolate-flavored milk aroma. Judging by this aroma, we can also say the milk was fresh!

5. Refreshing Factor

Chilled beverages typically lend a refreshing after effect, especially on a hot summer afternoon or after an intense workout. 

To add to the refreshing factor, So Good Chocolate Almond Milk feels light on the palate. 

6. Price

A 200 ml tetra pack of So Good Chocolate Almond Milk is priced at Rs 70. 

When compared with the same quantity of unflavored almond milk by So Good is priced similarly. 

We also compared this to other brands that offer almond milk and found So Good to be among the most economical options. 

7. Nutritional Facts

Following are the So Good Almond Milk nutrition facts per serve (200 ml)-

89 kcals, 1.6 gm of protein, 13.3 gm of carbohydrates (where 12.6 gm is sugar), and 3.2 gm of fats. 

So Good Chocolate Almond Milk – Detailed Review

Parameters So Good Chocolate Almond Milk
Price INR 70
Ingredients Water, Sugar, Almond Paste (3%), Cocoa Powder, Mineral Premix, Vitamin Premix, Salt.
Quantity 200 ml
Shelf Life 12 months from the date of manufacture
Available Sizes
  • 200 ml 
  • 1 L
Calories Per serve (200 ml) 89 kcals
Type Sweetened almond milk
so good chocolate almond milk packaging
So Good Chocolate Almond Milk packaging.

So Good Chocolate Almond Milk comes in two size variants- 200 ml and 1 L tetra packs. The 200 ml tetra packs come with a straw attached to the pack. 

This gluten and lactose-free nut milk is naturally cholesterol-free. Additionally, it is fortified with vitamins and minerals, making the So Good Chocolate Almond Milk an ideal everyday beverage.

In addition to chocolate almond milk, this brand also has other almond milk flavor variants like unsweetened and vanilla. So Good also offers a variety of flavors in their plant-based soy beverage range. 

so good chocolate almond milk contents
So Good Chocolate Almond Milk has a light consistency and a deep brown color.


  • So Good Chocolate Almond Milk can be consumed daily. 
  • It has a shelf life of 12 months but must be consumed within three days after opening.
  • One serving (200 ml) offers 89 kcals. 
  • The packaging has a vibrant graphic image of almonds, chocolate pieces, and chocolate milk. 
  • So Good Chocolate Almond Milk is UHT processed and aseptically packed.


  • So Good Chocolate Almond Milk is high in calcium and vitamins like B2, B12, and D.
  • It contains no added colors or preservatives.
  • This ready-to-drink almond milk is naturally cholesterol-free.
  • It can be consumed warm or chilled, as preferred. 
  • The dark chocolate/cocoa flavors can be tasted.


  • This almond milk has only 3% almond paste used.

Best Suited For

So Good Chocolate Almond Milk is a great choice for newbie vegans. 

Additionally, if you are looking to cut on some calories but not willing to compromise on taste, this ready-to-drink chocolate milk would definitely help as it is lower in calories as compared to a glass of regular chocolate milk. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on “So Good chocolate almond milk”

1. Is So Good chocolate almond milk good for you?

Answer: It is a good source of vitamin E, B12, calcium, etc. But we recommend you to not rely on one type of food/beverage for a certain group of vitamins/minerals. 

2. Is So Good chocolate almond milk unsweetened?

Answer: No, the chocolate variant contains added sugar. However, there is an unsweetened variant available. 

3. Is So Good chocolate almond milk natural?

Answer: It contains only 3% of the almond paste but is devoid of added colors and preservatives. 

4. How many calories in 100 ml of So Good chocolate almond milk?

Answer: 100 ml of So Good Chocolate Almond Milk contains 45 kcals. 

5. Is So Good chocolate almond milk good for weight loss?

Answer: Weight loss primarily depends on the overall calorie an individual consumes. Staying in a calorie deficit is the most significant factor of a weight loss journey.

So Good Chocolate Almond Milk is lower in calories compared to regular milk, hence it can aid the process. 

Final Words

So Good Chocolate Almond Milk is a gut-friendly beverage as it is lactose and gluten-free. The consistency of almond milk largely depends on the almond to water ratio. 

Typically, almond milk is relatively thinner and lighter than dairy milk. And so was the So Good Chocolate Almond Milk.

We like that one serve of this beverage provides at least 20-25% of the daily requirement for certain minerals and vitamins.

However, the almond content is quite low, in our opinion. 

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