9 Everyday Dishes Using Catch Kitchen Art Palak Gravy
catch kitchen art palak gravy

You Can Make 9 Dishes Using Catch’s Kitchen Art Palak Gravy!

Everyday dishes made easy using Catch’s Kitchen Art Palak Gravy. More details discussed below:

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Ready to use gravies offer immense convenience as they cut down the preparation time while delivering tasty results.We recently tested Catch’s Kitchen Art Palak Gravy and loved it for how convenient it is to prepare. The whole idea behind Catch’s Kitchen Art range is how these pre-made gravies can be utilised to create interesting and unique recipes from the comfort of your home. And Catch Palak Gravy is no exception. 

The best part is that apart from traditional dishes like palak paneer, palak aloo, you can also incorporate the gravy into making a variety of your everyday favorite recipes. 

Here we have a set of dishes you can effortlessly prepare using Catch Kitchen Art’s Palak Gravy:

Different Ways Of Using Catch’s Palak Gravy In Everyday Meals

1. Palak Paneer

palak paneer

Palak Paneer is a popular vegetarian dish usually simmered with herbs, spices and tomatoes. Pureed palak and paneer are the hero ingredients of the dish. Skip the tedious task of preparing Palak Paneer from scratch!

Get this beloved vegetarian dish ready in just 10 minutes with Catch’s Kitchen Art Palak Gravy. The ready to use gravy will set the perfect base for your paneer.

2. Lehsooni Palak

lehsooni palak

Lehsooni Palak is another popular Indian dish you can prepare effortlessly using Catch’s pre-made Palak Gravy. The ready palak base makes the entire prep swift and mess-free. Packed with garlic and spinach, lehsooni palak pairs well with roti, naan, paratha or rice.

3. Egg Palak Masala

egg palak

This popular dish packs the goodness of eggs prepared in a flavorful spinach-based gravy. Though palak is the essential ingredient here, it is actually the spinach gravy that takes the center stage. So in case if you are short on time, you can skip the lengthy prep process by incorporating Catch’s Kitchen Art Palak Gravy.

4. Saag Meat

Saag Meat also known as Mutton Saag is a well-known North Indian dish that is both comforting and satisfying. It showcases a beautiful balance of flavors and textures. What makes this dish stand out is the creamy and green spinach gravy. In addition to the spinach gravy, the other ingredient that defines the taste of the dish is the mutton or lamb pieces. If you are looking to prepare the spinach gravy in less time, you can seek for a shortcut by incorporating the use of Catch Kitchen Art Palak Gravy.

5. Murgh Palak

So simple to put together, Murgh Palak has a strong fan following. Just cook the chicken in some fat and season it aptly. After that add the Catch Spinach Gravy and wait for the magic to unfold. Top it with some fried garlic and cream for more depth, if needed. A piping hot bowl of murgh palak is best served with some kadak tandoori roti.

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6. Makai Palak

Making the dish is as simple as 1, 2, and 3 when you use Catch Kitchen Art’s palak gravy. It is rich, creamy and a mildly spiced dish. It goes well with traditional Indian accompaniments such as bread or rice.

7. Palak Rice

palak rice

Palak rice is a wholesome and delicious dish made using spinach gravy and rice. Skip the time consuming process of preparing palak gravy from scratch by using Catch’s ready to use gravy. Simply cook the gravy as per the instructions, mix in the rice and voilà – your delightful palak rice is ready in no time.

8. Palak Paratha

Make your parathas even better by adding Catch’s Palak Gravy to them. Start by rolling out the dough, mix in the Palak Gravy, and cook till they are golden brown. You can have them during lunch or breakfast with your favorite curry, pickle, or curd. Make sure you have cooked and cooled the gravy before adding it to the flour.

9. Palak Rava Idli

Start your day on a nutritious note by indulging in some hot palak rava idli. Twist your traditional rava idlis by adding some palak gravy. Firstly start by cooking the spinach gravy. Kickstart the process by cooking the spinach gravy. Next, mix the gravy with semolina, yogurt, and chopped vegetables (optional) to create a thick batter. Allow it to rest briefly, season with salt, and steam the idlis for 15-20 minutes. Once perfectly cooked, serve them with a side of chutney or sambar for a delightful breakfast experience.

9 Unique Ways To Use Catch’s Rich White Gourmet Gravy!

You can access all the detailed recipes by Catch using the QR code infused in its product packaging. On scanning the code, it will redirect you to Catch’s website. The website covers all the details on the recipes you can make using these gravies, the instructions to follow and the ingredients required.


Here’s a list of delicious everyday dishes that can be made using Catch’s Palak Gravy. These dishes will turn out to be tasty and that too with minimal effort. 

Are you excited to try Catch’s newest Kitchen Art Palak Gravy?

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