Paper Boat Buttermilk Review - We Tried Four Variants
paper boat buttermilk review

Paper Boat Buttermilk Review – We Tried Four Variants

We tried all four variants of the Paper Boat Buttermilk – Jeera, Coriander, Pudina and Southern Masala. Are these fresh and flavorful?

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4 / 5


Fresh flavors, perfect consistency and a smooth mouthfeel. The Paper Boat Buttermilks come in four variants. We liked the Coriander and Jeera buttermilks the most. The rating does not include the Southern Masala Buttermilk.

Buttermilk, chaas or chaach is a refreshing summer cooler that is extremely popular in India. This beverage is made using curd (dahi) whisked with spices and herbs like cumin, mustard seeds, black salt, mint and coriander. Unlike lassi, this isn’t a thick dairy based beverage. It has a very thin consistency that makes for the perfect summer drink.

Paper Boat, a brand that plays around nostalgia related to iconic Indian beverages and snacks has introduced a series of buttermilk as well. In our Paper Boat Buttermilk review we tried all four flavors – Jeera, Coriander, Pudina and Southern Masala. These are enriched with Vitamin D. Let’s learn more about the nutritive value, ingredients and flavor.

Paper Boat Buttermilk  – Everything You Need To Know

In this section we discuss the available variants of the Paper Boat buttermilk, main ingredients and nutritional information.

1. Available Variants

Paper Boat Buttermilk comes in four variants – 

  • Jeera (Cumin)
  • Southern Masala
  • Pudina (Mint)
  • Coriander
paper boat buttermilk variants
We tried four variants of Paper Boat Buttermilk.

2. Available Sizes

These come in a single size – 250 ml each. 

3. Main Ingredients

The main ingredients that usually go into a buttermilk include water and curd. The curd used to make the buttermilks is made using double toned milk. 

The seasonings differ from flavor to flavor. 

4. Packaging

All the variants are packaged attractively in single use packs. The packaging is very travel friendly.

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5. Nutritional Information

There are no added colors and preservatives in the Paper Boat Buttermilk. These are enriched with Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. This food by nature is gluten-free.

A small note on the back of the buttermilk states – “This pack contains 50% of your daily Vitamin D and Vitamin B 12 requirements. Inspite of how delicious this drink is, we advise you not to drink more than two packs a day, as this would exceed your daily required value. Remember you are also exposed to other vitamin sources, example, the big bright sun for vitamin D. So, consume wisely and stay healthy.”

Here is a detailed nutrition chart of all the four variants – 

Nutritive Value Jeera Coriander Pudina Southern Masala
Energy (per 100 ml) 21.0 Kcal 20.6 Kcal 20.6 Kcal 21.0 Kcal
Carbohydrates 2.5 gm 2.4 gm 2.4 gm 2.5 gm
Added Sugar 0.0 gm 0.0 gm 0.0 gm 0.0 gm
Protein 1.4 gm 1.4 gm 1.4 gm 1.4 gm
Fat 0.6 gm 0.6 gm 0.6 gm 0.6 gm
Calcium 51 mg 51 mg 51 mg 51 mg
Vitamin D 2.0 mcg 2.0 mcg 2.0 mcg 2.0 mcg
Vitamin B12 0.2 mcg 0.2 mcg 0.2 mcg 0.2 mcg

Paper Boat Buttermilk – Our Review Factors

We gauged all the four flavors of Paper Boat Buttermilk using the following parameters – 

1. Consistency

Buttermilks aren’t supposed to be extremely thick. They usually have a flowy consistency which can be adjusted as per your liking.

We wanted to check how thick or flowy the consistency of the buttermilk was. Is it creamy or does it feel too watered down?

2. Flavor and Freshness

How fresh does the buttermilk taste and smell? Does the curd taste sour? Can we taste the spices/herbs mentioned on the pack? During our blind tasting session, could we detect them? Is it oversalted?

3. Ingredients 

Which ingredients are used to make the buttermilk? Does it contain any preservatives, colors or synthetic flavors?  

4. Price

Is the product value for money? Do the ingredients used justify the pricing?

Paper Boat Buttermilk Flavours – Detailed Review

Here is a comparison table of all the Paper Boat Buttermilk flavors – 


Parameters Jeera Coriander Pudina Southern Masala
Price Rs 30/- Rs 30/- Rs 30/- Rs 30/-
Net weight 250 ml 250 ml 250 ml 250 ml
Shelf life 180 days 180 days 180 days 180 days
Main Spice Percentage  Cumin powder, Black pepper powder and coriander powder – 0.15% Coriander leaves – 0.01% Dried mint herb – 0.1% Spices and condiments (green chilli paste, curry leaf powder and asafoetida) – 0.24%

#1 Coriander Buttermilk

Coriander and buttermilk are a fairly popular combination which is often paired with green chillies.

When we poured the buttermilk in a glass, we noticed that the beverage had a medium-thick consistency. Bits of coriander leaves could be seen floating around which settled at the bottom. Even though it’s not too thick, there is a slight creaminess to it. 

Paper Boat’s Coriander Buttermilk is refreshing and delicious. It has a defined yet subtle coriander flavor which is further enhanced with a mild green chilli kick. The buttermilk is not oversalted.

paper boat coriander buttermilk contents
Paper Boat’s Coriander Buttermilk has a mild chilli kick which we loved.
closer look at paper boat coriander buttermilk
A closer look at the Paper Boat Coriander Buttermilk.


