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krupanidhi silicone thumb knife review

Krupanidhi Silicone Thumb Knife Review – Thumbs Down From Mishry

Thumbs down for this silicone thumb knife! We do not recommend this tool at all.

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1 / 5
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It’s just a gimmick! We do not recommend buying this thumb knife because it doesn’t do its job well. For 189/- bucks, you can purchase a decent kitchen knife that works efficiently.

A lemon spray, a cutter with a built in chopping board or a peeler with a collection bin! Gimmicks just don’t end when it comes to kitchen tools.

We ordered a silicone thumb knife from Amazon to check if this tool has the ability to surprise us with design and usability. We tried and tested this tool to check if it really works or not.

Our Krupanidhi silicone thumb knife review covers it all.

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Here is all that you need to know about the Krupanidhi silicone thumb knife.

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Parameter Product Information
Price Rs 189/-
What’s in the pack? 2 silicone finger ‘gloves’
Mishry Rating 1
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Our Review Factors

What are we looking for? What is the purpose of a kitchen tool if it is not designed to help reduce time and effort? We were looking for a kitchen tool that actually helps us reduce time and effort that we put into meal prep. No gimmicks, just efficiency.

The parameters we tested the Krupanidhi silicone thumb knife on are – 

1. Design

Design and usability of the tool goes hand in hand. If it’s designed to work well, automatically the usability will increase. The material of the knife and quality of the silicone sleeve were checked.

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2. Usability 

How well does the thumb knife work? When using it in an everyday setting, does it do the job well of picking, cutting and peeling? Is it comfortable enough to use regularly? 

3. Others


How well was this packed? Any cuts or damages on the silicone sleeve? 

Item dimensions and weight

Space saving or not? The weight of the thumb cutter is 7 grams and the thumb sleeve weighs 9 grams. Glove length is 7 cm and width is approximately 3 cm. The cutter side has a 5 cm length, 3 cm width and circumference is 3 cm. 


For the price we pay for this tool, does it add value to the kitchen? If yes, is it priced competitively? This is priced at Rs 189/-.


Does it come with a warranty? 

Krupanidhi Silicone Thumb Knife – Detailed Review

What is this meant for? As per its Amazon page, it can be used for picking vegetables (so that nothing gets deposited in your fingernails). It can also be used to peel veggies like ginger and garlic, and cutting hard vegetables like beans. 

How did we test it? We used it for scraping ginger, chopping chillies, and green beans. We also picked a few basil leaves from the kitchen garden using these.

contents of the pack thumb knife
The pack contains three silicone sleeves - two for index finger and one for thumb (with cutter).
process of chopping with the thumb knife
The whole process is time taking and is inefficient.

Our experience – This product came to us in a small rectangular carton. The thumb knife is placed in a plastic pouch along with the 2 thumb gloves in a resealable pouch. No information on usage or warranty provided. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work well and is inconvenient to use. You are supposed to wear the cutter side on the thumb and the silicone sleeve on the index finger. Then use your index finger as the base to do all the cutting/scraping. 

There are a few things that do not work for this tool – 

  • The fitting is loose and would not fit people with leaner fingers.
  • This isn’t versatile as not all veggies can be chopped or scraped. Only tiny vegetables like green chillies or beans can be cut, but it needs a tremendous amount of precision.
  • Takes a lot of time.
using the thumb knife for chopping beans
We used the thumb knife to chop green chillies, beans and cutting herbs from the kitchen garden.

What worked? Technically, nothing. But the blade sharpness is fairly good.

Coming to the value for money factor. Is it worth buying? No. Not at all. For 189/- bucks you could buy two decent knives and get the job done faster with neater cuts. 

Design - 1/5
Usability - 1/5
Overall Experience - 1/5
  • The cutter is sharp.
  • This is time taking.
  • Not a versatile tool that you can use for various things in the kitchen.
  • Not value for money.
  • Incovnincinet chopping method.

We do not recommend buying this and are not putting the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Krupanidhi silicone thumb knife.

There is nothing mentioned on the pack, and neither did we try washing it in our dishwasher. We are not sure if the silicon is of good quality to face the high heat.

Although it is meant to do that, it really doesn’t do a good job of chopping vegetables properly. 

This doesn’t look like a product which people would use regularly, so can’t judge the longevity. Like with all tools, pots and pans we will update the review if there are any new insights.

We did not try using it for this purpose.

It is meant to protect the index finger. There are 2 given in the pack – one is an extra piece to replace the first one in case of damage.

Final Verdict

Time, energy and money – sadly, this was a waste of all our resources. This silicone thumb knife is not recommended by Team Mishry.

The market definitely has better products for doing this job quickly and with more precision. 

Have you purchased or used a kitchen product that is all show and no work? Let us know!

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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