Haldiram's Lite Murmura Review - Mishry
haldiram's lite murmura review

Haldiram’s Lite Murmura Review – Mishry

’Sensible snacking’? Can the Haldiram Murmura be a weight-watcher’s on-the-go snack? Let’s find out!

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Salted to perfection with a variety of textures, Haldiram’s Lite Murmura has great taste. But is it a ‘lite’ snack? We don’t think so.

We are always looking for low-calorie, high-volume snack options. Such food items, as the name suggests, are high in volume, ie. they provide a feeling of satiety but are low in calories. 

Since there is an ever-increasing demand for such low-calorie or ‘lite’ snacks, many companies are trying to meet such demands. They claim their snacks are healthy and can be consumed as part of your regular diet. 

In Team Mishry’s Haldiram’s Lite Murmura review, we talk about whether this product is truly a ‘sensible snacking’ option. Further, we also discuss the price, packaging, taste, and texture of the Haldiram Murmura.


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haldiram's lite murmura
Packaging of Haldiram’s Lite Murmura

Haldiram’s Lite Murmura Namkeen is from the ‘Sensible Snacking- Snac Lite’ range of the brand. The brand claims this snack has a mild taste and makes for an exciting yet lite snack. 

Haldiram Lite Murmura Namkeen offers a variety of textures and flavors. It contains two forms of rice and a pulse that bring different textures. Spices add to the flavor of this Haldiram Murmura Mix.

Following are the in-depth details of Haldiram’s Lite Murmura. 

1. Ingredients 

The main ingredients of Haldiram Murmura are puffed rice (31%), rice flakes (24%), roasted split gram (7%), gram pulse (6%), cumin, curry leaves, mustard seeds, edible vegetable oil, sugar powder, red chili powder, and asafoetida. 

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2. Taste

Haldiram’s Lite Murmura has a fresh taste to it. This freshness comes from the curry leaves and whole cumin seeds. There is a commendable balance of sweetness and saltiness in this snack. 

That being said, we could not taste the chili or hing. 

3. Texture & Colour

Turmeric gives the typical yellow hue to the Haldiram Murmura. The curry leaves and roasted split gram add vibrant green and orange shades to this mix.

Texture-wise, the crunch of Haldiram’s Lite Murmura was spot-on! It tasted quite fresh. We really liked how non-oily and light on the palate this felt. 

4. Flavour

Haldiram’s Lite Murmura has been salted to perfection! It is slightly sweet too. 

However, the spiciness was completely missing from this snack. We could not taste any chili whatsoever. 

5. Crunchiness

The puffed rice and roasted split gram add a ton of crunch to the Haldiram Lite Murmura. This crunch also signifies the freshness of the ingredients. 

6. Price

Haldiram Lite Murmura priced is INR 30 for a 150 gm pack. 

7. Nutritional Information

Haldiram Lite Murmura calories per 100 grams are as follows-

528 kcal, 12 grams of protein, 57 grams of carbohydrates, and 28 grams of fat. 

Haldiram’s Lite Murmura – Detailed Review

Parameters Haldiram Lite Murmura
Price Rs 30
Ingredients Puffed rice, rice flakes, roasted split gram, gram pulse, curry leaves, mustard seeds, iodized salt, cumin seeds, red chilli powder, sugar powder, and asafoetida. 
Quantity 150 gm
Shelf Life 150 days
Calories Per 100 grams- 528 calories
Availability Online

  • Amazon
  • BigBakset
  • Official Haldiram Website


  • Local stores
haldiram's lite murmura contents
Contents of Haldiram’s Lite Murmura.

In our Haldiram’s Lite Murmura review, we could taste and see the following ingredients-

Puffed rice, rice flakes, roasted split gram, sev (made of gram pulse), cumin, curry leaves, and some sweetness coming from the powdered sugar. 

The crunch, taste, and freshness of this Haldiram Murmura were pretty decent. 

However, marketing this murmura mix as a ‘lite snack’ is clearly a false claim. 100 gm (one small bowl) of Haldiram Murmura has over 500 calories. 

The ingredient list mentions the use of palm oil and sugar powder which are not particularly considered as healthy or light ingredients. 

Following are some more details about the Haldiram Lite Murmura. 

closer look at haldiram lite murmura
Closer look at Haldiram’s Lite Murmura.


  • Haldiram’s Lite Murmura comes in pouch packaging. 
  • This pack has a measuring tape on it that says ‘lite’.
  • This mild-flavored snack has three other variants.
  • It has a shelf life of 150 days from the date of manufacture. 
  • The main ingredients are- puffed rice, rice flakes, roasted split gram, gram pulse, powdered sugar, red chili powder, curry leaves, mustard seeds, etc. 


  • This Haldiram Murmura mix has a great balance of flavors.
  • We could make out the freshness. Thumbs up for that!
  • The ingredients add great variation in terms of textures.
  • This Murmura mix did not feel oily. It felt light on the palate.


  • Haldiram’s Lite Murmura is not a ‘lite’ or diet-friendly snack.
  • We could not taste any red chili or asafoetida in this snack. 

Best Suited For

If you’re looking for a lip-smacking snack for your evening tea/coffee or something crunchy to snack on between meals, then Haldiram Murmura is something we would recommend you to try. However, be mindful of the calorie intake.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on “Haldiram Lite Murmura”

1. Is Haldiram’s Lite Murmura made in Palm oil?

Answer: Yes, Haldiram’s Lite Murmura is made using palm oil.

2. Is Haldiram’s Lite Murmura good for weight loss?

Answer: Weight loss primarily depends on the overall intake of calories an individual consumes. Bodyweight reduces only when the calorie expenditure is more than the caloric intake. 

Also, we recommend our readers to practice portion control with such snacks as they are calorie-dense. 

3. Can we eat Haldiram’s Lite Murmura while dieting?

Answer: If it fits your calorie budget, you can eat all your favorite foods, even while following a diet. 

4. How many calories are in a bowl of Haldiram’s Lite Murmura?

Answer: One bowl (100 gm) of Haldiram’s Lite Murmura provides 528 kcal. 

haldiram lite murmura ingredients
Haldiram’s Lite Murmura placed in a bowl.

Final Words

Tasty? Yes! Lite? No!

Haldiram’s Lite Murmura is a crunchy snack that is great for serving as a starter or munchy to guests or relishing with your evening tea or coffee. This murmura mix feels quite light on the palate, so for the times you feel the need to munch on something before dinner, this could be a good option.

That being said, if the word ‘lite’ led you to believe this is a low-calorie savory snack, you need to think twice before you devour a bowl.

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