Postcard Mysuru Murukku Review - Tasty & Crunchy Savoury
postcard mysuru murukku review

Postcard Mysuru Murukku Review – Tasty & Crunchy Savoury

Crispy, crunchy with a lingering black pepper taste- Postcard Mysuru Murukku snacks can be your new tea-time buddy!

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Postcard Mysuru Murukku is a great tea-time munchy. Lightly flavored and light on the palate, these murukku fingers will be loved by kids!

Evening hunger pangs, the cravings- these are real! A cup of tea/coffee just doesn’t cut it on some days. 

This South Indian favorite snack can be a great option to go for when you need to nibble on something between meals.


These delectable finger-sized snacks are typically made of a combination of lentil flours like rice flour, gram flour, and wheat flour. 

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Promising, ‘A taste trip across India’ Postcard offers a range of sweet and savory snacks with the traditional flavors from each state as a specialty. 

For our Postcard Mysuru Murukku review, we ordered a pack of the same from an e-commerce website, and here’s what we think.

Did You Know?- This savory snack gets its name from the Tamil word which means ‘twisted’.

Postcard Mysuru Murukku brings a much-needed change to our regular snacks. If you’re not a fan of spice-loaded snacks or are in the mood for something mildly flavored or a kid-friendly snack – Postcard Mysuru Murukku namkeen might be something you could go for.

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Since this variant of Postcard Mysuru Murukku snacks is flavored with black pepper, you can make an elaborate snack out of it using dips and sauces or eat it as they come. Following are some more details from Team Mishy’s Postcard Mysuru Murukku review. 

postcard mysuru murukku
Postcard Mysuru Murukku has a vibrant packaging.

1. Packaging

Postcard Mysuru Murukku namkeen comes in a resealable plastic pouch. 

postcard mysuru murukku resealable packaging
These murukku fingers are packed in a resealable plastic pouch.

2. Ingredients 

Following are Mysuru Murukku namkeen ingredients-

Gram flour, rice flour, urad dal, palm oil, salt, cumin, and carom seeds. 

3. Taste

This Postcard Mysuru Murukku snack has an unmissable black pepper flavor. 

Like chakli/murukku normally is, this snack too isn’t loaded with spices or seasoning. What we also really liked about this Postcard Mysuru Murukku namkeen does not leave an oily aftertaste. (as murukku is a fried snack, this may be a possibility)

4. Texture

Perfectly crispy and crunchy, Postcard Mysuru Murukku tasted fresh!

5. Crunchiness

This variant of the Postcard Mysuru Murukku snacks was just like we expected them to be. The crunch was bang-on!

You could relish these murukku fingers with a creamy or spicy dip. 

6. Price

Postcard Mysuru Murukku price for a 90 g pack is INR 70. 

7. Nutritional Information

Following is the nutritional information for Postcard Mysuru Murukku namkeen per 100 g-

169 kcal, 17.6 g of carbohydrates, 9.10 g of fat, and 4.4 g of protein.

Postcard Mysuru Murukku  – Detailed Review

Parameters Postcard Mysuru Murukku Namkeen
Price INR 70
Ingredients Gram flour, rice flour, palm oil, salt, and spices.
Shelf Life Two months
Available Sizes 90 g, 125 g
Calories 169.9 kcal per 100 g

Unlike most packaged snacks, Postcard Mysuru Murukku has a relatively short shelf life. This is because their range of products is created in small batches and packed without any nitrogen flushing. 

Postcard Mysuru Murukku is made using a spiced mix of gram flour and rice flour. These mildly-flavored finger-sized snacks feel light on the palate and aren’t too oily. 

As a tea-time snack or a chakna with your favorite drink, here are some more details about Postcard Mysuru Murukku namkeen. 

postcard mysuru murukku contents
Postcard Mysuru Murukku is crunchy!


  • The smaller 90 g pack of Postcard Mysuru Murukku is priced at Rs 70.
  • This Postcard namkeen is packed in a gold pouch.
  • These finger-sized snacks can be consumed by kids too.
  • They have a shelf life of two months.
  • The black pepper taste is unmissable!


  • Texture-wise, these murukku fingers have a bold crunch!
  • These can easily be customized into a flavor-loaded snack or meal.
  • They feel quite light on the palate and are not loaded with oil.
  • The macronutrient composition is pretty decent. 


  • South Indian murukku typically is made with butter. Postcard Mysuru Murukku has palm oil. 
closer look at postcard mysuru murukku
The black pepper taste was delectable.

Best Suited For

These finger-sized snacks are a great snack option for all age groups and occasions. From a quick mid-meal munchy or starter with a dip to a wholesome chaat-type meal, you can build a lip-smacking meal using Postcard Mysuru Murukku as the base!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Postcard Mysuru Murukku.

1. Is Postcard Mysuru Murukku a healthy snack?

Although it is not a calorie-dense snack, portion control and moderation are key factors when it comes to enjoying your favorite foods while keeping health in mind. 

2. Does Postcard Mysuru Murukku contain palm oil?

Yes, Postcard Mysuru Murukku is fried in palm oil. 

3. Is Postcard Mysuru Murukku overpriced?

Postcard Mysuru Murukku is priced a little on the higher side as compared to other brands. However, the packaging and absence of refined wheat flour justify the price. 

4. Is Postcard Mysuru Murukku vegetarian?

Yes, pure vegetarian ingredients have been used. 

5. Is Postcard Mysuru Murukku a good tea-time snack?

Yes, since these aren’t loaded with flavor or feel too heavy on the palate, Postcard Mysuru Murukku makes for a decent tea-time snack. 

6. What is the difference between Postcard Mysuru Murukku and Chakli?

Chakli is typically circular in shape. Postcard Mysuru Murukku namkeen is a finger-sized snack. 

Also, chakli can be prepared with other grains and millets.  Postcard Murukku uses gram flour and rice flour. 

7. In what sizes do Postcard Mysuru Murukku available?

Postcard Mysuru Murukku is available in packs of 90 and 125 g. 

Final Words

Voila! Here is Team Mishry’s take on Postcard Mysuru Murukku. These crisp murukku fingers have a great taste and an even better crunch. These taste authentic and have a lovely black pepper flavor to them. 

The taste and texture, both make this Postcard Mysuru Murukku a great base for creating elaborate dishes. 

If not, you can relish a handful of these with some tea.

Would you stick to the round chaklis or give these murukku fingers a try? Let us know if you do!

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