Grate, Slice, Peel, Chop - The Ganesh 14-in-1 Dicer Can Do Everything!

Grate, Slice, Peel, Chop – The Ganesh 14-in-1 Dicer Can Do Everything!

Will the Ganesh 14-in-1 Dicer be a favorable addition to the kitchen shelf? Read our review to know more.

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You can grate, peel, slice, chop vegetables and fruits. It has an ergonomic design. Except for the peeler and a couple of slicers, all of them work well. It makes for an amazing kitchen tool that will make your chopping, peeling and grating task easier.

The effort that goes into prepping up vegetables and fruits to make a meal is always much higher than the effort and time that goes into actually eating the meal. Don’t you think so too?

With a generation that is always short on time and fast losing the motivation to spend time in the kitchen, time-saving kitchen tools like the Ganesh 14-in-1 Dicer are a boon. The Ganesh 14-in-1 Dicer has attachments that can help reduce your meal-prep time.

We reviewed the various attachments that come with this dicer for its ease of use, convenience and to see if this product is value for money. Here is our #FirstImpression.

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Facts About The Ganesh 14-in-1 Dicer

*According to the instructions given on the pack

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings
  • Blade material – Stainless steel
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • Container capacity – 1000 ml

#FirstImpression Of The Ganesh 14-in-1 Dicer

ganesh 14-in-1 dicer review
Ganesh 14-in-1 Dicer Review

The different attachments – The Ganesh 14-in-1 Dicer comes with a lot of attachments.

  • A large plastic box
  • An anti-skid grip band for the base of the box
  • A white and green removable lid
  • A round dial to hold the vegetable while grating/dicing
  • A hand peeler with a small grater
  • A green plastic tray to hold the different attachments
  • 6 slicing and grating blade attachments
  • 2 attachments to dice vegetables and fruits -Thick and thin cut

ganesh 14-in-1 dicer - the attachments
Ganesh 14-in-1 Dicer – The Attachments

ganesh 14 in 1 dicer different blades
Ganesh 14-in-1 Dicer – The grating, peeling, slicing attachments with the tray to hold the blades.

How we tried the blade attachments – We used a mixed batch of vegetables (soft-hard, uneven-even base) because we wanted to keep our review as close to daily kitchen experience. So, nothing too fancy. We tried grating, peeling, slicing, chopping with the Ganesh 14-in-1 Dicer using fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, beetroots, onions, and apples.

chopped fruits
Sliced Beetroot and Chopped Guava

chopping vegetables in dicer
The Ganesh 14-in-1 Dicer in action!

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Our review – The first thing that we always look for in a multipurpose kitchen tool is how easy or hard it is to assemble/fix the attachments. The blades in the Ganesh Dicer were all very easy to attach and did not take any extra effort. They slip in and out rather easily; a boon when you intend to use this chopper every day. Secondly, the grip of the product was extremely sturdy. If the grip of a chopper/dicer is not intact, the constant shifting and slipping of the tool can ruin the overall user experience. Plus, it can be unsafe too. Here, the anti-grip base of the chopper works very well and holds on to even marble and shiny surfaces that some kitchen surfaces may have. If you have a variety of attachments making it an all-rounder of a product, with easy to use attachments, and a solid base – what more do you need?

Is it easy to clean? Yes! All the attachments and the box are extremely easy to clean. Take caution while scrubbing the blades as they are sharp and may cause deep cuts. It is advised to use a cleaning brush while washing these. The push-down button (Clean press button) which helps in removing any excess build-up of veggie scraps is a big plus point. We really liked this feature.

vegetable chopper easy clean button
The ‘Easy Clean’ button helps push the scraps out to keep the tool clean

ganesh 14 in 1 dicer review
Ganesh 14 in 1 Dicer Review

Which attachments worked? The graters attachments are very easy to use and effective. They fit nicely and did their job very well. The two slicer attachments were not as effective, but the julienne attachment (larger blade) worked better than the smaller ones.

What didn’t work for us? The peeler definitely needed improvement, and in any case, it seems to us that this addition can be avoided. When we reviewed peelers and scrapers for our intense review, we considered how comfortable the grip was and with how much ease the peel comes off. Sadly, in this case, the peeler is not as sharp and does not peel properly. In fact, it took a lot of effort to peel potatoes and cucumbers with it. Sure, this ‘attachment’ adds to the number, but it doesn’t run smoothly and it could have been better.

This is a good kitchen tool for people who cook themselves and do not have any help with cutting and chopping. You may end up using one or two blades excessively, but it is good for everyday use. If have a little extra storage space, this ergonomically designed 14-in-1 dicer by Ganesh can help you reduce your prep time in the kitchen. This product would also work well if you eat salads and cut fruits regularly. Just grate, dice or julienne and store it in the box below until you are ready to drizzle some dressing and eat it.

ganesh 14-in-1 dicer
Ganesh 14-in-1 Dicer

Ganesh 14-in-1 Dicer

The Ganesh 14-in-1 Dicer is an easy to use kitchen tool that can help you reduce the time you spend in the kitchen to prep for a meal.

MRP – Rs 1,199/-*

*Price at the time of review

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