The Khao Soi DIY Kit By Makery Is LIT!

The Khao Soi DIY Kit By Makery Is LIT!

DIY kits are fast becoming a trend in urban India. We reviewed the DIY Khao Soi Kit by Makery and here is what you need to know.

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DIY kits are quite popular in the west. With busy lifestyles, ordering in or eating out is common on a daily basis. These kits help people eat home-cooked meals that are definitely healthier than fast-food take out. Slowly, but steadily, the concept of DIY cooking kits is making its way into urban India too. These DIY kits usually include pre-marinated meats, pre-boiled, or blanched veggies, everything is chopped up and all you need at home are some pots and pans. Yes, it is that convenient. Our social media was flooded with these drool-worthy meals made using DIY kits and we just couldn’t resist.

With this concept making its way to India, especially during this pandemic where we cannot really go out, we tried the DIY Khao Soi kit from Makery.

Makery is a Delhi based startup co-founded by siblings Tarika Khattar and Rishiv Khattar. These DIY kits include each and every little ingredient you need to make a particular dish. Some of the dishes for which DIY kits are available on their website site are jackfruit saraman curry, spicy mapo tofu, some salads, and more.

Let’s have a look at what are the contents of this DIY kit, how convenient this kit was, and was the quality good enough for us to go back to them?

What You Should Know About Makery’s Khao Soi DIY Kit

*As per information on the site

  • It is a vegan product.
  • Allergen information – Contains nuts.
  • Orders are placed directly on their site.
  • The option of contactless delivery is available.
  • Makery is currently delivering only in parts of South Delhi, Central Delhi, and Gurugram.

The DIY Khao Soi Kit By Makery – First Look

The first look – DIY Khao Soi Kit By Makery
Unboxing the DIY Khao Soi Kit By Makery

Editor’s Notes

Overall, our experience of ordering and preparing a Khao Soi meal was quick, mess-free and the final dish quality was super-premium.

There are three crucial factors that make, or break, a DIY experience.

  1. Curation: How well is the kit curated, which ingredients are chopped, and already washed? Are they pre-measured? How methodically are they packed? This kit came well packed, with no leaking bottles or cartons. And, it wasn’t over-packaged too. You know the kind where everything is double-packed, double-taped with excessive use of plastic? That wasn’t the case here.
  2. Ease of putting everything together: This is where the recipe and recipe card/detailing come into the picture. A complicated recipe sometimes needs both text and visual reference points too. Even a tried and tested recipe can go wrong if some details are vague, or missing. The recipe for the Khao Soi was on point, and steps clear. The recipe card is made with fine detailing and we loved the pictorial information. Even if you are a novice in the kitchen, a visual reference of how the recipe progresses with each step will help.
  3. The Final Dish: The proof is in how good the pudding tastes, isn’t it! The final result was a premium Khao Soi curry, fit for two. And the reason is undoubtedly the quality ingredients used. We tasted all the ingredients separately too. The curry powder and paste were aromatic and fresh. The coconut milk was sweet and tasted natural. All the toppings – garlic, green onions, peanuts et all – brought their own individual flavors to the final dish. This is premium restaurant-quality stuff.

We Loved The DIY Khao Soi Kit By Makery: Here’s Why

Price – The DIY kit is priced at Rs 700/- and serves two people. We felt the price was justified considering that a regular bowl of Khao Suey (khao soi) at any good restaurant is Rs 450/- and upwards.

Packaging – The packaging is very simple. The brown corrugated box packs up mini plastic containers that carry all the necessary ingredients individually. (See picture). Simple ingredients like salt and oil are also given in this kit. So eventually all you will need from your own kitchen would be pots, pans, stove, and some cutlery. We liked how nothing was soggy and all ingredients maintained their texture. There is a small recipe card also, which eases your cooking experience. The instructions are clear and simple that can be followed blindly.

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A detailed recipe card was also included in the kit to make it easier to cook.

Prepping and cooking – The site mentions that this will be ready in 20 minutes and we thought it might be a joke. How can Khao Suey be ready in 20 minutes? We decided to time this and, no kidding, it lived up to its promise. It doesn’t take time to cook, because everything is so well-planned.

On a side note, before we started cooking we were a tad bit skeptical at seeing the portion sizes sent in the kit. Post cooking, the quantity was more than sufficient. This quantity is easily more than enough for 2 to 3 people.

Taste – Taste is a prime factor when we review food products. The Khao Soi kit produced results that were at par with restaurant-quality Khao Suey. The ingredients were so fresh and measured perfectly. Our bowl of Khao Suey tasted amazing and was perfectly seasoned. From the coconut milk to the peanuts, everything tasted great individually too. This was basically an elevated dining experience at home. BIG thumbs up from Team Mishry.

Please note that these ingredients are meant to be cooked on the same day.

Yummy Khao Soi ready in 20 minutes.

Mishry Rating (On a scale of 0-5) – 4.5 Mishrys for this amazing DIY Khao Soi Kit by Makery. From quality ingredients to convenience attached to a DIY kit, we loved it all!

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