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best chakla belan sets

Best Chakla Belan Sets in India: For Making The Perfect Round Shape (Feb 2024)

For smooth and hassle-free rolling of rotis, investing in a good-quality chakla belan set is a must. Here’s our list of the best chakla belan sets to buy online.

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Roti is a staple Indian food that is made regularly in every Indian household. For this preparing rotis, a chakla belan set offers a high level of convenience. It is one of the most essential kitchen cooking tools that is required for the easy rolling of rotis or chapatis.

Both the chakla and belan play an important role in giving the desired round shape to your rotis. It is almost impossible to roll a roti without the use of the right chakla belan

You will come across several brands offering chakla belan sets online and get confused about which chakla belan is best. With the different brands available, we are here to guide you through the best chakla belan for kitchen. In our article, the best chakla belan sets, we will help you find the appropriate choice.

Top Three Chakla Belans

Single piece Marble Chakla – Sameer Sales Chakla Belan

Mirror Finish and Stable Base – Jaipur Ace Indian White Marble Chakla Belan

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Italian White Marble Chakla – Vinayak Crafters white Chakla Belan

Summary Table: Top 6 Chakla Belan Brands in India

Brands Amazon Rating  Buy Now
Jaipur Ace Indian White Marble with Chakla Belan 4.3 Add to Cart
Vinayak Crafters white Chakla Belan 4.4 Add to Cart
Sameer Sales Chakla Belan 4.5 Add to Cart
Mamta Creations Chakla Belan 4 Add to Cart
Handy Creation Chakla with Wooden Belan 3.7 Add to Cart
Tulika Collections Wooden Chakla Belan  3.8 Add to Cart

Best Chakla Belan Brands In India

1. Jaipur Ace Indian White Marble Chakla with Belan

Jaipur ace chakla belan

This chakla from Jaipur Ace has a mirror finish and is made using white Makrana marble. It features a stable base that makes the process of rolling rotis easy and hassle free. Along with this, it comes with the best belan for roti, as it ensures proper pressure over the dough.

You can conveniently wash this chakla in a dishwasher since it is dishwasher friendly.   

Product Features

  • It is handmade by skilled artisans.
  • This set is easy to maintain.
  • It enables mess-free rolling of rotis or chapatis thereby keeping your kitchen counter surface clean.

2. SAMEER SALES Chakla Belan

Sameer Sales marble chakla belan

This chakla belan is carved from a single piece of white marble rock. It features a ring base that provides more stability and enables easy use of the chakla

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The process of cleaning and maintaining this chakla belan is hassle free and requires minimum effort. 

Product Features

  • It features an anti-skid base.
  • It is safe to wash in a dishwasher.
  • This set features a stable base.


mamta creations chakla belan

This attractive looking green color chakla from Mamta Creations features a size of 9 inches. It is dishwasher friendly and does not absorb any food odors or stains. 

You can use this belan for easy rolling of pie crusts, pastry shells, and pizza dough. 

Product Features

  • It features a stunning looking green color.
  • This chakla belan set is a multipurpose product.
  • It is a long-lasting product.

4. Handy Creation chakla with Wooden belan

Handy Creation green chakla belan

This chakla features an anti-skid heavy base that makes the product comfortable and easy to use. It is a highly durable product that will last you through years of usage.

No need to wreck your head washing this set since it is easy to clean. It features a size of 10 inches.   

Product Features

  • This chakla belan set is handmade by skilled artisans.
  • It features an elegant looking marble design.
  • It provides high stability when in use.

5. Tulika Collections Wooden Chakla Belan

Tulika Collections wooden chakla belan

It is a combo set of 12 inch belan and 9 inch chakla. The wooden finish on this set looks highly elegant. This handcrafted product will allow easy rolling of rotis with minimum effort.

The design of the belan provides a secure and comfortable grip which you can consider as the best belan for roti. For adequate care of the product, it is best to clean it with a dry cloth. 

Product Features

  • It features a moisture resistant hardwood.
  • The belan is easy to hold and provides a secure grip.
  • It comes in an authentic design that is beautifully handcrafted.

