Nuts For Snack-A-Doodle Peanut Butter Makhana Pops Snack-A-Doodle Peanut Butter Makhana Pops Review - Mishry (2023)
peanut butter makhana pops review snack a doodle

Nuts For Snack-A-Doodle Peanut Butter Makhana Pops (2024)

Can packaged snacks ever be healthy? Clean? If you answered no, Snack-a-doodle Peanut Butter Makhana Pops are here to alter your opinion.

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5


Snack-A-Doodle Peanut Butter Makhana pops pack in toothsome flavors that will have you going back for seconds. These are light, crunchy, and the clean ingredient list is a bonus.

High volume but low calories make foxnuts or makhane a gym bro’s favorite snack. Additionally, this plant-derived seed (yes, seed) is often used in sweet and savory preparations like kheer and curries.

It’s not uncommon to munch on these as a tea-time snack, several brands offer pre-roasted, flavored makhane. Some popular flavors include peri peri, cheese and masala, but not many brands have experimented with a sweeter version. In our Snack-a-doodle Peanut Butter Makhana pops review we talk about this off-beat flavored snack.

Do the flavors work? Details down below.

Here is all crucial information you need to know.

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Snack-A-Doodle Peanut Butter Makhana Pops Product Details
Price Rs 70/-
Net Quantity 180 grams
Main Ingredients
  • Foxnuts
  • Olive oil
  • Ground peanuts
Mishry Rating 4.3
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Our Review Factors

How did we produce a fair review of Snack-a-doodle Peanut Butter Makhana pops?

We took into account its flavor, the texture, overall freshness, the quality of ingredients, and the nutrition quotient. 

More details on what we were looking for explained in this section.

1. Taste

Fox nuts and peanut butter- does this combination work? Did the makhane taste fresh? What about the balance of sweet and salty flavors?

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Peanuts, a fat-dense ingredient, have the tendency to taste stale when they go bad. How was our experience with this snack?

2. Texture

Snacks are savoured when they have a light, crunchy bite. Roasted makhane have a mild crunch which enhances as they cool down. 

What about salt and sugar? Are they grainy or a fine powder? How well does the PB coat the makhanas?

Taste and texture are both indicators of freshness.

3. Nutrition Quotient 

Makhane makes for a nutrient-dense snack. Does Snack-a-doodle’s flavoring change these values? Are the macronutrients balanced?

What about the quality of ingredients used?

Have real peanuts been used or is it added flavor?

4.  Other Parameters 

The price, packaging, and shelf life have been discussed under this parameter.

Snack-A-Doodle Peanut Butter Makhana Pops – Detailed Review

Price + Packaging

A 180-gram pack is priced at Rs 70/-. It has a shelf life of six months. This comes in a resealable pouch-like pack with an attractive yellow graphic. This holds 2.5 servings.

Main Ingredients

Fox nuts, olive oil, ground peanuts, jaggery, salt are all the ingredients that go in the making.

As we see, this is a supremely clean ingredient list with no additives, preservatives, or artificial nasties. 

Per 28-gram serving, this offers 136.1 Kcal which is divided as 19 grams of carbohydrates (of which 2.5 grams is sugar), 2.6 grams of protein, 5.4 grams of fat.

It’s not just the macronutrient profile but also the mineral density. Foxnuts are natural sources of calcium, iron, and magnesium. 

Comparing this to 28-grams of roasted, unflavored makhane, the values are 106 Kcal, 23 grams of carbohydrates and 3 grams of protein with 5.2 grams of fiber.

The values are fairly similar, thumbs up for this.

snackadoodle packaging
One pack holds 2.5 servings.

Aroma + Appearance

The makhane have an off-white appearance as they naturally do. There is a thin, light yellow-colored coating of peanut butter. There were no rancid or displeasing aromas.

Taste + Texture

The natural texture of foxnuts is retained. They feel light and have a mild crunch. 

As for the peanut butter flavor, this worked surprisingly well. The natural sweetness of peanuts was mild but balanced. Even the innate saltiness of peanut butter was tasted. YUM! All-in-all, the flavor worked quite well and was fresh.

snackadoodle appearance
With the natural color of makhane, these had a light golden coating of jaggery.
Taste- 4/5
Texture- 4.5/5
Nutrition- 4.5/5
  • Nutritious ingredients
  • Good distribution of macronutrients
  • Light crunch
  • PB flavor is AMAZING
  • Pricing may seem steep 

For mums looking to make snack time convenient and fuss-free, and for PB lovers- these makhana pops are for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Snack-A-Doodle Peanut Butter Makhana Pops.

Makhana is a high volume food. It means you can eat a large quantity without loading up on calories. So yes, this is a diet-friendly snack.

Yes, you can snack on this daily. Best to be mindful of the quantity.

No, these are devoid of preservatives.

No, these do not contain any additives.

No, foxnuts are high in fiber which makes them easy to digest.

Our Verdict

Snack-a-doodle Peanut Butter pops are a surprisingly delicious snack. Clean ingredients, decent macros, and a lip-smacking flavor, there’s nothing to dislike about these flavored foxnuts.

Ghee-roasted or loaded with spices, how do you enjoy makhanas?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.


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