Solimo Non-Stick Fry Pan Review - We Tested It For 3 Months
solimo non-stick fry pan review

Solimo Non-Stick Fry Pan Review – We Tested It For 3 Months

Solimo’s Non-Stick Fry Pan is an economical induction-friendly utensil for everyday use. Perfect for small families.

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Amazon Solimo’s Non-Stick Fry Pan is dishwasher safe, easy to use and clean. It is compatible with a regular gas top and an induction cooktop.

It is a known fact that non-stick cookware helps you create dishes with a little amount of oil. The non-stick coating on top of the pan helps you lift/flip the food with ease.

At Mishry, we are on a constant lookout for pots and pans that are sturdy, last longer, and are easy to use and maintain. We purchased Amazon’s Solimo Non-Stick Fry Pan (22cm) and tested it for the design, ease of cleaning, use, and sturdiness.

For our Solimo non-stick fry pan review, we used the pan extensively in our test kitchen for a period of three months. We cooked kebabs, flipped some drool-worthy pancakes, and made a variety of breakfast eggs on this pan. Earlier, we tried the Stainless Steel Saucepan by Solimo and loved it for its ergonomic design. How did the non-stick pan perform? Here’s our verdict.  

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Solimo Non-Stick Fry pan – Everything You Need To Know

solimo non-stick fry pan
Solimo Non-stick Fry Pan

We look for certain qualities in a good non-stick pan. How is the coating? Does the food stick a lot? Does it consume too much oil? Is the handle cool to touch? Does the non-stick coating scratch easily?

Here is all that you need to know about the Solimo Non-Stick Fry Pan.

1. Material

Which material is the frypan made of? We break it element by element – 

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Frying Pan Base Material – The frying pan base is made of aluminium. 

Coating Material – This has a 2-way non-stick coating.

Handle  Material – The material of the handle is bakelite. 

2. Size

The diameter of the pan is 22 cm. The thickness of the base is 3 mm.

3. Handle Type

The pan has a bakelite handle. It has a comfortable and firm grip. It does not get hot after cooking. The handles are riveted, they are not welded. 

4. Compatibility

The non-stick pan is compatible with a regular gas stove and an induction cooktop as well. We tried it on multiple induction cooktop brands (Usha and Amazon). We also used it on a regular gas top. 

5. Ease of use

We used the pan for various recipes that required pan-frying, sautéing, grilling, and browning. 

6.  Price

The MRP of the fry pan is Rs 900/-.

Solimo Non-Stick Fry Pan – Detailed Review

Some important facts and features that you should know about the Amazon Solimo Non-Stick Fry Pan.

Solimo Non-Stick Fry Pan Product Information
Price Rs 900/-
Size 22 cm (8.66 inches)
Material Aluminium
Weight 578 gm
Thickness of base   3 mm 
Compatibility Gas stove, Induction cooktop


For our Solimo non-stick frypan review we cooked the following dishes and here is our experience with them –

  • Wingreens Pancakes – The pancakes were supremely easy to cook and flip. They achieved a lovely browning on both sides. The batter did not stick at all. The batter when poured in the center does not flow to the edges. It stays in the center.
  • Frozen ITC Chicken Kebabs – We cooked store-bought kebabs and they were cooked well. No residue was left in the pan as the non-stick coating prevented it from any particles sticking to the pan. 
  • Eggs – We made lots of omelets, sunny side up, and scrambled eggs. They were easy to lift and flip even when we cooked using minimal oil.
  • We also used it to make stir fried vegetables and chicken.
  • Besan and suji chilla – Cooks evenly and does not stick. 
solimo non-stick fry pan application
Trying out the pan by making chillas.
making kebabs on solimo non-stick fry pan
Cooking the chicken kebabs on the non-stick fry pan with minimal oil.

We also made sure to let the pan sit for some time before washing it off. This helped us gauge how easy it was to clean. We washed it by hand several times and in a dishwasher as well. The claim that this pan is dishwasher safe is true and it cleans extremely well. Make sure you do not use a metal scrubber or a metal spatula on this pan.

What we noticed – Even after several weeks of cooking in this pan intensively, there were no scratches on the pan. We were careful enough to not use metallic scrubbers or metallic ladles/spatulas while cooking.

The handle remains cool to touch. The rivets are tight and did not come loose during the entire testing phase. 

A small tip – Do not use this on a very big burner. Cook on medium heat.

solimo non-stick fry pan surface
This fry pan has a 2-way non stick coating.
solimo non-stick fry pan base
This fry pan has a 3mm thick base which is compatible with an induction cooktop as well as a gas stove.


  • Size of the pan is 22 cm  (diameter).
  • Handles – Bakelite riveted handles
  • Material of the pan – Aluminium
  • The pan has a 2-way non-stick coating.
  • The pan is dishwasher safe.


  • The pan is easy to clean, by hand and in a dishwasher.
  • The coating does not come off after a few washes.
  • Handles are cool to touch.
  • The riveted handles help make the pan sturdier.
  • None of our dishes stuck to the pan and neither did we have to use excessive oil for cooking.

Best Suited For

Who might like this?

  • Small families consisting of 2-3 members who have small batches of cooking.
  • People who are looking for a small sized non-stick pan for their cooking needs.
  • Trying to eat healthy? This pan doesn’t consume a lot of oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Solimo non-stick fry pan.

1. Is the Solimo non-stick fry pan easy to use?

Yes. This is an easy to use, handy utensil meant for small batches of cooking.

2. Is Solimo non-stick fry pan induction compatible?

Yes. This non-stick fry pan is compatible with an induction cooktop. 

3. Is Solimo non-stick fry pan handles riveted?

Yes. This utensil has riveted handles. 

4. What type of coating is used on Solimo non-stick fry pan?

The pan has a 2-way non-stick coating.

5. What is the price of a Solimo non-stick fry pan?

The MRP of the Solimo Non-stick Fry Pan is Rs 900/-.

6. Is the Solimo non-stick fry pan dishwasher safe?

Yes. the fry pan is dishwasher safe. We washed it in the Bosch Dishwasher. 

Final Words

Please note that when we review appliances and utensils in our test kitchen, we ensure to keep using the product even after the official review process is over. In case we have any new updates and fresh insights, we update the article.

We used Solimo’s Non-Stick Fry Pan to cook multiple dishes in our test kitchen. From eggs, stir-fries, chillas and kebabs, we tested all everyday dishes. The pan is easy to clean and even after heavy usage, the coating did not scratch off. We recommend using this pan on a small burner with a medium flame. 

Do you use non-stick utensils? Have any tips and ideas to maintain them? Write to us in the comment section below.

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