Priyagold Chatpata Biscuits Review - Cashew + Jeera
priyagold chatpata biscuits review

Priyagold Chatpata Biscuits Review – Cashew + Jeera

We reviewed Cashew Chatpata and Jeera Top variants from the Priyagold Chatpata Biscuits range. Are these worth a try or can be skipped completely? Let’s find out.

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Mishry Ratings

2 / 5
2 / 5


Thumbs down! Both in terms of taste and texture, Priyagold Chatpata Biscuits failed to woo us. While the Cashew Chatpata variant does not justify the flavor tag, the bitter taste of cumin from the Jeera Top variant was a letdown too.

Bite-sized biscuits are a fun treat! The small size not only looks cute but makes snacking easy. Serve them with tea or as bar nibbles.

Priyagold’s bite-sized savory biscuit range experiments with shapes and flavors.  We picked up Cashew Chatpatta and Jeera Top variants for our review. Are these biscuits worth spending money on? Scroll down to find out the answer in our Priyagold Chatpata Biscuits Review.

Here is a quick comparison table showcasing the product details of both the variants : 

Priyagold Chatpata Biscuits  Cashew Chatpata  Jeera Top 
Price  Rs. 45 Rs. 45
Net Quantity  200 gm  200 gm 
Main Ingredients 
  • Wheat flour (71%)
  • Edible veg oil (palm oil 15%)
  • Sugar (10%)
  • Mixed spices (4%)
  • Iodized salt
  • Wheat flour (70%)
  • Edible veg oil (palm oil 16%)
  • Sugar( 7%)
  • Cumin seeds (6%)
  • Liquid glucose
  • Iodized salt
Nutritional Information (per 100 gm)  Energy : 468 kcal  Energy : 475.56 kcal 
Mishry Rating 2  2
Shelf Life  9 months  9 months 

Our Review Factors

What are we looking for? We are looking for crunchy biscuits flavored with balanced spices. Since these are savory biscuits, we expect a well-balanced salt level. 

Here is a detailed explanation of the review factors for Priyagold Chatpata Biscuits. 

1. Taste 

In this segment, we talk about how closely the flavor justify the labels? Are the salt levels balanced? Is the flavor of the spices balanced or overwhelming? Does it have a chatpata/zeera flavor as claimed? 

2. Texture

Is the bite of these biscuits light and crisp or are they dense? Are these greasy to touch? How bold is the crunch? 

3. Other Parameters 

  • Appearance: How unique is the shape of these biscuits? Is it uniform in shape and size? Are these baked evenly? How well does the masala coat the biscuits? 
  • Packaging: How sturdy is the pet jar bottle? Is the lid air-tight? Is it easy to open and close the jar? 
  • Ingredients: We check here for the use of any preservatives or stabilizers. 

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Priyagold Chatpata Biscuit Flavors – Detailed Review

Our detailed review talks about the pros, cons, and overall experience of each variant of Priyagold Chatpata Biscuit. 

1. Cashew Chatpatta

Product Inspection: Priyagold Cashew Chatpatta biscuits come in a plastic pet jar bottle. The jar packaging of this product was not sturdy. We expected it to be better. Appearance-wise, these are cashew-shaped tiny biscuits. There is a layer of masala coating over them.

the packaging of priyagold cashew chatpatta chaat masala biscuits
Priyagold Cashew Chatpatta Chaat Masala Biscuits come in a plastic jar.

Our Experience: In terms of the taste, it lacks the wow factor. What did not work for us is the off-beat industrial taste. The chatpata flavor we expected is missing here. The taste delivered does not justify the ‘chatpata‘ flavor tag. These are not laced with spiciness.

contents of priyagold cashew chatpatta chaat masala biscuits
The first look at Priyagold Cashew Chatpatta Biscuits.

Texture-wise too, these biscuits were a letdown. It lacks a crisp texture. The cashew-shaped biscuits do not lend a bold crunch.

Taste - 2/5
Texture - 2/5
Appearance - 3/5
Packaging - 2.5/5
  • These cashew shaped biscuits look unique.
  • The taste of these biscuits is quite artificial. 
  • They lack the crisp texture. 
  • The chatpata flavor is missing here. 
  • We did not like the quality of the jar. It could have been sturdier. 

2. Jeera Top

Product Inspection: The packaging of this variant is similar to the above one. These are heart shaped tiny biscuits that are uneven.

priyagold jeera top chatpata biscuits packaging
The packaging of Priyagold Jeera Top Chatpata Biscuits.

Our Experience: These biscuits emit a noticeable aroma of cumin. Taste-wise, these are pretty average. They are salted appropriately. However, the slight bitterness of the cumin was undesirable.

the first look at priyagold jeera top chatpata biscuits
Priyagold Jeera Top Chatpata Biscuits depict the shape of a heart.

These biscuits are slightly greasy to touch. Nonetheless, the texture was surprisingly crunchy. 

Taste - 2/5
Texture - 2/5
Appearance - 2.5/5
Packaging - 2.5/5
  • The salt level is balanced. 
  • These biscuits are crunchy.
  • We do not appreciate the bitter taste of cumin. 
  • These biscuits feel slightly greasy on the hands. 
  • They lack uniformity.
  • The packaging of these biscuits is not sturdy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Priyagold Chatpata Biscuits.

These biscuits contain ingredients such as – wheat flour, sugar, palm oil, and liquid glucose, which cannot be considered ideal for regular consumption. Additionally, these biscuits also contain artificial flavors. We suggest mindful and occasional indulgence.

The percentage of edible veg oil (palm oil) present in each of these variants is as follows : 

  • Cashew Chatpata: Edible veg oil (palm oil) – 15%.
  • Jeera Top: Edible veg oil (palm oil) – 16%.

Yes. Priyagold Chatpata biscuits contains the following flavor enhancers : 

  • Cashew Chatpata: Contains added permitted artificial flavor (Butter).
  • Jeera Top: Contains added permitted artificial flavor (Cumin).

The shelf life of these biscuits is 9 months.

Yes. These biscuits are a vegetarian food item.

Final Words

To conclude, the above variants of Priyagold Chatpata biscuits did not impress us both taste and texture-wise. The cashew chatpata biscuits lack the crunch and the chatpata zing. On the other hand, the jeera top variant is crunchy, but the mild bitterness coming through the cumin brought down the score for this one. 

Do you love bite-sized biscuits? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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