6. VINAYAK CRAFTERS White Chakla-Belan

Vinayak Crafts white chakla belan

The chakla included in this set features a size of 9 inch. It is made using marble whereas the belan features a wooden material. It is an Italian white marble roti that is handmade. 

The belan made using moisture-resistant hardwood is highly durable and will last you through years of usage. 

Product Features

  • This chakla features a perfectly finished base.
  • The belan is comfortable to hold.
  • It is a durable product.

Top 6 Chakla Belan Sets For Smooth Rolling Of Rotis

Brand Name  Vinayak Crafters Jaipur Ace Sameer Sales Mamta Creations Handy Creation Tulika Collections
Available Sizes  Standard,9 inch, 9.5 inch, 10 inch 10 inch 10 inch 9 inch 9 inch, 10 inch 9 inch
Body Material Chakla: Marble, Belan: Wood Chakla: Marble, Belan: Wood Chakla: Marble, Belan: Wood Chakla: Marble, Belan: Wood Chakla: Marble, Belan: Wood Chakla, Belan: Wooden
Color  White, brown  White, brown  White, brown Green, cream Green, cream  Brown 
Price  INR 1099 INR 999 INR 1149 INR 999 INR 699 INR 600


From green chakla belan set to white color, we have listed the best brands below. We have explained details about every brand and also included points on why we recommend the product for buying.

Chakla Belan Sets – Everything You Need To Know

You must be wondering which chakla belan is best for daily purposes. Well, for buying the right chakla belan set, there are several factors that play a crucial role. In this section, we have covered everything you need to know while purchasing any chakla belan set. From the packaging to the price range let us see each of these in detail : 

1. Packaging

This factor looks at how well a chakla belan set is packed. Proper packaging will ensure that the chakla and belan do not get destroyed during transit or witness any damage. Are the chakla and belan individually packed? Is the packaging properly sealed? 

2. Available Sizes

Chakla belan sets come in different sizes. The choice of the perfect one will depend upon individual preferences. Some of the available sizes in belan include – 9 inch to 15 inch. The different sizes available in chakla ranges from  9 inch to 12 inches. 

3. Body Material

This aspect is another crucial point to be considered while you decide to purchase any chakla belan set. People often get confused between choosing marble chakla vs wooden chakla. However, it is available in different materials that include – marble, wood, granite, and glass. Here are a few details about each material : 

Marble : One of the most common materials preferred while buying any chakla belan set. 

Wood : If you are a beginner in using chakla belan, investing in a wooden chakla belan is a must.  It is sturdy, light in weight and easy to handle. 

Granite : This material has a stunning look and features a smooth surface. 

Glass : Glass is another stunning looking material. The glass used in chakla belan is similar to the one used for a glass-covered stovetop. 

Every material comes with its own pros and cons. So carefully examine this factor and then buy the appropriate choice.  

4. Price Range

The price of any chakla belan set will depend upon the size that you choose. The price range for any chakla belan set is anywhere between 600 to 1200. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Chakla Belan Sets

1. Can these Belans be easily used on marble Chaklas?

Yes, these belans can be easily used on marble chaklas.

2. Are these Belans dishwashers safe?

Yes, the belans offered by Jaipur Ace, Sameer Sales, Mamta Creations and Handy Creation are dishwasher safe. 

3. Can these Belans be used as vegetable choppers?

No, the belans do not work as vegetable choppers. 

4. Which material is the best for chakla belan?

Among the different materials, marble chakla is the best one to opt for. When it comes to belan, wooden belans are the best choice to purchase. 

5. Are these Belans made of plywood or hardwood?

The belans included with the above mentioned chaklas are made of hardwood.

Final Words

No kitchen seems complete without the inclusion of a good-quality and durable chakla belan set. It seems nearly difficult to get that perfect round roti with smooth edges with bare hands. Since we prepare rotis on an everyday basis, it is essential to keep a chakla belan set handy. 

This list included the best chakla belan for kitchen. Among which, our top picks are Sameer Sales Chakla Belan, Jaipur Ace Indian White Marble Chakla Belan and Vinayak Crafters white Chakla Belan.

Which is your preferred material while buying a chakla belan set? Also, let us know which brand you would prefer buying from the above list in the comments below.

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