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Hidden Gems At McDonalds India – What Can You Order?

Here’s a foolproof way to have a ‘Happy Meal’ at McDonald’s. Check this list for more.

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From birthday celebrations to quick snacks between classes to ‘treat’ day indulgences- McDonald’s has been a truly  indispensable part of each phase of our lives. 

From the classic McAloo and McSpicy to Spicy Wraps and Rice Bowls, we’ve seen the McDonald’s menu evolve with some limited edition items that deserved a permanent spot on the menu. Mishry’s list of Hidden Gems at McDonald’s mentions certain must-try items you CANNOT afford missing out on. 


1. Butter Chicken and Butter Paneer Burgers

Curated specifically for North and East India, McDonald’s India launched limited edition Butter Chicken and Butter Paneer burgers. These burgers comprise a juicy grilled patty, loaded with a zingy makhani sauce and the standard veggies that are stacked between freshly toasted buns. The buns are sprinkled with black and white sesame seeds.


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2. Triple Cheese American Burger

From their Gourmet Burger collection, the Triple Cheese American Burgers (Veg and Chicken) are undeniably the best sellers. Available at multiple outlets in Mumbai, these are prepared with cheese-stuffed patties, jalapenos, lettuce, and some more cheese. What takes away the crown are the Piri Piri buns. These are priced between Rs 215-229/-


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3. Gourmet Burger Range (Spicy)

McDonald’s also offers a range of spice-heavy burgers for those who love a fiery kick with the OG McD patties. There is a Veg Piri Piri Spiced Burger, the McSpicy Premium Chicken burger, and the Jalapeno Rush Chicken burger.

What takes the spice a notch higher is that the burger buns are also spiced. Ready to take your taste buds for a ride?


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4. Cheesy Nuggets Veg Bites

Looking for a vegetarian accompaniment other than fries? McDonald’s new menu has Cheesy Nuggets Veg Bites. These look fairly similar to the classic chicken nuggets, but the stuffing makes them unique.

A blend of creamy, gooey cheese and chewy corn- these veg nuggets are served with a mustard dip.


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5. BTS Meal

Permission to dance or Butter, what made you fall for BTS? McDonald’s delighted its consumers when they launched the limited edition BTS meal. While the burgers, sides, and beverage remain unchanged, its the dips that were the game changer.

The BTS meal comes with sweet chilly and cajun dips that enhance the entire meal.


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1. Cold Coffee

A true timeless combination- McDonald’s Cold Coffee that they serve with whipped cream. This is a blend of their signature espresso, some soft serve, and the whipped cream. Soothes all cravings, one sip at a time. 


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2. Green Apple Chiller

The Green Apple Chiller, in essence, is a flavored iced tea. Green apple flavored syrup is mixed into a blend of aromatic teas. 


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1. Brownie and Hot Fudge

Hands-down one of the best items in the McDonald’s India menu is the Brownie and Hot Fudge. Something cold, something warm, something gooey, something nutty, this is a rollercoaster for the tastebuds. 

2. KitKat and Black Forest McFlurry

After the success of the Oreo McFlurry, McDonalds’ launched three other variants. There was a Banana Caramel McFlurry launched as a special edition for the Minions movie. However, the KitKat and Black Forest McFlurry are going to be on the menu for long. The Black Forest McFlurry is a blend of chocolate and strawberry bits in vanilla soft serve. 


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Have You Tried These?

Fin! That’s all Mishry recommends from the new McDonald’s menu.

Have a recommendation that we missed out? Comment down below.

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