Nestlé Everyday Vs Mother Dairy Dailycious: The Creamier Dairy Whitener

Nestlé Everyday Vs Mother Dairy Dailycious: The Creamier Dairy Whitener

Two extremely popular brands of dairy whitener are at loggerheads to win the Top Pick title. Will it be Mother Dairy’s Dailycious, or Nestlè’s EveryDay? Our winner is…

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Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Dairy whiteners are often associated with travel and hotel stays, and those train journeys would be incomplete without us lovingly looking at our tea/coffee kits. But we must admit that these are not only confined to travel but also a convenient addition to the pantry especially for people who live alone, or in hostels, or even for small businesses and startups. After a rigorous review process that included a dry tasting and dozens of cups of tea, we chose Nestlé Everyday Dairy Whitener as our Top Pick because it was tastier and made creamier tea. We Also Recommend the Mother Dairy Dailycious Dairy Whitener. Let’s dig into some details to know how and why we landed on this decision!

Mishry Top Pick – Nestlé Everyday Dairy Whitener

Why Nestlé Everyday Dairy Whitener was our Top Pick?

Nestlé Everyday Dairy Whitener is our Top Pick because it makes a creamier and thicker cup of tea. The rich creamy taste associated with regular milk was present in the tea.

To put it simply, one teaspoon of Nestlé Everyday Dairy Whitener made creamier milk and tea as compared to one teaspoon of Mother Dairy Dailycious Dairy Whitener.

During our dry inspection stage, we noticed that the color of the dairy whitener was stark white, tasted nice, and the sweetness levels were low.

When we used Nestlé Everyday Dairy Whitener to make milk, we noticed that it dissolved with a lot of ease and there were no lumps. The milk looked thick and was very creamy in taste. As stated above, the sweetness levels were comparatively lower, making it a favorable option for people who do not like over sweet tea. This could also be a great option to make desserts (whiteners are sometimes used to make mithais and milk-based desserts).

The tea made using the Nestlé Everyday Dairy Whitener was tasty, creamy, and has a flavor that is very close to a regular glass of milk.

Also Recommended – Mother Dairy Dailycious Dairy Whitener

Why do we recommend Mother Dairy Dailycious Dairy Whitener?

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Even though it is a tad bit less creamy than our Top Pick (Nestlé Everyday Dairy Whitener), the tea made using Mother Dairy Dailycious Dairy Whitener is tasty, and the whitener is also quick to mix.

During our dry tasting stage, we noticed that the color was white, tasted nice, and the sweetness levels were a bit more in comparison.

The Mother Dairy Dailycious Dairy Whitener dissolves with ease, and there are no lumps. The milk was not as thick or creamy as Nestle, but the milk and the tea made using it was equally tasty. The sweetness levels were much more in comparison and could be a problem for people who want to avoid sugar in their tea.

Overall, this could be a good dairy whitener if you are looking for an economical option for daily use.

Our Review Process

Are you guilty of eating a mouthful of dairy whitener directly from the pack when no one is looking? ‘Cause, we sure are! When we are not stuffing our faces with spoonfuls of dairy whiteners from the office pantry (Sorry, boss!), we sometimes also use it to make tea and coffee. That’s when the idea struck! We had to find out which is the better dairy whitener and which one will make our cup of chai taste better. Here is how we did it.

Who Is This Review For?

This review is for everyone who is looking to find a dairy whitener for regular or occasional use. As dairy whiteners have a long shelf life, these are perfect for people who live alone and do not want to get into the hassle of getting fresh milk, boiling it, and storing it. Dairy whiteners are also favorable for students living in hostels to satisfy those off-timed chai and coffee sessions and for any professional workspace as it is much more convenient and easy to use than fresh milk.

How We Picked The Brands

We picked the two most popular brands of dairy whiteners that are available easily online and in stores. Brands that were not easily available or were made using different types of milk like soy or camel were not considered. We did not include milk powders for this review as they are very different from dairy whiteners.

How Are Dairy Whiteners And Milk Powder Different From Each Other?

Contrary to what most may believe, dairy whiteners and milk powder are not the same things. Even though they might look the same and have similar textures, the ingredients used to make both of them are very different from each other. Milk powder is made using only one ingredient – milk. Water is completely removed from milk to make pure milk powder. There is no added sugar content On the other hand, dairy whiteners contain multiple ingredients including milk, sweeteners, and additives/stabilizers. The protein levels and nutrition content is different too.

The Contenders

The Contenders

The Parameters

Since the appearance, color, and texture of the dairy whiteners were exactly the same, we did not consider them as a parameter. Only one major parameter was kept in mind while reviewing these dairy whiteners – Creaminess.

When we say creaminess, we mean how close, flavor-wise and consistency-wise, does the dairy whitener comes to actual milk. How thick or watery does the tea become when we add the dairy whitener? We also considered their sweetness levels and price points as factors.

How We Reviewed

Our review process was divided into three broad stages –

  • 1 – Dry inspection and tasting
  • 2 – Turning it into ‘milk’
  • 3 – Tasting with tea

For stage 1 we conducted a blind dry inspection. Here, we observed the appearance, what is the taste like upon dry tasting. We noticed that both the dairy whiteners look, feel, and taste exactly the same.

For stage 2 we made milk using both the contenders. We used the same ratio (1:3 – One teaspoon dairy whitener to three teaspoons of water) to make both. Both brands mixed well and no lumps were formed during the mixing. It was fairly easy to dissolve them. After tasting it in the milk form, we moved onto the next phase.

During stage 3 we made tea using the already prepared milk. We used Goodwyn Earl Grey Tea for the taste test. After tasting over a dozen cups of tea made using the whiteners, we came to our conclusion.

Dairy Whitener Review – In Action

Stage 3 – Blind taste test

Stage 3 – Tasting session with tea

Quick Comparison – The Better Dairy Whitener

Nestlé Everyday Dairy Whitener Mother Dairy Dailycious Dairy Whitener
Price Rs 200/- for 400gm pack Rs 190/- for 500gm pack
Net Weight 400 grams 500 grams
Calories 446 Kcal/100 grams 446 Kcal/100 grams
Best Before 12 months 9 months
Ingredients Milk solids, sugar, maltodextrin and stabilizers Partly skimmed milk, sugar and emulsifier
Pros – Tasty
– Creamier and thicker tea in comparison
– Equally tasty
– Value for money
Cons – Cost may be a factor for some – Tea made using this whitener was not as creamy/thick

Results Of The Review

Amongst the two contenders, none of them were bad, and both tasted nice. The winner was chosen because of one significant difference – creaminess. After passing three testing stages Nestlé Everyday Dairy Whitener emerged as our Top Pick because the milk and tea made using this was creamier. We also recommend the Mother Dairy Dailycious Dairy Whitener because it was equally tasty and is economical.

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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