Hidden Gems at Domino’s- Here’s What You Can Order At This Pizza Chain
dominos hidden gems

Hidden Gems at Domino’s- Here’s What You Can Order At This Pizza Chain

From pizzas to sides, beverages to desserts, here’s the recipe to a satiating meal at Domino’s.

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One of the first pizza franchises in India- Domino’s is loved across age groups for the variety of pizza and side dishes it offers.  From single-topping pizzas priced at Rs 49/- or one that’s LOADED like the Meat Lover’s or Chicken Dominator, Domino’s has revamped their menu, and brought in tons of novelty. 

Here’s what Mishry recommends you try. 

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What To Order At Domino’s?

1. Vegetarian Pizza

From the Vegetarian Pizza menu, we recommend trying the grand 4-cheese pizza, the Moroccan Spice Pasta Pizza, and the Paneer Makhani. 

The 4-cheese pizza is prepared with a blend of mozzarella, orange cheddar, ghost-flavored, and creamy cheese with a fresh tomato sauce. The spice kick in this is subtle but lingering. 

Moroccan Spice Pasta is topped with instant fusilli pasta and Harissa sauce. The toppings include mushrooms, olives, onions, parsley, but can be customized. This Italian-Moroccan fusion is a must-try.

Paneer Makhani is a rather simple preparation which consists of marinated paneer and capsicum over a spicy blend of tomato sauce.


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2. Non-Veg Pizzas

Chicken Dominator is prepared with succulent meats that are cooked to perfection while striking a balance between juicy and chewy textures. There’s peppery barbeque, peri-peri, and chicken tikka flavor profiles. 

Keema Do Pyaaza brings the flavors and textures of meat and veggies in one. This has minced meat which is spiced with crunchy onion slices. The two components are infused with cheese to tie the flavors together.

Chicken Pepperoni is a classic with perfectly sliced pepperoni that lends a juicy, tender taste to the pizza slices. You can customise the toppings and crust or relish it as is.

3. Which Crust Is Meant For You?

Did you know that you can choose your crust at Domino’s? They give not one, not two, but FIVE options to choose from.

  • Cheese Burst as the name suggests, this crust adds an overdose of cheese. Each bite is filled with oodles of liquid cheese. Meant for hardcore cheese lovers.
  • Classic Hand Tossed is when the crust is manually stretched and has a crisp outer with a softer inside.
  • Wheat Thin Crust is the lighter, healthier, lower calorie version to turn your cheat meal to a treat meal. The crisp crust is a crowd favorite!
  • Fresh Pan Pizza is baked in a pan which gives the pizza a buttery, slightly crispy bite. 
  • New Hand Tossed is hand-stretched, giving the pizza base that extra fluffy bite. 

4. Play Around With Toppings

Veg black olives, capsicum, paneer, mushroom, golden corn, tomato, jalapeno, red pepper, babycorn are some options you can customize your pizza with. 

Cheese mozzarella, pecorino, parmesan, and asiago are the top cheese varieties used by Dominos. 

5. What’s New?

Paratha Pizza was introduced when Dominos wanted to cater to those who believe home food is the best. Bringing the best of both worlds, Dominos’ Paratha Pizza uses paratha as the base, topped with corn, cheese, chicken keema, and more. 

The Pasta Pizza is one of the best pizza to order at Dominos for the younger audiences. It beautifully brings the best of the two components in each bite. Pasta is cooked in the same sauce as the base with a generous addition of cheese. When baked, the resultant textures are creamy, chewy, and truly delicious.

6. The Side Hustle

Garlic Bread

There are four variants- regular, stuffed, chicken pepperoni, and paneer tikka. Each comes with a dip and can be paired with a pizza for a wholesome meal or a beverage and consumed as a snack. 


A dreamy combination of creamy pasta and veggies, Domino’s has moroccan spice pasta (similar to their pizza), tikka masala pasta, and the creamy tomato pasta. All variants use instant fusilli pasta, creamy dressing, and a generous sprinkle of parsley. 

We suggest give the cheese and tomato pasta a rest and try this instead.

7. Desserts

The Choco Lava Cake isn’t one of Domino’s new menu items, its a timeless favorite. The warm chocolate sponge cake contains a gooey, drool-worthy lava filling that won’t just satiate your tastebuds, but also your soul.

There was a time in the mid 2010’s where Domino’s had introduced their dessert pizza which was to-die for. The pie-like thin crust topped with coconut shreds, flavors of cinnamon and a few other sweet additions. Surprisingly the sweetness wasn’t overwhelming. If you can still find it somewhere, do give it a try!

8. Domino’s International

The Bacon Groovy is a collective favorite. Topped with crispy bacon, BBQ sauce, chicken, crispy onions, and mozzarella cheese, you can add toppings like pineapple, mushrooms, olive oil, kebab, honey, caramelised onions, and a lot more. 

There’s a wide range of desserts and ice cream too. You can choose from Banana Calzone, Banana Chocolate Calzone, Chocolate Bread, and a Chocolate Lava cake. 

In USA, they have a wide variety of exciting sandwiches, breakfast pizzas, sides and desserts.

If our list of recommendations inspired you to head to Domino’s, share with us what you ordered, and how fun the experience was.

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