Nutndiet Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Review: Indulge in Versatility of Coconut
nutndiet organic virgin coconut oil review

Nutndiet Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Review: Indulge in Versatility of Coconut

Devoid of chemicals, preservatives, and artificial colors and flavors, Nutndiet Organic Coconut oil showcases a fresh, warm, tropical aroma and taste.

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Delicate taste and bold aroma, Nutndiet’s organic coconut oil is fresh! It is cold-pressed in a GMP-certified facility.

When it comes to bringing our A-game in terms of nutrition, oils are often overlooked. As significant as protein, if not more, oils are primarily a source of fat. But that’s not it. From sauteeing to grilling, even baking, oils play a vital role in the taste and texture of the final dish. 

Each type of oil used in the kitchen renders a distinct flavor laced with a unique aroma. While certain oils are best suited for low to medium cooking temperatures, coconut oil is a good choice for heavy grilling, deep-frying, etc. A staple in homes of southern India, coconut oil is quickly becoming one of the more popular variants. Extracted from coconut meat and milk, this oil beautifully complements dishes made with curry leaves, mustard seeds, dried chilies. 

Nutndiet is a Bangalore-based company that specializes in everything nuts. From coconut oils to coconut flour, the brand also offers cashews, walnuts, honey, among other products. We reviewed the cold-pressed organic coconut oil recently in our review kitchen. In this Nutndiet Organic coconut oil review, everything from aroma to taste and consistency is analyzed. 

From coconut curry to coconut ladoos, coconut oil is also widely used for hair care, moisturizing, and oil pulling.

Everything you need to know about Nutndiet pure cold-pressed coconut oil has been discussed in this section. 

1. Packaging

The PET bottle comes packed in a carton. We like the plain label where certifications are mentioned. The packaging is not screaming to impress and gives the feeling of a handmade, crafts village product. We are not complaining! 

The nutritional label, however, is quite difficult to read due to the size of the lettering. 

2. Manufacturing Process

Unrefined coconut oil is extracted from freshly harvested coconuts that are organically grown. Oil is then taken out by following the cold pressing extraction method. 

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3.  Certification of Authenticity

This coconut oil is certified organic by NPOP.

4. Available Sizes

The available sizes for Nutndiet’s organic coconut oil are-

  • 50 ml
  • 200 ml
  • 500 ml
  • 950 ml
  • 1000 ml

5. Uses

For culinary and non-culinary purposes, this oil serves multiple purposes.

The suggested uses include-

  • Raw consumption
  • Drizzling over salads
  • Oil pulling (for oral hygiene)
  • Keto diet patterns
  • Nasal application
  • Cooking, baking, frying, and other daily meals
  • Baby massage, etc

6. Nutritional Information

Coconut oil is mainly fat. The breakdown of types of fats is mentioned as follows-

Per serving (2 tbsp/30 g)- 270 kcal, 29 g of fat (of which 26 g is saturated)

7. Storage Information

Coconut oil liquefies and solidifies multiple times. This is generally due to temperature changes. (We first noticed this with our coconut-based hair oil, remember?) You can store this oil in the pantry or in the refrigerator if you wish to keep it solid. 

8. Availability

We ordered the Nutndiet coconut oil for this review via Amazon and got the delivery in 36 hours. 

Nutndiet Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – Detailed Review

nutndiet organic virgin coconut oil bottle
Nutndiet's coconut oil has a simple label.
nutritional label of nutndiet virgin coconut oil
The nutritional label is quite difficult to read due to the size of lettering.
closer look at nutndiet organic virgin coconut oil
This colorless oil had no coconut bits or pieces.
color and consistency of nutndiet virgin coconut oil
This coconut oil has a fresh and warm aroma.

Here’s an in-depth review of Nutndiet organic coconut oil.


Parameters Nutndiet Organic Coconut oil
Price INR 400
Shelf Life 18 months from date of manufacture
Quantity 500 ml
Available Sizes
  • 50 ml
  • 200 ml
  • 500 ml
  • 950 ml
  • 1000 ml (can)


The taste of virgin coconut oils is far more intense as compared to their refined counterparts. However, this coconutty flavor varies from brand to brand. 

We tasted this coconut oil raw and prepared a bulletproof coffee with it. Raw, it had a fresh-tasting, delicate coconut flavor. The bulletproof coffee displayed a hint of the coconut taste.


  • This coconut oil is organic.
  • The cold pressing method of extraction has been used.
  • It has a shelf life of 18 months.
  • It is certified vegan and gluten-free.
  • This coconut oil is produced in a GMP-certified facility.
  • The 500 ml bottle is priced at Rs 400.
  • It has no argemone oil.


  • We liked the characteristic aroma of virgin coconut oil this has.
  • This aroma is fresh!
  • The taste is mild and natural.
  • The oil was clear; we found no coconut bits.
  • This is devoid of preservatives/added colors. 

Best Suited For

If you follow the Keto diet, this MCT oil could be considered. It doesn’t alter the taste drastically but provides all the goodness as this coconut oil is cold-pressed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on nutndiet organic coconut oil

1. Is nutndiet organic virgin coconut oil best in the market?

Yes, we think this is a very good quality coconut oil. 

2. Can I use this coconut oil for cooking and baking purposes?

Yes! Coconut oil is lighter than butter and would result in fluffier baked goods. In addition, you can use this oil for sauteing veggies, cooking rice, etc.

3. Are there any additives in this coconut oil?

No, this is virgin coconut oil without any added colors or preservatives. 

4. What is the expiry date of this product?

It has a shelf life of 18 months from the date of manufacture. 

Final Words

Typically, virgin coconut oil has an intense fragrance. This aroma is best described as a wave of tropical warmth. Did Nutndiet’s coconut oil feature this? Definitely! It has a fresh and warm aroma. Taste-wise, it is on the milder side, making it ideal for various uses from frying to baking, oil pulling, and massaging. 

Nutndiet’s virgin coconut oil is produced in a GMP-certified facility that follows all the recommended food safety practices. It contains no preservatives and added colors. This oil is also free of argemone oil. It is extracted following a no-heat process from freshly harvested coconuts that are organically grown. 

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