Premade Ghee Diya Baati Review - Mishry Finds
ghee diya bati

These Pre-Soaked Ghee Battis Are Ideal For Festivities – Mishry Finds

These ghee diya battis are a time-efficient, cost-effective alternative to the traditional counterpart.

Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5


Ghee diya batti is a must-have for all occasions from daily aartis to larger festivities. These are so convenient and mess-free to use.

Be it a special festive occasion or your morning prayers, lighting a jyot is an everyday ritual in most Indian homes. 

If you’re someone who is looking to add convenience to this everyday task, may we introduce you to these ready to use ghee batti. For this you need to secure them in the holder, light it and place them wherever required. 

It eliminates the need to individually add ghee to several diya holders. Another point to note here is these come with a burning time of 20 minutes. Make your festivities trouble-free with these easy to use ghee diya batti

Here’s a quick summary.

Ghee Diya Batti Product Details
Price Rs 281/-
Special Feature Wax-free
Mishry Rating 4
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Highlights Of Ghee Diya Bati 

Burning Time

Around 15 to 20 mins


1. It is made from pure ghee

2. This is non-toxic

What’s Special?

Super convenient to use and light

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Mishry’s Experience

Team Mishry’s experience with ghee diya batti was a positive one. The need to melt ghee and roll wicks was eliminated. All we had to do was place a batti inside a diya and light it up.

This was a quick, fuss-free process. Best of all, one batti lasts for 20 minutes. You can add more ghee if needed. 

ghee diya bati packing
They are packed in a container.
ghee diya bati use
Super convenient.

Design and Appearance 

These ghee diya battis are small-sized. They fit inside diyas and are almost-identical looking. The wicks are long and light up quickly.

Appearance- 5/5

Burning Time

These burn for approximately 15-20 minutes.

1 pack holds 100 pre-soaked battis/wicks.

Quality- 5/5

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on ghee diya battis.

 Since diyas are lit for religious purposes, pure ghee is used.

One ghee diya lasts for 20 minutes.

Vanaspati or pure ghee is used.

Yes, completely. 100 pieces can cost between 250-350 Rupees depending on the brand. Plus, it is very convenient to use.

Final Words

We got nothing but good things to say about Ghee diya batti. This is a product we 100% recommend. It is easy to use, economical, and mess-free. One ghee diya burns for 20 minutes and you have the liberty to add some more ghee if needed. 

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