Mishry Mums Review: Dhampur Greens Gur Chana Review
Mishry Mum Mahi Sharma

Mishry Mums Review: Dhampur Greens Gur Chana Review

Mishry Mum Mahi reviewed Dhampur Green Gur Chana and she loves it! Read her review here.

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Check out what our Mishry Mum Mahi Sharma has to say about Dhampur Green Gur Chana.

Quick Review: Dhampur Green Gur Chana

I recently reviewed Dhampur Green Gur Chana, a product that was part of the ‘January basket’ sent by Mishry. I quite enjoyed tasting this with my family. Here is my review!

This is a 150 gram pack of Rs. 90. The packaging of the product is really impressive and so is the taste. This package is available on Amazon.

Delicious gur chana with perfectly roasted chickpeas coated well with good quality jaggery.

Coming to the taste of the gur chana, the sweetness is very balanced and the chana or chickpeas are very well roasted and crunchy. The chana is very well coated with gur, which I love.

Interestingly, my kids loved it too. It is best for mid-day hunger pangs, especially during evening tea-time. I would definitely recommend Dhampur Green Gur Chana to everyone and will definitely buy this again for my family. I would give the gur chana 5 Mishrys as it makes for the perfect evening snack.

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Dhampur Gur Chana Review

Watch: Our Mishry Mum Mahi Sharma Reviews Dhampur Green Gur Chana

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