Where Can I Use The Catch Kitchen Art Rich White Gravy?
recipes using catch kitchen art white gravy

9 Unique Ways To Use Catch’s Rich White Gourmet Gravy

One RTE gravy, multiple uses. 10 different ways to use Catch Kitchen Art’s White Gravy.

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White gravy stands out as a flavorful base for beloved Indian culinary creations. With Catch’s Kitchen Art range you can effortlessly use these pre-made gravies for creating delectable dishes. Our exploration of the brand’s latest addition, the Catch Kitchen Art Rich White Gravy, left us thoroughly impressed. Its opulent flavor, effortless preparation, and luxuriously creamy consistency ticked all the boxes.

Here we present a curated list of delectable dishes you can create using Catch Kitchen Art’s White Gourmet Gravy.

Elevate Your Meals With Catch Kitchen Art Rich White Gravy

1. Malai Kofta

This dish is the ultimate comfort food! Utilizing Catch’s Kitchen Art White Gravy streamlines the laborious task of crafting white gravy from scratch. Start by preparing the koftas with khoya and maida, cook the white gravy, assemble the malai koftas and finally garnish it with coriander. Enjoy the perfect balance of convenience and flavor in every bite! 

Accompaniments: Naan, Roti or Lachcha Paratha.

2. Methi Mutter Malai

methi matar malai

In this popular Indian dish fenugreek leaves and green peas take the center stage. The bitterness of the fenugreek leaves combined with the sweetness of the peas and enveloped in a white creamy sauce makes this dish beautiful in every aspect. With Catch’s RTE White Gravy, the preparation of this delightful dish becomes effortlessly comfortable and mess-free. 

Accompaniments: Tandoori roti, Tawa Roti, Shahi Pulao

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3. Chicken Korma

Chicken Korma is a flavor rich spiced curry dish packed with chicken, cream and spices. Though this dish is delicious, at times it might get time-consuming to prepare the gravy from scratch. Add convenience while preparing this comforting dish using Catch’s Kitchen Art White Gravy. 

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Accompaniments: Jeera rice or crisp tandoori roti

4. Paneer Kali Mirch

paneer kali mirch

This creamy, aromatic dish has a mild heat coming in from the kali mirch. Soft paneer with black pepper dominant creamy gravy results in a satisfying taste experience. What if we say you can prepare this flavorful dish in 10 mins? Yes, you heard that right. With this ready to use white gravy from Catch Kitchen Art, it is now possible. 

Accompaniments: Ajwain parathas, Naan, Masala pulao

5. Chicken Kali Mirch

chicken kali mirch

Craving for a wholesome Chicken Kali Mirch but short on time? Look no further! You can now whip up this delicious curry dish using Catch’s Kitchen Art White Gravy. This is the non-vegetarian version of paneer kali mirch with tender pieces of chicken infused in a black pepper gravy. 

Accompaniments: Masala pulao, Roomali roti, Khameeri roti, Tawa roti

6. Matar Makhana Malai

Another interesting recipe you can prepare using Catch’s ready gravy is Matar Makhana Malai. With a cooking time of just 10 minutes, you can prepare this super delicious Matar Makhana Malai using this ready white gravy mix from Catch Kitchen Art. 

Accompaniments: Roti, Paratha, Jeera rice.

7. Nawabi Paneer

Catch’s White gravy can also be utilized for recreating the classic Nawabi Paneer dish at your home. You do not have to add multiple ingredients here. There’s no need for an array of ingredients; simply incorporate the gravy mix and paneer pieces. Top it with fried cashews and onions. With Catch’s RTE gravy, the process becomes even more convenient. 

Accompaniments: Naan or Lachcha paratha

8. Butter Paneer Pasta in White Gravy

Experience the perfect blend of Italian comfort food and the creamy indulgence of Indian Butter Paneer with this fusion dish in white gravy. Simply gather your favorite pasta and a pack of Catch’s Kitchen Art white gravy for a hassle-free preparation. Toss in some paneer and vegetables of your choice with Italian seasoning and chilli flakes. 

Accompaniments: Garlic bread, Steamed veggies

9. Shahi Paneer

The traditional Shahi Paneer dish is prepared using spiced tomato based sauce. Using Catch Kitchen Art’s White Gravy you can create a delightful version of this classic dish with minimal effort. All you need is to cook the white gravy, add the pieces of paneer, and lastly top it with some cream and kasoori methi for a rich taste. 

Accompaniments: Naan, Aloo-Pyaaz Kulcha, or Jeera rice

For more information on all the detailed recipes by Catch, there’s a QR code present in the packaging of these gravies which will lead you to Catch’s website. On redirection, you will be welcomed to the world of simple to make comforting recipes encompassing every aspect from the ingredients required to the step by step cooking process.


Here are some of the best delectable dishes that you can make using Catch Kitchen Art Rich White Gravy. Have you tried this product yet? If yes, let us know about your experience in the comment segment below.

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