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cadbury 5-star oreo chocolate bar review

Cadbury 5 Star Oreo Chocolate Bar Review

With a soft chocolate texture on the outside and a crunchy Oreo filling on the inside, Cadbury’s 5 Star Oreo has won our hearts.

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A mix of caramel flavored chocolate, filled with crunchy Oreo bits lends a delectable taste to the Cadbury 5 Star Oreo chocolate bar. We loved the flavor of this fusion.

When it comes to chocolates, Cadbury has secured a huge spot in the market. Who doesn’t love Cadbury chocolates? From Dairy Milk to Silk and Bournville, Cadbury has a sweet treat for everyone. Among its delectable range of chocolates, 5 Star has emerged to be a favorite. 

Over time, Cadbury brought several innovations in the 5 Star series. We picked a few bars of Cadbury 5 Star Oreo chocolate from the local grocery store and conducted a taste test. 

In our Cadbury 5 Star Oreo Chocolate Bar review, we cover different aspects. How prominent is the taste of the Oreo filling in the bar, the level of crunch and sweetness. Read on to know whether this chocolate bar was a hit or a miss?

Cadbury 5 Star Oreo Chocolate Bar Review – Everything You Need To Know

The 5 Star Oreo chocolate bar is a caramel flavored chocolate filled with a delicious filling of cream and Oreo biscuits giving it a crunch in every bite. We have discussed the packaging, taste, aroma, texture and other factors in our review.

1. Packaging

The 5 Star Oreo chocolate bar comes in an attractive purple, blue and golden color packaging. It features an amalgamation of three colors – purple (Cadbury), golden (5 star) and blue (Oreo). It weighs 42 gms. The chocolate bar comes placed inside the packet and is ideally meant for one time use.

2. Ingredients 

Following are the ingredients of 5 Star Oreo chocolate – 

Centre filling with caramel and biscuit 70% – sugar, hydrogenated vegetable fat, liquid glucose, milk solids (11%), biscuit 11% (refined wheat flour – (maida), sugar, edible vegetable fat, cocoa solids, liquid glucose, starch, leavening agents, edible salt, emulsifier, edible vegetable fat, invert sugar, Humectant, emulsifier, iodised salt, milk chocolate 30% – sugar, cocoa butter, milk solids (4%), lactose, cocoa solids, edible vegetable fat, and emulsifier.

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Contains added flavour ( natural, nature identical and artificial (caramel and vanilla) flavouring substances), contains vegetable fat in addition to cocoa butter.

Allergen  – contains milk, wheat , sulphites, may contain peanut and soya

3. Taste & Aroma 

Three main elements – chocolate, caramel and Oreo. All components are sweet on their own and when combined together can become a bit overbearing. We wanted to test that out.

Cadbury 5 Star Oreo had a delectable caramel-like aroma. The combination of caramel-fudge-like chocolate, cream filling and crunchy bits of Oreo biscuits make this chocolate bar a must-try. 

Contrary to what we thought about the sweetness levels, this doesn’t feel overbearing. When compared to other caramel chocolates, the sweetness levels are well-balanced. 

At no point, does the mix of Oreo, caramel and chocolate feel off-putting or mismatched.

4. Texture

The texture on the outside looked more like a fudge and was very soft.  The inside filling of the chocolate was creamy and had small bits of Oreo biscuits. It contained a thick layer and a good amount of the Oreo filling. 

Unlike a regular 5 star which is sticky as we take a bite, the Oreo filling in this chocolate eliminates the stickiness and provides a lovely crunch. 

With every bite, this 5 Star Oreo will bring up interesting layers of texture. The crunch of the Oreo biscuit filling in every bite enhances the overall experience. Decadence at its best!

5. Crunchiness

On the scale of crunchiness, we give a big thumbs up to this 5 Star Oreo chocolate bar. The crunchy bits of Oreo biscuits were prominent in each bite. They were added generously, and not sparse at all.

6. Nutritional Information

Following is the nutritional information for Cadbury 5 Star Oreo Chocolate Bar per 100 gm – 

522 kcal, 4.3 gm protein, 28.1 gm fat and 215 mg sodium. 

Cadbury 5 Star Oreo Chocolate Bar– Detailed Review

Paramaters  Cadbury 5 Star Oreo Chocolate Bar
Available Sizes  42 gm 
Price INR 35 (42 gm)
Net Quantity  42 grams 
Ingredients  Sugar, edible vegetable fat, cocoa solids, liquid glucose
Shelf Life Best Before 9 months from packaging
Calories  219 (11% of GDA)


Cadbury 5 Star Oreo chocolate bar brings with itself layers of deliciousness filled with Oreo biscuits. With a well balanced sweetness, this small package of chocolate will leave you satisfied. 

A thick and creamy layer of Oreo filling is covered by a delectable fudgy caramel chocolate. The packaging of the chocolate looks attractive and is eye-catching. As we took a bite, the crunchiness of the Oreo filling was prominent which made our overall experience of reviewing this chocolate a hit. 

Die hard fans of Oreo and 5 Star, this Cadbury 5 Star Oreo chocolate bar is a must try. 

cadbury 5 star oreo chocolate bar packaging
The 5 Star Oreo Chocolate Bar has a colorful purple, blue and yellow packaging.
cadbury 5 star oreo contents
Overall view of the contents inside the Cadbury 5 Star Oreo
closer look at 5 star chocolate bar
The 5 Star Oreo had a fudge-like texture on the outside
cross sectional look at 5 star oreo
The thick Oreo filling inside the 5 star Oreo chocolate that resembles the shape of a cream roll.


  • Cadbury 5 Star Oreo is priced at INR 35
  • It comes in a colorful purple, golden and blue color packaging. 
  • The chocolate has a shelf life of 9 months from the date of packaging. 
  • It is a delicious fusion of Oreo and Cadbury.
  • This is a vegetarian product.


  • It had a thick and generous stuffing of the Oreo cream and bits of biscuits. 
  • The Oreo bits gave a nice crunch to the Cadbury 5 Star Oreo chocolate. 
  • The sweetness is balanced.
  • The stuffing inside this chocolate was not sticky. 
  • The outer covering has a fudgy caramel chocolate layer . 

Best Suited For:

Cadbury 5 Star Oreo makes for a perfect sweet treat post meals. The combination of fudgy chocolate with crunchy bits of Oreo makes it an ideal dessert option as well. If you have kids, this unique mix of chocolate will be loved by them. It is best suited for those who do not prefer overly sweet chocolates. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on 5 Star Oreo Chocolate Bar

1. Is Cadbury 5 Star Oreo Chocolate bar healthy?

This chocolate includes refined wheat flour (maida), edible vegetable fat, liquid glucose, and invert sugar. Hence, we do not categorize this chocolate to be healthy.    

2. Is this product favorable for kids under 3 years?

Cadbury 5 Star Oreo chocolate bar contains ingredients that might not be ideal for consumption for children under 3 years. To know about the best snack options for your child, it is best to consult a pediatrician.  

3. Is this product gluten-free?

No, Cadbury 5 Star Oreo chocolate bar is not gluten-free.  

4. Can I preserve this product in the fridge for several days?

For best results, it is best to consume the chocolate once opened.

Final Words

If you love the flavor of both Oreo and 5 Star, this version of 5 Star with a unique twist is gonna be your next favorite. Trust us, the flavor will not disappoint you. 

We highly recommend Cadbury 5 Star Oreo and give it a big thumbs up. If you crave a sweet dessert post meal, make sure to keep Cadbury 5 Star Oreo handy in your kitchen. 

Leave us a comment below and let us know if you have tried 5 Star Oreo. 

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