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usha ic 3616 induction cooktop review

Usha IC 3616 Induction Cooktop Review

Pre-set and manual controls, Usha Induction Cooktop 3616 p is a beginner-friendly kitchen appliance.

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Usha IC 3616 Induction Cooktop is a pretty good option if you’re planning to invest in an induction cooktop. It has five preset programs which can be adjusted as per requirement.

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or a seasoned homemaker planning to invest in a new cooktop, the switch from stovetop to induction can be quite intimidating. Even though induction cooktops have gained popularity due to their quick cooking time, energy efficiency, and overall safety, buying one is never an easy decision.

Online portals are flooded with induction cooktops that offer different features, capacities, and power. We purchased the Usha Induction Cooktop and tested it at our review kitchen at the Mishry HQ by preparing some staple Indian meals over weeks. 

Is this kitchen appliance worth a buy? What about its design? Read this and more in our Usha IC 3616 Induction Cooktop Review. 

usha ic 3616 induction cooktop
Usha Induction Cooktop has an elegant design.

Usha Cook Joy IC 3616 Induction Cooktop has five preset program options. In addition to these, other Indian cuisine-oriented temperatures/modes can be manually set. You can use this kitchen appliance by Usha continuously for as long as three hours. 

We tested this induction cooktop multiple times and did not face any overheating issues. Similarly, the buttons on the control panel are easy to understand and use. 

The pan sensor technology on this induction cooktop is praiseworthy. For example, if there is no cookware on the induction, it notifies the user with a beeping alert. 

1. Packaging

Usha IC 3616 Induction Cooktop was packed in the standard kitchen appliance packaging. 

The box had the main unit with an instruction manual. In addition, the induction was carefully packed with clear plastic wrap and thermocol holders for added safety. 

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2. Design

This induction cooktop has a classic black and red design. The control panel is placed in the bottom quarter of this appliance. Towards the left, you would see the preset programs, the center display panel shows the current temperature, and on the right-hand side, there are time and temperature adjustment buttons with the power button. 

3. Size

Usha Induction Cooktop 3616 P dimensions are 35.5 cm x 27 cm x 6.5 cm, length, width, and height respectively. 

Typically, induction cooktops have more or less these similar dimensions. 

4. Features

Following are some noteworthy features of the Usha Induction cooktop 3616 P-

  • Temperature control settings from 120 watts to 1600 watts.
  • Pause button that helps save energy mid-cooking.
  • Easy-to-use control panel.
  • Comfortable customization in terms of temperature and time.
  • Pan sensor technology that notifies/automatically switches off when there is no cookware on the induction.
  • A sturdy base (even with two rubber feet)
  • You can use it for up to 3 hours at a stretch. 

5. Compatibility

Usha Induction Cooktop 3616 P is compatible with induction-friendly cookware. The ceramic plate heats up where the cookware is placed.

We cooked some meals in a pressure cooker, a tawa, and a frying pan for our review. 

6. Power of Consumption

This beginner-friendly kitchen appliance draws a power of 1600 watts. 

7. Ease of Use

The control panel of the Usha Induction cooktop 3616 P gi588 is quite easy to use. Towards the extreme right, you’d see a black push button with the power sign. The induction always starts at 120 watts.

Further to the left, you would see plus and minus signs for adjusting the temperature. You can also adjust the time and temperature when working on a preset option. 

The display shows the current temperature, and the preset option buttons are at the left. 

This induction cooktop is pretty easy to use and a beginner-friendly option too!

8.  Price

Usha Induction cooktop is priced at INR 2599. 

Here is another considerable induction cooktop we reviewed.

Usha IC 3616 Induction Cooktop  – Detailed Review

Parameters Usha IC 3616 Induction Cooktop
Material Copper
Cord Length 1.2 meters
Weight 1.99 kg (we weighed it using a digital scale)

However, the brand mentions 2.7 kg to be the weight.

