Heading To Pizza Hut? Here’s What You Should Order Best Items At Pizza Hut
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Heading To Pizza Hut? Here’s What You Should Order

In awe of the Pizza Hut secret menu? Presenting the Pizza Hut items list you must order on your next visit.

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Craving an indulgent pizza? Or something lighter, like a plate of momos, perhaps? A decadent lava cake? A fusion of cocktails? You can find endless varieties of the same in this Pizza Hut items list.

From mains to snacks and sides, beverages with a twist, kid-friendly meals, discounted deals, here is what Mishry recommends you to try from the Pizza Hut Secret menu.

PS- the best pizza to eat in Pizza Hut is…

Keep reading to reveal. 

1. Vegetarian Pizzas

Double Paneer Supreme

The Double Paneer Supreme is a paneer lover’s delight. The paneer cubes are spiced, and other toppings include herbed onions and cubed green capsicum. There’s also a spice-loaded red Paprika sauce, and all elements come together with mozzarella cheese. This is easily the best pizza to eat in Pizza Hut. 

Double Cheese

Think this is just for kids? Not at all! Pizza Hut’s Double Cheese Pizza is perfect for those indulgent weekends, treat days, when you’re in the mood for something EXTRA. This extra cheese pizza has a cheese overdose as the topping and the base is a herb-infused sauce. 


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2. Non Vegetarian Pizzas

Cheesy Momo Mia Pizza

This was a revolutionary moment for pizza and momo lovers. Their two favs were presented as Pizza Hut’s Cheesy Momo Mia Pizza. There’s scrumptious, juicy, chicken-filled momos on each slice with a cheesy dressing. The pizza base has some veggies, a spicy schezwan sauce, and mozzarella cheese. The Masala Lemonade would go beautifully with this. 

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Tandoori Tikka and Onion

This pizza is an amalgamation of the best aspects of each ingredient. The juicy, chewy chicken cubes, marinated in a flavorful tikka and tandoori sauce, crunchy caramalised onions, and a heavenly chessy dressing. We promise you can’t stop at just a slice. 

PS- pair this with Pizza Hut’s Jamuntini for the meal of a lifetime. 

Classic Loaded Chicken Delight

Pizza Hut’s classic pan sauce is used as base. For toppings, the Classic Loaded Chicken Delight comprises herbed chicken, juicy sausages that are flavored, with tangy tomatoes- all drowned in a cheesy dressing. Those following a non-vegetarian diet, this is the best pizza flavor in Pizza Hut for you. 

Sides You Cannot Say No To

1. Mexican Garlic Breadstix

Adding a Mexican twist to the classic garlic bread, Pizza Hut launched its range of Breadstix that are freshly baked, San Fransisco style. These crisp sticks are then topped with onion, green capscium, red capsicum, jalapenos, black olives, and a generous drizzle of olive oil. 

There’s also a plain and creamy variant. 


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2. So Cheesy Baked Momos

If you’d like to relish Pizza Hut’s momos without the pizza crust and other sauces, here are the cheesy momos, baked!

The momos are filled with creamy veggies, boiled corn kernels, and oozy cheese. These are baked, not fried in a spicy schezwan sauce and a cheesy dressing, fairly similar to the pizza. 

This is ideal for days when you have a smaller appetite. 


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3. Zesty Pocket

Inside a crisp, flaky, freshly baked pocked, flavorful paneer cubes and veggies sauteed in smoked Texas garlic sauce are packed, presenting a burst of flavors and textures in each bite. Just one word for this- WHOLESOME.

4. Spicy Baked Chicken Wings

Your search for a protein-rich AND delicious snack ends here. Pizza Hut’s Baked Chicken Wings would prove to be an unforgettable experience to your taste buds. These are rich, juicy, soft, but have a mildly crisp crust. And the spice kick- beware.

5. Spiced Tomato Twist Veg Pasta

One of the Pizza Hut secret menu items- the Spiced Tomato Twist Veg Pasta is prepared with a tangy red sauce and fresh herbs. This cheese-loaded pasta is then topped with onion, green and red capsicum. Truly a delight in every bite. 


1. Choco Volcano Cake

A collective favorite from the Pizza Hut items list is their choco volcano cake. An oozy chocolate volcano breaks out right as you grab a spoonful of the soft, spongy, warm chocolate cake. 


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2. Masala Pepsi

Your classic Pepsi takes a masaledar twist at Pizza Hut. A perfect balance of sweet and citrusy flavors in this beverage are enhanced with the addition of Pizza Hut’s secret masala. 


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3. Masala Miranda

Miranda gets a new avatar at Pizza Hut. The orange-flavored carbonated beverage is spiced up with Pizza Hut masala that takes the sipping experience to another level.

4. Jamuntini

Chilled jamun juice blended with herbs and a big squeeze of lemon juice- sounds heavenly, no?

You can relish this at Pizza Hut with a Momo Mia pizza or a basket of breadstix. 

Deals You CANNOT Miss

Who doesn’t love discounts? Here is the most budget-friendly Pizza Hut items list. 

You can save over 45% with the Super Value Deal. It consists of two personal pizzas with which a beverage is added, free of charge. This is priced at Rs 299/-

For Rs 799/-, you can avail two medium pizzas, two variants of breadstix, and two beverages.

A personal meal priced at Rs 239/- contains one personal pizza, two pieces of plain garlic bread and a beverage. You can swap the pizza for a serving of pasta too. 

The Kids Treat meal priced at Rs 149/- contains one margherita personal pan pizza and a choco sundae cup, ideal for little ones. 


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That’s a wrap on the best items at Pizza Hut. We’ve included some of our top recommendations from each category in its menu, veg and non-veg. Hope this list gets you a soul-satiating meal. 

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