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McVities ginger cookies review

McVities Ginger Cookies Review – Crunchy, Tasty, And Nutritious

We enjoyed these ginger infused cookies from McVities. Read on below to find out more.

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McVities Ginger Cookies have a crunchy bite and contain a prominent flavor of ginger. We loved these cookies for their crunch and warm ginger zing.

Cookies make up for a delicious tea-time snack and make a perfect accompaniment with a hot cup. From chocolate chips, berries, tutti frutti and nuts, there are a huge variety of cookies in the market. Some innovative, some not so much. 

McVities Ginger Cookies caught our attention. We were curious to know how well the flavor of ginger would infuse with a sugary cookie. Our McVities Ginger Cookies review discusses aspects like price, flavor, and crunch. Let us dig in deeper and find out how the McVities Ginger Cookies fared in our taste test.

McVities Ginger Cookies – Everything You Need To Know

mcvities ginger cookies
The outer packaging of the McVities Ginger Cookies

We wanted to try how delicious the McVities Ginger Cookies taste with a cup of hot tea or coffee. In this section, we have covered the packaging, ingredients, taste, appearance and other crucial aspects that you need to know about the McVities Ginger Cookies. 

1. Packaging

For our review, we ordered the 120 gm pack of these ginger cookies. The cookies come in an orange color box packaging. Inside the pack, the cookies are sealed in a silver wrapper.

These are placed directly into the pack and there is no tray included. The 120 gm includes around 13 cookies. None of the cookies in the pack were broken.  

2. Main Ingredients

The following are the seven main ingredients in this ginger cookies  – 

Refined wheat flour (maida), sugar, edible vegetable oil (palm oil), invert sugar syrup, ginger powder (2%), malt extract, and edible common salt.  

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These cookies do not include any artificial flavors, they do contain natural/nature identical flavors. When we talk about natural flavors, it is basically oil that is extracted from spices, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. These natural flavors are ideally meant to enhance the taste of packaged food. 

3. Taste

Multiple flavors, wrapped into a single cookie. These cookies contain a prominent flavor of ginger. The spicy, zingy kick of ginger tastes delicious. And at no point does it feel bitter or overpowering. The sweetness of the cookie is spot on.

4. Appearance

Appearance-wise, these cookies are perfectly round in shape. They are light brown in color and have a crackled look at the top. These are a bit thicker as compared to normal biscuits.   

5. Texture

This factor determines how well a cookie has been baked. For a well baked cookie, there are different factors that play an important role – the ingredients used, the oven temperature and the baking time.

The McVities Ginger Cookies are crunchy, but not crumbly. We liked that!

6. After Taste

The after taste of ginger is quite noticeable and lingers on after a few bites. 

7. Nutritional Information

The following is the nutritional information per 100 gm : 

Parameter  Nutritional Information (100 gm)
Energy  455 kcal
Protein  6.70 gm 
Fat  14.60 gm 
Dietary Fiber  1.60 gm 


8. Price

The 120 gm pack of McVities Ginger Cookies comes at a price of INR 45.

McVities Ginger Cookies – Detailed Review

Here is a table highlighting the a few detailed aspects of the McVities Ginger Cookies :


Parameters  McVities Ginger Cookies
Price  INR 45 
Net Weight  120 gm 
Shelf Life Best before nine months from packaging 
Main Ingredients
  • Refined Wheat Flour 
  • Sugar 
  • Edible vegetable oil (palm oil)
  • Invert sugar syrup 
  • Ginger powder (2%) 
Calories 455  kcal (per 100 gm)
Available Sizes 
  • 120 gm 
  • 600 gm (INR 200)


For our McVities Ginger Cookies review, we ordered the 120 gm pack which comes for a price of INR 45. It comes in a box pack and includes around 13 well shaped cookies. These cookies were not placed in a tray. 

As we opened the pack, the strong aroma of ginger was quite noticeable. The McVities Ginger Cookies had a prominent taste of ginger and a well-balanced sweetness. 

These cookies are thick in shape and have a cracked appearance at the top. The cookies are well baked and give a crunchy bite. If you are an ardent fan of ginger flavor, we recommend you to try this variant.

mcvities ginger cookies packaging
The McVities Ginger Cookies comes in packed in a silver wrapper
mcvities cookies on a table
These cookies were well baked
mcvities cookies on a tray
These cookies have a cracked appearance at the top
closer look at mcvities cookies
These cookies are thick in shape and taste delicious


  • The shelf life of these cookies is nine months from the date of packaging. 
  • It comes in an attractive orange color box pack. 
  • INR 45 is the price for the 120 gm pack. 
  • It is free from Trans fat and includes no artificial flavors. 
  • The box pack is travel-friendly. 


  • We loved the well balanced sweetness 
  • There is a prominent flavor of ginger in these cookies
  • These cookies are crunchy and well baked.


  • Though these cookies taste delicious, they are made using palm oil and refined wheat flour. Hence, it is best to consume these cookies in moderation.

Best Suited For

The McVities Ginger Cookies are best suited for people who love the warm flavor of ginger. You can have these cookies with a hot cup of tea and coffee or indulge in them for a quick in-between snack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on McVities Ginger Cookies.

1. Can these cookies be paired with tea or coffee?

Yes, you can pair these cookies with a cup of tea or coffee. 

2. Do these ginger cookies help in digestion problems?

While ginger is said to soothe some digestion problems, it is best to consult a healthcare professional. Packaged food must be consumed in moderation.

3. How many ginger cookies are there in one pack?

The 120 gm pack of McVities ginger cookies includes around 13 cookies. 

4. What is the fibre content of these ginger cookies?

The fiber content of these cookies per 100 gm is 1.60 gm.

Final Words

The McVities Ginger Cookies have our hearts. The crunch, perfect sweetness and pleasing flavor of ginger! These were a few things that we absolutely loved about the McVities Ginger Cookies. 

Would you try cookies that contain ginger? If yes, do comment below and share with us your experience.

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