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snickers kesar pista review

Snickers Kesar Pista Chocolate Bar Review – Buy or Bye?

Does the Snickers Kesar Pista variant match up to the OG? Find out in Mishry’s review.

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Mishry Rating

2 / 5
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2 / 5


Snickers Kesar Pista lacks the abundance of pista we were looking for. The flavor of saffron too, was extremely subtle. It is sweeter than the original variant with the addition of almonds.

Nutty pistachios paired with the complex floral flavors of saffron- desi desserts are incomplete without these.

The OG caramel-infused, peanut-loaded chocolate bar now comes in a Kesar Pista variant. The flavors, texture, varieties of nuts used, and our overall experience is spelled out in Mishry’s Snickers Kesar Pista chocolate bar review. 

Did we like it better than the OG or is this a twist this chocolate bar didn’t need?

Snickers Fruit & Nut – Here’s our take on it.

Snickers Kesar Pista Chocolate Bar Product Details
Price Rs 50/-
Net Quantity 42 grams
Mishry Rating 2.33
Buy Now On Amazon
Shelf Life Two months


Snickers Almond and Butterscotch let us down.

Our Review Factors

What were we looking for in the Snickers Kesar Pista chocolate bar?

Our review highlights everything that makes the Kesar Pista variant different from the only peanut chocolate bar. Floral notes of kesar or the nuttiness of pista, what shines brighter? The chocolate to nougat to caramel proportions, the quantity, and types of nuts added and more such details are covered in the following sections. 

1. Taste

What is the primary taste – sweet, bitter, or salty? Nutty or chocolatey? Could we taste the complex saffron flavors? If yes, were they subtle or intense? Do the nuts taste fresh? Are the nuts lending a roasted flavor?

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2. Texture

We checked the texture in two stages- the nuts and the complete chocolate bar. Do the nuts retain their crunch or have they turned soggy? The 3 Cs- caramel, nougat, and chocolate- chewy or sticky?

3. Appearance

Does the bar have a smooth surface or is it textured? What about the cross-sectional view? Could we see the nuts or have they been blended?

4. Ingredients

What nuts does the brand use? Are the quantities specified? Are real saffron strands used or synthetic flavors added?

5. Other Parameters

Packaging – The Kesar Pista bar is packaged like chocolate bars usually are, in a wrapper without a tray. 

Shelf Life – Snickers Kesar Pista has a two-month shelf life. 

Calories – 100 grams of this chocolate bar would offer 463 Kcal with 6.7 grams of protein, 59.9 grams of carbohydrates (of which 46.49 grams is sugar), and 21.8 grams of fat. 

Price – A 42-gram bar is priced at Rs 50/-. 

Snickers Kesar Pista Chocolate Bar – Detailed Review

Our experience, what we liked, and what we didn’t are discussed in this section. 

The top of the Kesar Pista variant features a cross-surfaced like other Snickers. We cut the bar in half for visual data collection. 

There were more almond bits than pistachios. The nuts are infused in a caramel-nougat blend that is covered with milk chocolate. 

On tasting, we found the bar to be overly sweet. The nuts add some saltiness. However, this does not cut out or balance the overwhelming sweetness. The pistachios and almonds taste fresh and retain the crunch. The almonds seem to be roasted as the nuttiness is relatively more. There were no visible saffron strands as the brand uses nature-identical saffron flavor. The flavor of this spice was exceptionally subtle.

The caramel and nougat have the characteristic sweetness and gooey texture. 

snickers kesar pista packaging
The chocolate bar is packed in a vibrant wrapper.
snickers kesar pista cross sectional
Though pista bits are visible, they were too few.
Taste- 2/5
Texture- 3/5
Appearance- 3/5
Ingredients- 2/5
Packaging- 2/5
Mishry Rating- 2.33/5
  • It emits a captivating vanilla aroma.
  • The nuts are fresh and crunchy.
  • Pista has been added sparingly.
  • This chocolate bar was overwhelmingly sweet.
  • Kesar flavor has been added. 
  • The flavor of kesar is too mild

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Snickers kesar pista chocolate bar

This chocolate bar contains ingredients like palm oil, dextrose, and a huge quantity of sugar. This is why we recommend limited, mindful consumption. 

Snickers Kesar Pista holds more almonds as compared to pista. 

Yes, they are rich in fast-acting carbohydrates which may help provide a quick boost of energy. 

Yes, it contains INS 322 that prevents crystallization.

One 42-gram bar would offer 194-195 Kcal. 

Wrapping Up

As excited as the sweet tooths of Team Mishry were, Snickers Kesar Pista did not hit the mark. It was TOO sweet and quite similar to the original Snickers. 

It had more almonds than pista. 

Do you like nutty chocolate bars?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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