The SoyCo. Tofu Review - Fresh Tofu At Your Doorstep

The SoyCo. Tofu Review – Fresh Tofu At Your Doorstep

Stunningly fresh! We loved the organic tofu by The SoyCo.

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Fresh tasting tofu, delivered to your doorstep. The SoyCo. offers organic firm tofu. This is available throughout Delhi NCR.

Tofu or bean curd is a vegan source of protein that is made by coagulating soy milk. It is pressed to form solid blocks that vary in softness from silken, soft, firm to extra firm.

The SoyCo. is a new tofu brand that was founded in 2020 and delivers throughout Delhi NCR. As part of the new Curated By Mishry series, we decided to try out this tofu brand that claims to offer fresh, organic, small-batch tofu. Here is all that you need to know.

Curated by Mishry
S.No Parameter Brand Information
1. Legal Name The SoyCo.
2. Founder Nishtha Dhawan
3. Founded Year 2020
4. Headquarters New Delhi
5. Products Covered Tofu
6. Delivery Zone Delhi NCR

The SoyCo. – Everything You Need To Know

Here is all that you need to know about the brand, its founder, and the brand’s journey so far.


The SoyCo. is founded by Nishtha Dhawan, a Delhi-based entrepreneur. 

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The SoyCo’s Journey

In the words of the company: In today’s scenario where a healthy lifestyle is the need of the hour, we wanted to offer a high protein and plant-based organic product. The packaged products lose their nutritional value over time & thus The Soy Co. came up with the “Made to Order” concept.

We want to break the myth that vegetarians do not have enough protein options. Our Tofu offers 14.5 gm protein per 100 gm which is considered to be an adequate quantity for a balanced diet. 

Brand Mission & Vision

When asked about the brand’s mission and vision, Nishtha Dhawan said, “At The Soy Co. we believe that the positive choices we all make, no matter how small they are, can have a great impact on our personal health and the health of our planet. By moving to plant-based protein we can bring in that little change.”

“The Soy Co. aims to be the go-to plant-based protein-enriched food producer. We envision to offer the highest quality & delicious products which differentiate us from the counterparts in the marketplace.”, she added.

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Products Covered

The SoyCo. Offers a single product which is made to order – Lite Firm Tofu. The tofu is organic and vegan-friendly. 


The SoyCo currently delivers only in Delhi NCR.

The SoyCo. Tofu – Our Review

This section discusses our order, price, packaging, and other relevant product information.

What we ordered – We ordered 200 gms of lite firm tofu.

How much did it cost us? We paid Rs 200/- for 200 gms of tofu plus delivery charges.

Instructions for storage – The tofu has a shelf life of 5-7 days and it doesn’t lose its color & remains fresh and odor-free throughout its shelf life. It needs to be immersed in a water vessel and refrigerated. It is recommended to change the water daily for it to remain soft and fresh.

Packaging – From the moulded pulp carton the tofu arrived in, to the little handwritten note attached with a string, the packaging is 100% plastic-free.

The block we were sent was even sized and not cut into odd-shaped chunks.

the soyco tofu packaging
Tofu by The SoyCo comes in 100% plastic-free packaging.
inside packaging of the soy co tofu
A look inside - Our order from the The SoyCo
the soy co tofu contents
We ordered 200 gms of the tofu. We were instructed to submerge the tofu in water upon arrival.

Here is our experience with the product –

Organic Lite Firm Tofu

We divided the tasting session into two broad parts – Dry tasting and Cooking with tofu (Mishry Secret Sauce).

Stage 1: Why did we dry-taste it? The dry tasting was done to check for its firmness, aroma, and texture. Very often the packaged tofu has a pungent smell which is very off-putting. We wanted to check if this had the claimed ‘freshness’.

the soy co tofu appearance
This is firm tofu and has a very light, pale brown color.

Stage 2: We cooked a quick schezwan tofu stir-fry to test out the tofu. In a hot pan, we added oil, chopped garlic, onions, and bell pepper. Once sauteed, we added the Veeba Schezwan Stir Fry Sauce (Our winner in the best schezwan sauce review) and cooked it for 2 minutes before adding chunks of tofu. Once done, we garnished it with some Thai basil and toasted sesame seeds.

Tofu is meant to absorb some flavors and liquids which is why we checked it in a schezwan stir fry. We also wanted to check if the tofu changes its texture.

the soy co tofu review process
Our ingredients for the tofu stir-fry.
tofu stir-fry made using the soy co tofu
We made a quick stir fry to test the tofu by The SoyCo.
the soy co tofu taste test
The final dish! The tofu was able to take the flavor of the schezwan sauce and did not become hard or rubbery.

Our Observations

The tofu in its uncooked stage is delightfully fresh! The tofu by SoyCo. is not dry, crumbly, or dense. In fact, it is far from the rubbery and sometimes smelly packaged tofu that you would sometimes find at the supermarkets. 

We noticed that even when you’re slicing it, there’s a certain smooth, creaminess without this being oily.

Post cooking, the tofu was able to take in the flavor of the schezwan sauce without becoming rubbery, it’s not breaking or crumbling. It does not taste industrial or unnatural. 

This is not silken tofu, it’s firm. This is why it can be used in multiple ways. Be it for your paninis, tandoori tikkas, stir-frys, or as a vegan replacement for paneer in a dish.

The Soy Co. – Contact Details

Email –

WebsiteThey currently do not have a website. 

Order The SoyCo Tofu Now

Social Media Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on The SoyCo.

1. What products does The SoyCo have?

The SoyCo. offers a single product – preservative-free artisanal firm tofu.

2. Where do they deliver?

Currently, they only deliver in Delhi NCR. The delivery charges are extra. 

3. How is the tofu priced?

Their tofu  is made to order and comes in 3 sizes. The pricing list is as follows – 

  • 200 gms – Rs 200/-
  • 500 gms – Rs 400/-
  • 1 Kg – Rs 600/-

Additional delivery charge of Rs 100 across Delhi NCR.

4. Is cash on delivery (COD) available?

No. You can pay via a few online portals including Paytm and G-Pay.

Final Verdict

Fresh and firm! We loved the tofu by The SoyCo. If you are someone who regularly consumes tofu, trying to cut down on dairy, or are following a vegan diet, this tofu is a good choice.  This could be a great replacement for paneer as well. The eco-friendly packaging is appreciated.

If you are looking for a tofu brand in Delhi NCR that delivers to your doorstep, look no further. Thumbs up for The SoyCo. from Team Mishry!

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