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murginns organic vegetable tofu review

Murginns Organic Vegetable Tofu Review – Alternative For A Healthy Lunch

Murginns Vegetable Tofu is fresh and filled with bursts of flavors. Read on below to find out our in-depth review.

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Our experience with Murginns Organic Vegetable Tofu was positive. The tofu is flavorful by itself due to the presence of ginger, green chillies and carrots. The texture of the tofu is firm, but it isn’t rubbery or hard. The texture of the tofu remained unchanged after cooking as well.

Tofu, also known as bean curd, has emerged to be a popular source of plant-based protein and is increasingly consumed by people in their daily diet. Tofu is extremely versatile and can be used as a base to create dishes. 

We recently reviewed Murginns Vegetable Tofu to check out its texture and flavor. For our review process, we ordered a 200 gm pack to know how fresh and soft the tofu is. 

Below we have covered multiple aspects related to Murginns Vegetable Tofu. Read our Murginns Organic Vegetable Tofu review to know if this product is something that we would go back for.

Murginns Organic Vegetable Tofu – Everything You Need To Know

Murginns Vegetable Tofu is rich in protein and has the perfect soft texture. What made us eager to try this tofu was the inclusion of vegetables, unlike a plain tofu variant. For our review, we have taken different parameters including- packaging, ingredients, texture, taste, price, shelf life, and nutritional information.  Scroll down to know more. 

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1. Available Variants

Murginns Vegetable Tofu is available in a 200 gm pack. 

2. Packaging

A 200-gm block of Murginns Vegetable Tofu comes in a blue color plastic pack. The pack contains different information on the front including the nutrition label, pricing, weight and ingredients. 

3. Ingredients 

The ingredients used here include – soyabean, coagulant (citric acid), carrot, ginger, coriander, green chilly and salt.

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4. Texture

When we opened the pack, we observed that the tofu had a pale white color and small pieces of carrots, ginger and chillies. It did not have a sticky texture nor did it feel like silken tofu. 

On cutting the pieces of tofu, we found that it was not crumbly and did not fall apart. We noticed that the texture was not rubbery or hard. There was no difficulty while cutting the tofu as it was not hard and had an ideal smooth texture. When cooking the tofu, the texture remains unaffected. It did not turn chewy and hard. 

5. Taste

When we tasted the Murginns Vegetable Tofu, the flavor of ginger is the most prominent. The fresh flavor of green chilly isn’t overpowering and you tend to enjoy the mild heat. We liked the fact it was not bland-tasting even when consumed as is. The fresh tasting carrot bits added a layer of crunchy texture to the tofu. 

Seasoned perfectly with salt, Murginns Organic Vegetable Tofu can be had raw and tossed up in your salads. You can also cook the tofu using your favorite sauces since it takes on the flavor of the sauce beautifully. 

6. Nutritional Information

The Murginns Organic Vegetable Tofu has 137 calories per 100gm. It contains a fat content of 5 gms per 100gm. The protein content per 100 gm is 15 gm. 

7. Price

The price of a 200 gm pack of Murginns Vegetable Tofu is Rs. 100/-

8. Shelf Life

Murginns Vegetable Tofu has a shelf life of 30 days from the date of manufacturing when stored in 2 to 4 degrees Celsius. 

On opening the pack, the shelf life gets limited to 36 hours. Make sure to consume the tofu within 36 hours. 

Murginns Organic Vegetable Tofu Review  – Detailed Review

In this section, we have covered more detailed and in-depth information gathered during our review process of Murginns Organic Tofu. Check out the other aspects below. 

Parameters Murginns Organic Vegetable Tofu
Price  Rs. 100 for 200 gm 
Ingredients Soya bean , Coagulant (citric acid), Carrot, Coriander, Ginger
Shelf Life 30 days from date of manufacturing 
Texture Raw – Firm. Neither hard nor too soft.

The texture did not turn chewy after cooking.

Flavor  Raw – Flavorful taste due to the presence of vegetables 

Post-Cooking – Absorbed the flavors of the sauce and tofu was well coated. 


For our Murginns Organic Vegetable Tofu review, we tried the tofu in two states – raw and cooked. We decided to prepare a stir-fry tofu dish with veggies. We took a mix of different veggies, including capsicum, blanched carrots, onions, and celery.

To flavor the stir-fry, we added Chings Schezwan Chutney. After adding the chutney, the tofu pieces were flavored perfectly with the chutney.

We did not notice any change in the texture of the tofu post-cooking. The tofu was not chewy. Murginns Organic Vegetable Tofu was soft and had a delectable taste.

murginns tofu in a plate
Murginns tofu placed on a plate after opening the pack.
closer look at murginns tofu
Murginns tofu included small pieces of carrots, ginger and chillies.
vegetables used in murginns tofu review
Ingredients for preparing tofu stir-fry using Murginns organic vegetable tofu.
murginns tofu cooking process
Murginns tofu mixed with the vegetables, sauces and placed for cooking.
cooked murginns tofu in a bowl
We prepared a simple stir-fry dish using Murginns organic vegetable tofu.
closer look at cooked murginns tofu
Final dish! The tofu retained the texture and was well coated with the sauce.


  • A 200-gm pack of Murginns Organic Vegetable Tofu costs Rs. 100/-.
  • It is free from preservatives.
  • 100 grams of this tofu provides 15 grams of protein. 
  • Shelf life – 30 days from date of manufacture.


  • You can either consume it raw or cook it using your favorite sauces. 
  • It contains a flavorful combination of ginger and green chillies.
  • The tofu has a spicy touch and crunchy texture. 
  • The sauce coats the tofu well on cooking and gets absorbed perfectly.  
  • It does not turn chewy or hard on cooking. 
  • The tofu is not crumbly.  
  • The tofu is firm.
  • It is organic.
  • The salt level is perfect. Along with the mild chilli kick it does not taste bland. 

Best Suited For

Murginns Organic Vegetable Tofu is ideal for people who wish to add a different variety of plant-based protein to their diet. If you like to consume raw tofu, this vegetable tofu will not disappoint you. Have it as a snack option or mix it with your millet noodles, this tofu will keep you asking for more.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Murginns vegetable tofu.

1. Is this tofu healthier than meat?

Despite meat being a complete protein, it is high in fats. Hence even though the protein content of tofu is less compared to that of meat, it is a healthier option. 

2. Is it okay to eat this organic tofu every day?

It is best to consume anything in moderation. Play with other forms of protein like chickpeas and lentils to create a balanced meal for yourself. 

3. Does this product need to be cooked?

There is no requirement to cook this tofu. You can consume this tofu in raw form as well. The addition of salt, green chillies, carrots and ginger enhance the flavor of the tofu. You can cook it as well, if you wish to. 

4. How long does Murginns organic tofu last after opening?

It is advised to consume the tofu within 36 hours after opening the pack. 

5. Is this tofu good for weight loss?

When it comes to weight loss, numerous factors are taken into consideration. Regular exercise together with a balanced diet will help in achieving your weight loss goals. 

Final Verdict

Fresh, tasty and delectable! We loved the taste of Murginns Organic Vegetable Tofu and highly recommend giving it a try if you are an ardent lover of tofu. We give this product a big thumbs up since it did not have a rubbery texture like some packaged products we have come across. 

Have you tried the Murginns Organic Vegetable Tofu before?  Let us know in the comment section.

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