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panasonic SR-G06 automatic cooker review

Panasonic SR-G06 Automatic Cooker : Compact & Convenient

Panasonic Automatic Cooker for quick, convenient, and hassle-free meal preps!

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Convenient and complete! We liked the Panasonic automatic cooker for how beginner-friendly it is and the set of accessories it comes with.

Kitchen appliances have evolved from fad to fab over the years. Home cooks to pro chefs, it’s not uncommon to fall in love with an appliance when you discover how time and energy-saving they are. 

Automatic cookers are an underrated kitchen appliance, especially in Indian kitchens. All you need to do is select a program/adjust the timer and walk away, instead of fiddling with stove knobs. And when it comes to home and kitchen appliances, Panasonic is one of the most efficient brands that comes to mind.

Since we are always on the hunt for products that add convenience, we purchased an automatic cooker by Panasonic. Our Panasonic SR-G06 automatic cooker review covers everything you need to know, from what we cooked in it to how well it delivers on the claims. Is this a modern kitchen must-have?

Panasonic SR-G06 Automatic Cooker – Everything You Need To Know

panasonic sr 06 automatic cooker
This steamer has a vibrant pink-colored unit.

Panasonic SR-G06 automatic cooker is essentially a compact baby cooker, ideal for cooking small portions. 

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1. Packaging

This automatic cooker is secretly packed in a sturdy carton. Inside the carton, there’s an instruction manual and a warranty card. 

The steaming bowl and lid are separately packed in plastic sheets. A measuring cup (180 ml) and serving spoon come with the automatic cooker. 

2. Usage Instructions

Following are certain instructions one must keep in mind when using the appliance-

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  • Ensure the power outlet where the steamer is plugged in isn’t loose.
  • Add only leveled cups of rice, make sure they are not heaped.
  • Do ensure the pan surface is dry when fit in the cast heater.
  • Make sure the pan fits perfectly in the main unit and the lid is shut firmly.
  • Press the switch (orange indicator). This will not work unless the lid and pan are firmly attached.
  • As the rice cooks, the switch moves upwards.
  • Once done, leave the lid shut for around 15 minutes. 
  • Always unplug the appliance when not in use. 

3. Body Material

Lid- Stainless steel

Bowl/Pan- Anodized aluminum

Steaming Basket- Polycarbonate

Spoon- Plastic

Main Unit (Cooker)- Metal

4. Capacity

This automatic cooker has a 0.6 L capacity. In terms of cooked rice, the capacity is 0.3 L.

5. Ease Of Cleaning

For the accessories, it is recommended to use non-abrasive, non-metal cleaners. A soft sponge/cloth with a mild dishwashing detergent works best.

For the main unit (cast heater) it is essential to unplug and let the appliance cool down. Once cooled, you can wipe the surface with a well-wrung cloth or dry cloth (as needed).

6. Wattage

Panasonic automatic cooker draws a power of 300 watts. 

7. Available Colours

For our review, we ordered the metallic pink variant. There’s also a metallic blue available for this appliance. 

8. Warranty Information

Warranty is typically seller-subjective. We purchased our cooker via Amazon with a one-year warranty. 

9. Price

Panasonic SR-G06 automatic cooker price is Rs 2525/-.

10. Durability

The durability of any electric appliance largely depends on its usage and maintenance. The user manual mentions certain dos and don’ts that must be followed. For instance-

  • Adding appropriate quantities
  • Ensuring the pan is set inside the cooker
  • Letting the appliance cool before washing it

Panasonic SR-G06 Automatic Cooker – Detailed Review

Panasonic Automatic Cooker Product Details
Price Rs 2525
Wattage 300 watts
Body Material Metal
Dimensions 22.5 x 22.2 x 21.8 cm
Item Weight 2500 grams
Available Colors
  • Metallic Pink
  • Metallic Blue
panasonic automatic cooker heating plate
This is how the heating plate looks.
panasonic automatic cooker steaming basket
The steaming basket has a dual handle.
panasonic automatic cooker lid measuring cup and container
Here are all the accessories that come in the set.