  • Ingredients – Water, Curd (40%) [Double toned milk and bacterial culture], Iodised salt, Stabiliser, Spices and condiments (0.07%) [Curry leaves powder and coriander powder], Curry leaves, Coriander leaves (0.01%), Vitamin D2 and Vitamin B 12. 
  • Contains added flavor.
  • No preservatives or colors.


  • The flavor of coriander buttermilk
  • The mild chilli kick is delicious.
  • The consistency is balanced. It’s neither too thin nor too thick.

Best Suited For

People looking for a refreshing non-fizzy summer cooler, the buttermilks by Paper Boat are a delicious option. 

#2 Pudina Buttermilk

Mint and buttermilk are a vastly popular combination that is extremely cooling and aids digestion. Paper Boat’s Pudina Buttermilk has a cooling menthol-like aroma, characteristic of dried mint powder.

Consistency wise, this is similar to the coriander variant. This buttermilk variant has a fresh minty flavor with balanced salt levels. 

paper boat pudina buttermilk taste test
The Paper Boat Pudina Buttermilk has a prominent dried mint flavor.
closer look at paper boat pudina buttermilk
A closer look at the Paper Boat Pudina Buttermilk.


  • Priced at Rs 30/- for 250 ml.
  • The shelf life of the product is 180 days.
  • Ingredients – Water, Curd (40%) [Double toned milk and bacterial culture], Seasoning [Dried mint herb (0.1%)], Stabiliser (pectin), Iodised salt, Vitamin D2 [Ergocalciferol] and Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin).
  • Contains added flavor
  • Shake well, serve chilled.


  • Delicious mint flavor.
  • It is not over-salted.

#3 Jeera Buttermilk

Bhuna jeera (roasted cumin seeds) is the most used spice to flavor a plain glass of buttermilk. Bhuna jeera is extremely aromatic and lends a very smoky, nutty flavor to buttermilk.

The cumin flavor showcases itself brilliantly in this buttermilk variant. While we loved this flavor, it is a very regular/common tasting buttermilk. It’s not something you’ve not tasted before.  Surely a good option for people who like to play it safe when it comes to flavors.

paper boat jeera buttermilk taste test
Paper Boat Jeera Buttermilk is a classic flavor which did not fail to impress us.
closer look at paper boat jeera buttermilk
A closer look at the Paper Boat Jeera Buttermilk.


  • The price, shelf life, and net weight are the same as above mentioned variants. 
  • Ingredients – Water, Curd (40%), Iodised salt, Stabiliser, Spices and condiments (0.15%) [Cumin powder, pepper black powder and coriander powder], Vitamin D 2 and Vitamin B 12. 


The bhuna jeera flavor is well-rounded and delicious.

#4 Southern Masala Buttermilk

Consistency wise, the Southern Masala Buttermilk is similar to the other variants. There was no dominant aroma in this one. Sadly, we did not like the Southern Masala Buttermilk as much as we liked all the other flavors. During our blind tasting session, we could not decipher which spices and herbs were used to flavor this buttermilk.

The flavor of curry leaves or asafoetida went unnoticeable. We do not recommend this variant.

paper boat southern masala buttermilk taste test
We could not detect any prominent herb or spice in this buttermilk.
closer look at paper boat southern masala buttermilk
A closer look at the Paper Boat Southern Masala Buttermilk.


  • The shelf life, net weight and price of the Southern Masala Buttermilk is the same as all the other variants. 
  • Ingredients – Water, Curd (40%), Iodised salt, Stabiliser, Spices and condiments (0.24%) [Green chilli paste, Curry leaf powder and Asafoetida], Curry leaves (0.01%), Coriander leaves, Vitamin D 2 and Vitamin B 12.


  • We could not detect the flavor of any spices or herbs.

Our Top Picks & Recommendations

paper boat buttermilk reviewed variants
We liked the Jeera and Coriander Buttermilks by Paper Boat the most.

We loved the fresh flavors and the medium-thin consistency of the buttermilks by Paper Boat. Our favorites include coriander and jeera buttermilk. The Coriander Buttermilk by Paper Boat is refreshing and has a mild chilli kick. Paper Boat’s Jeera buttermilk has a familiar flavor which is delicious. It’s not something we haven’t tried before, but flavorful nonetheless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Paper Boat Buttermilk.

1. Is Paper Boat Buttermilk good for health?

While nothing comes close to a homemade buttermilk, Paper Boat’s Buttermilks are enriched with Vitamin D and Vitamin B12. They do not contain any added colors or preservatives. 

The brand advises not to consume more than 2 packs of these buttermilks per day as the daily vitamin D and B12 intake can exceed.

2. What is the price of Paper Boat Buttermilk?

A single 250 ml pack is priced at Rs 30/-.

3. How many calories are in this buttermilk?

On an average, 100 ml of the Paper Boat Buttermilk provides  20-21 Kcal of energy. 

4. Which vitamins are in Paper Boat Buttermilk?

The buttermilks are enriched with Vitamin D and Vitamin B12.

Final Verdict

The range of Paper Boat’s Buttermilks are refreshing and are true to their specified flavor. The consistency is just perfect and it doesn’t feel very heavy on the tummy, like some packaged dairy-based beverages can. These are smooth buttermilks, and unlike a homemade chaas, it doesn’t have those small pockets of curd (फुटकी).

From the convenient travel-friendly packaging to the perfect seasoning, we liked the range of buttermilks by Paper Boat. We do not recommend the Southern Masala variant.

Which Paper Boat products have you tried before? Let us know about your experience in the comment section.

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