Compatibility Induction-friendly cookware
Power Consumption 1600 watts
Warranty 1 year
usha ic 3616 induction cooktop features
Some noteworthy features of the Usha Induction.

In Team Mishry’s Usha IC 3616 Induction Cooktop review, we discuss the features, design, safety, and other significant parameters of this kitchen appliance. We also discuss the dishes we prepared using this induction, the ease and convenience of having an induction in your kitchen.

We used the Hawkins 3 L Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker, an induction-friendly fry pan, and an induction-friendly roti tawa for the delicacies we made. 

In the pressure cooker, we prepared arhar dal. This dal was soaked for around 30 minutes, as is usually recommended even when cooking on a stovetop. The dal was ready in under 10 minutes! Thumbs up for zero spillage!

We also deep fried some snacks using the Usha Induction cooktop. Chicken Schnitzel and french fries were prepared using the ‘deep fry’ option on the preset menu. These came out quite crunchy!

Finally, at the medium temperature range from 700 to 900 watts, we prepared some rotis, which turned out decently browned. 

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  • Usha Cook Joy 3616 1600 watt Induction Cooktop black draws a power of 1600 watts.
  • It is a lightweight kitchen appliance that is easy to use, clean, and maintain.
  • This induction cooktop has five preset menu options.
  • The box contains the main unit and a user manual.
  • You can set a timer based on the dish you are preparing.
usha ic 3616 induction cooktop preset menus
The control panel of Usha IC 3616 Induction cooktop.
cooking vermicelli on usha ic 3616 induction cooktop
Bambino Vermicelli prepared using Usha Induction Cooktop.


  • In case non-induction-friendly cookware is placed on this appliance, it will automatically switch off.
  • To prevent overheating, the induction cooktop will shut off. 
  • This induction cooktop makes zero to minimal noise when in use.
  • All buttons on the control panel are easy to press and use. 
  • This preset menu settings can be adjusted too. 
  • The cord of the Usha Induction cooktop is a convenient 50 inches. 
  • For ingredients like semolina/oats, you can use the milk boil option.
  • There are preset cooking modes specifically for Indian meals like roti, paratha, idli, dosa, etc. 


  • Our Usha Induction Cooktop came with two rubber feet, instead of four. That being said, the base stability was unaffected. 
  • Stir-frying and pressure cooking are two widely used cooking methods in Indian preparations. These options were missing and need to be manually set.

Best Suited For

The Usha IC 3616 Induction Cooktop is a decent option for newbies, bachelors, paying guests, and small families. Whether it is boiling water for a cup of green tea or instant noodles or something as intricate as ‘baking’ a cake using the traditional method (salt as the base), this induction cooktop ranges from 120 to 1600 watts and can be used for as long as 3 hours in a go. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Usha cook joy IC induction cooktop 3616 

1. Is the Usha IC 3616 induction cooktop easy to use?

Yes, with the five preset programs and the manual option, this is an easy-to-use kitchen appliance. 

2. Which material is the Usha IC 3616 induction cooktop made of?

Usha IC 3616 Induction cooktop is made of copper. 

3. What is the price of the Usha IC 3616 induction cooktop? 

The price varies from seller to seller. We purchased it for INR 

4. What are the interesting features of this induction cooktop?

The pan sensor, preset menus customized for Indian cuisines, the lightweight design, and structure are some features of the Usha Induction Cooktop we liked. 

5. What are the other alternatives of the Usha IC 3616 induction cooktop? 

If you are looking for an induction cooktop with more pre-set programs and added temperature settings, the induction Cooktop by Amazon could be considered.

6. How much weight does this Usha induction cooktop can bear?

On average, it is recommended to not place more than 50 lb of weight on the induction cooktop, be it a glass surface or ceramic. 

Final Words

This was our review of the Usha Induction cooktop. Over these past weeks, we tried a variety of everyday Indian dishes like dal, fried chicken, fried potatoes, chapati, and parathas. 

Safe to say, we have no complaints about this noise-free kitchen appliance. 

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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