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Here Are 5 Reasons Why We Love Catch’s Makhani Gravy!

Here Are 5 Reasons Why We Love Catch’s Makhani Gravy!

What made us love Catch’s Kitchen Art Rich Makhani Gravy? Let’s find out here!

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Struggling to master the art of homemade makhani gravy? Look no further! Catch’s Kitchen Art Rich Makhani Gravy has your back! 

In our recent review of Catch’s latest offering, Kitchen Art Makhani Gravy, we discovered a multitude of commendable attributes. The essence of Catch’s Kitchen Art range lies in the versatility of its pre-made gravies that enables crafting intriguing and distinctive recipes right in the comfort of your own home. From its user-friendly preparation to its delectable taste, this ready-to-eat (RTE) gravy exceeds expectations on every front. 

Here are 5 compelling reasons why Catch’s Kitchen Art Makhani Gravy gets our seal of approval:

We recommend trying Catch’s Makhani Gravy because:

1. Freshness

Catch Kitchen Art Rich makhani gravy review

A perfect 10/10! This gravy has a taste, aroma, and appearance that feels similar to the freshness of a homemade makhani gravy. Right from the time when we opened the pack, the aroma was fresh and devoid of any unpleasant or industrial scents. 

Notably, the orange color of the gravy also looked quite fresh. The end result of the dish has a delightful, fresh flavor that truly stands out.

2. Flavor

Catch’s Kitchen Art Makhani Gravy is flavored just right. At no point during our review we felt like we were indulging in a ready to eat makhani gravy. It has the delightful sweet nuttiness reminiscent of the traditional Shahi Paneer flavor. In conclusion, it is a perfectly seasoned gravy that needs no further adjustments.

3. Clean Ingredient List

Unlike most RTE products, this makhani gravy by Catch has a comparatively clean ingredient list. It is devoid of artificial preservatives and colors. Also, this is made using a relatively healthy source of fat – olive oil, making it a superior choice compared to most refined oils in the market.

4. Apt Consistency

quick look at the makhani gravy

The consistency of Catch’s Kitchen Art Makhani Gravy is another factor that contributes to our recommendation. This has the typical restaurant-like creamy and rich consistency. The uncooked gravy also has a thick paste-like texture. Unlike a complete minced paste, this has chunky bits.

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5. Convenience

Full marks! The ease of preparation and the detailed instructions all add up to the convenience factor. It saves up your time in preparing the gravy from scratch and gets your job done in no time. Whether it’s unexpected guests, late-night cravings, or hectic mornings, this ready-to-eat gravy must be your pantry staple. 

Did you know? Unlock a treasure of delectable and detailed recipes from Catch simply by scanning the QR code embedded in its product packaging. This code seamlessly directs you to Catch’s website, where you will find comprehensive information on various recipes utilizing these gravies, including step-by-step instructions and a list of required ingredients.

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Delectable Recipes You Can Incorporate Using Catch’s Makhani Gravy

1. Matar Paneer

matar paneer

A crowd pleaser, this simple dish is a comfort food for many. Serve this alongside some warm rotis for a wholesome meal. This satisfying vegetarian dish can be enjoyed for lunch, dinner or for a casual gathering. If you are looking for a quick way to prepare Matar Paneer, we have got a solution! Enter : Catch Makhani Gravy. This RTE gravy mix is high on convenience and will surely ease your woes.

2. Paneer Makhani

paneer makhani

Paneer Makhani is a rich, creamy and delightful paneer dominant dish. What if we say you can prepare this comforting dish without spending hours in the kitchen? Now, crafting this melt-in-your-mouth delicacy is simpler than ever with Catch’s Kitchen Art Makhani Gravy. This ready-to-eat gravy mix offers a convenient base that’s ready in no time, ensuring a hassle-free cooking experience.

3. Butter Chicken

butter chicken

Now enjoy restaurant-style Butter Chicken at home using Catch’s Makhni Gravy. Packed with the right amount of flavors, this RTE gravy mix eliminates the complex process of making the base from scratch. All you need is 10 minutes of cooking time to prepare this wholesome dish.

4. Paneer Lababdar

Skip the lengthy prep process and savor the flavor! Paneer Lababdar is another exciting dish you can make using Catch’s Makhani Gravy. All you need to prepare this dish is 10 mins of cooking time, a pack of Catch’s makhani gravy and paneer and you are all sorted.

5. Shahi Paneer

shahi paneer

Why spend hours simmering a base! Introducing Catch’s Makhani Gravy that offers a premade base that is all set to cook. Whether it is unexpected guests turning up or lack of time, this gravy mix is your secret weapon to recreate restaurant-like Shahi Paneer at home.

6. Chicken Changezi

Another popular dish you can prepare using this RTE makhani gravy is Chicken Changezi. Chicken Changezi is a popular dish marked by bold flavors, creamy texture, and a balance of spices.

Conclusion: Catch Makhani Gravy

Here are 5 reasons why we recommend trying Catch’s Kitchen Art Makhani Gravy. It is fresh, flavorful, and feels homestyle. Additionally, we have also mentioned information on the different recipes you can prepare using Catch’s Makhani Gravy. 

Haven’t tried this yet? What are you waiting for?

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