Mishry Mums Review: Kohinoor Authentic Awadhi Biryani Kit

Mishry Mums Review: Kohinoor Authentic Awadhi Biryani Kit

The Kohinoor Authentic Awadhi Biryani Kit makes cooking your favorite biryani super easy. Mishry Mum Nupur Agarwal Kalra tried the kit and gave us this review.

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Check out Mishry Mum Nupur Agarwal Kalra’s review of the Kohinoor Authentic Biryani Kit.

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First Impression

The Kohinoor Authentic Biryani Kit comes in a beautiful red box. It contains three packets inside- a pack of 200g basmati rice, a pack of few whole spices and another packet with the Awadhi masala which contains spices, curds, fried onion and oil. The box has clear instructions on how to go about making this biryani.

Kohinoor Authentic Biryani Kit

It is packed with rich flavors and comes with easy step-by-step instructions. Kohinoor Authentic Basmati Biryani Kit gives you a delicious homemade biryani high on flavor and aroma.

MRP: Rs 125*

*price at the time of review

Tasting Session

The instructions are very easy to follow. It take a little more than 30 minutes to prepare this biryani. The taste is very good, I was very pleased with it. It tastes just like any other biryani you’d get outside in a restaurant. It isn’t too spicy or oily.

mishry mum nupur agarwal kalra review kohinoor authentic biryani kit
Mishry Mum Nupur Agarwal Kalra Review Kohinoor Authentic Biryani Kit

It tastes like good quality biryani. The package costs Rs.125 and makes enough biryani for two people. This is a very economical option. You can easily make both, a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian biryani with this kit. I would definitely recommend others to try this biryani kit.

About Mishry Mum Nupur Agarwal Kalra

A Baker and a Biker! How’s that for an uber cool combination. Meet our next Mishry Mum Nupur Kalra who’s beating the norms and laying down her own rules. Nupur runs her successful healthy baking venture called NK Healthy Bakes. She is also an established blogger and has recently launched an online community to connect people for the love of food, travel and beyond. Promoting sustainable food enterprises is one of the main missions of this online community. 

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