Mishry Mum Reviews: Whole Foods Bajra Jaggery Cookies

Mishry Mum Reviews: Whole Foods Bajra Jaggery Cookies

A simple box that packs a whole lot of flavors, this is just one of the ways to describe the Whole Foods Bajra Jaggery Cookies. Let’s take a look at what Mishry Mum Neha Saxena Bagga has to say about them.

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Here’s what our Mishry Mum Neha Saxena Bagga had to say about the Whole Foods Bajra-Jaggery Cookies.

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First Impression:

The cookies came in a very simple cardboard box with a label around it. It looks almost as if the packaging is unfinished. I don’t think children would easily gravitate towards this product since it doesn’t look attractive enough. However, the package uses almost no plastic so that is a big plus point for them. The pricing is very reasonable compared to other gluten-free products available in the market.

first impressions of whole foods gluten free cookies

Whole Foods Bajra Jaggery Cookie

Containing bajra (pearl millet), coconut, jaggery and made using rice bran oil, these cookies are not only tasty but can be a wholesome tea-time treat for those who want a gluten-free alternative.

MRP: Rs 125*

*Price at the time of review

*not available online

Tasting Session:

The cookie looks just like any other homemade cookie. I believe that children would not easily go for this cookie because of its look. It does not look very fancy or attractive. The texture of the cookie is a little hard compared to other cookies. The flavor is coconut which would be great for someone who loved coconut. Personally, I would’ve preferred a chocolate flavor.

Mishry Mum Neha Saxena Bagga reviews Whole Foods Bajra-Jaggery Cookies.
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Overall, I am not very impressed with this product. I would recommend this to someone who is looking for an eggless, gluten-free product and like coconut. For someone who isn’t a big fan of coconut, I wouldn’t recommend this.


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Holistic wellness coach and a mother of two, Neha is committed to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals. Neha believes in putting passion into whatever she does. Her biggest mission is to work towards a clean and plastic-free India and for this she has been working tirelessly by initiating many kids in Plogging activities around her neighborhood in Gurgaon. 

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