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Alpenliebe Juicyfills Orange & Mango Flavour – A Candylicious Review

Alpenliebe Juicyfills are centre-filled candies that the brand claims are rich in vitamin C. We tried mango and orange, can you guess our favorite?

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Rich fruity tastes with balanced sweetness and a mild kick of tangy flavors, Alpenliebe Juicyfills taste fresh and fruity!

With a caramel filling or coffee-flavored, as kids, we had at least one candy we swore to not share. Candies are the ideal bite-sized craving killers, ones no one can truly be too old for.

Started with a caramel-flavored lollipop, Alpenliebe has been an inevitable part of every 90’s kid. Recently, they launched fruit-flavored, center-filled candies that we ordered for our Alpenliebe Juicyfills review. 

Is the center-filling jelly-like? How intense is the flavor of the specified fruit in the candy? 

Alpenliebe Juicyfills – Everything You Need To Know

alpenliebe juicyfills packaging
The assorted pack holds mango and orange flavored variants.

1. Available Flavours

These fruit-flavored candies come in two flavor variants- Orange and mango. 

2. Packaging

We ordered the assorted pack that had 46 units of individually-wrapped candies. 

3. Ingredients

Sugar, liquid glucose, acidity regulators, Humectant, fruit powder (0.33-0.36%), and vitamin C are the ingredients used. 

The fruit powder content is equivalent to 3% fruit juice. 

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Alpenliebe Juicyfills – Our Review Factors

Candy isn’t eaten from a health/nutritional perspective. This is why this review isn’t as focused on the type of ingredients or calories. Since these are fruit-flavored candies, we’ve reviewed them more on how bold these flavors are. Sweet or sour? How do they taste?

1. Flavor

What does the filling taste like? Is it exactly the same as the outer shell or a different flavor? If different, does it complement the outer shell? How prominent are the fruit flavors? Or do they just contribute to the visual appeal? Sweet and tart or sweet all the way through?

2. Texture

Candies are primarily sugar, in a melted and cooled-down form. When bit into, does the filling ooze out or does it have a jelly-like texture. Is the candy shell sticky?

Alpenliebe Juicyfills Flavours- Detailed Review

Individually wrapped in an assorted pack, Alpenliebe Juicyfills aren’t like regular candies. These have a fruit-flavored center filling. This filling isn’t something you can bite into, it has a more thick concentrate-like consistency.

More on each flavor is discussed in this section. 

1. Mango

Before we started this review, we anticipated a candy that tasted like Alphonso mangoes. Sweet and luscious was what we hoped for. 

Out of the 46 units, 19 were mango-flavored. 

Usually, this is a vibrant-hued, oval-shaped candy. It has a light tinge of mangoes that have just ripened, a fresh-looking yellow. Taste-wise, the outer shell is adequately sweet, no complaints here. This shell showcases a fresh, fruity, mango-like taste. This also had an ever-so-slight tanginess. As we bit into one, the center filling has a thick syrup-like consistency. 

The boiled-sugar shell definitely sticks to the teeth. But we got no complaints! The vitamin C claim is something we cannot really corroborate. 

alpenliebe juicyfills mango flavoured candy on a plate
There were 19 mango-flavored candies.
closer look at alpenliebe juicyfills mango flavoured candy
The center filling isn't flowy, it is denser.


  • The assorted pack is priced at Rs 50.
  • It has a shelf life of 12 months.
  • One pack holds 46 units. 
  • Main Ingredients- sugar, liquid glucose, mango fruit powder, vitamin C.
  • One candy weighs approximately 3.5-4 grams.


  • The mango flavor is very prominent.
  • There’s a nice balance between sweet and tangy flavors.
  • The outer shell to center filling proportion is decent.

Best Suited For

Mango season too far? Alpenliebe’s juicyfills can be considered to calm those cravings. 

2. Orange

In the assorted pack, the remainder (27 units) were orange. 

Packed similar to the mango variant we tried earlier, these orange candies have a bright orange appearance. 

Taste-wise, these feature a citrusy, zesty orange-like taste. In terms of the ‘bite’, these were slightly softer than the mango candies. 

Similar to mango, the filling had a sticky gooeyness to it. 

alpenliebe juicyfills orange flavoured candy on a plate
These orange candies have a bright orange appearance
closer look at alpenliebe juicyfills orange flavoured
Here's a cross sectional view of the orange variant.


  • Main Ingredients- sugar, liquid glucose, orange fruit powder, vitamin C.
  • This has a shelf life of 12 months.
  • One pack holding 46 units is priced at Rs 50.


  • The orange flavor resembles that of a zest. Yum!
  • The citrus flavor and sweetness pair well. 


  • The bite is a little softer. 

Best Suited For

Looking for a citrusy punch in a candy? You won’t regret trying this flavor. 

Our Top Picks & Recommendations

Though this boils down to which fruit you prefer over the other, we liked orange better than mango. 

That said, both candies showcase prominent flavors that do justify the label. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Alpenliebe juicyfills.

1. How many candies do we get in each pack?

One pack holds 46 units. 

2. What is the price of each candy in the pack?

In the assorted pack, the cost per candy would come down to less than a rupee. 

3. How many flavors do we get in Alpenliebe Juicyfills candy?

There are two flavors, mango and orange. 

4. Is Alpenliebe good for health?

Candies aren’t meant to be healthy. They are primarily made out of sugar. Anything in moderation works well. 

5. Is Alpenliebe Juicyfills candy a totally vegan product?

Yes, it contains no dairy products. 

Final Words

Sweet with a hint of tang, and the inevitable stuck-between-the-teeth, Alpenliebe candies deliver very well on the fruity claim. The center filling is gooey and compliments the outer shell quite well. 

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