Mishry Mum Kanika Datta Highly Recommends Trying Dr. Oetker Choco Lava Mix
Review for choco lava cake

Mishry Mum Kanika Datta Highly Recommends Trying Dr. Oetker Choco Lava Mix

Mishry Mum Kanika Dutta is head over heels after preparing Choco Lava cakes using Dr. Oetker Choco Lava mix. More details are covered below.

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Instant cake mixes are a boon for people who have just got their hands into baking. The ease and convenience of getting cakes ready without any effort make it a popular option among newbies. I came across Dr. Oetker Choco Lava Mix and couldn’t stop myself from trying one. I ordered the product through an online portal for Rs. 225. The packaging of this cake mix is quite neat and clean. 

Behind the back of the pack, you get all the information from the preparation to baking to serving. Further, it also highlights what ingredients you might require apart from this mix. The cake mix includes six aluminum cups, a pack of chocolate fudge, a measuring cup, and a pack of powder mix. Apart from these, you need to add 75 gm of butter and 140 ml of water. The measuring cup makes it easy to measure the quantity of water required. 

Starting with the preparation, I combined the powder mix and fudge mix in a bowl. After that, I added butter and later added water. Now all I did was MIX, MIX, and MIX! In the meantime, I greased the aluminum molds with some melted butter. Filled all the six molds with the batter and placed them in a preheated oven for about 15 minutes.

Voila! Post-baking, these choco lava cakes looked jaw-dropping! It was difficult for me to wait for even a second before I could eat them. They came out instantly from the mold. Appearance-wise, they looked appealing. Every bite of this cake felt like heaven. 

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Overall, I would rate the product 9.5 on 10.

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