Panasonic automatic cooker comes with a pan/bowl, a steaming basket, a serving spoon, a lid, a measuring cup, and a lid. All parts are easily removable, which in turn ensures effortless cleaning. 

We’ve used this appliance as both- an automatic cooker and a steamer for over six weeks in our test kitchen at Mishry HQ. 

Our initial test included cooking potatoes with rice. For this test, we steamed whole potatoes and rice. While the rice was cooked to perfection, the potatoes had only parboiled. At this stage, the potatoes could either be used for oven roasting stuffed potatoes or baking them. To simply put it, the potatoes need to be cooked further. 

Next, we steamed some veggies. For this test, we chopped a large potato into cubes with a handful of beans. To steam, we filled the container upto 50% capacity with water. 

These veggies took around 15 minutes and they were steamed quite well. 

The third test included steaming rice alone, without any vegetables. This time, we pre-soaked the rice for almost 30 minutes before adding them to the steamer. In almost 20 minutes, we had perfectly softened, fluffy rice. Similarly, we tried steaming rice with veggies like beans and carrots. Like we did previously, the rice had been pre-soaked for this test too. The results were very similar to the previous test. 

Finally, we steamed some momos for our Best Frozen Momos review. The momos steamed to perfection in the mentioned time frame (as specified on the packs).

Overall, this is a well-functioning kitchen appliance but unlike other electric rice cookers, this did not have a ‘keep warm’ option. All in all, this is an efficient appliance that is ideal for small-medium quantities or for a maximum of two people.

chopped potato and beans in steaming basket
We steamed some chopped veggies.
chopped beans and carrots in steaming basket
Another batch of chopped veggies in the steamer.
potatoes in steaming basket
The first test, steaming whole potatoes.
rice in panasonic automatic cooker
Rice was perfectly-cooked in around 15 minutes.


  • This automatic cooker has a 0.6 L capacity.
  • It is priced at Rs 2525.
  • Accessories like a steaming basket, pan, spoon, and measuring cup are included.
  • This weighs a little over 2 kg. 


  • Simple usage instructions. No complicated features. 
  • Ideal for small meals. 
  • Cleaning and maintenance is easy.
  • Quick-cooking/steaming time (15-20 minutes)
  • This is a compact appliance. 
  • Good quality, sturdy accessories.
  • The cord is long enough.


  • This does not have a keep-warm option like most related appliances do. 

Best Suited For

This easy-to-use kitchen appliance is ideal for a variety of dishes. From fibrous veggies to carb-rich rice bowls, this automatic cooker is best suited for preparing meals for single servings at home or while traveling. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Panasonic SR-G06 automatic cooker.

1. Can this cooker be used to make khichdi?

Khichdi has a higher water content than rice. It is best to bring out a regular pot to prepare khichdi. 

2. Can this cooker be used to boil eggs?

Yes, you can place the eggs in the steaming basket. Ensure the pot is filled with water halfway.  

3. Is this cooker dishwasher safe?

No, the main unit must not be cleaned in a dishwasher. It is recommended to clean the cast heater using a dry or well-wrung cloth. For the steaming basket, a mild detergent and water get the job done. 

4. Is the cord wire of the Panasonic SR-GO6 automatic cooker too small?

No, it is of adequate length to ensure comfortable cooking across a regular kitchen counter. 

5. Is this automatic cooker suitable for bachelors and college students?

Yes, definitely. It is a compact appliance. If you want to avoid eating mess/canteen food on a daily basis, this automatic cooker is a good option to prop up on your table top and cook a batch of rice and steam veggies.

6. How to use Panasonic SR-GO6 automatic cooker effectively?

Not overloading the pot, letting the appliance cool down before washing it are some guidelines you must follow. The instruction manual has some more detailed instructions. 

Final Words

panasonic sr 06 automatic cooker review
Here’s how it looks when in operation.

Automatic cookers are known for the ease and overall convenience they add to everyday meals. The Panasonic SR-G06 automatic cooker is exactly that! It is fairly easy to use and offers a decent capacity. 

That said, we wish this came with a ‘keep warm’ option. 

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