Tetley Green Tea- Long Leaf: Packaging, Flavor And Price Details

Tetley Green Tea- Long Leaf: Packaging, Flavor And Price Details

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Tetley is one of the most popular tea brands and has been a constant for most tea lovers. While Tetley has many tea variants, it also offers pure green tea in pack sizes including 100 grams, 200 grams, and 500 grams. The 100-gram pack can be used to make 66 cups, the 200-gram pack makes about 165 cups of green tea, and the 500-gram packs can make about 330 cups. The company’s official website claims, “for any tea lover, our premium long leaf teas are a must try if you’re looking for a burst of flavor with all the goodness.”


Packaging of Tetley Green Tea-Long Leaf

The green tea comes in a vibrant green colored pack, which contains information including the making process, benefits of green tea, the number of antioxidants and how they help keep your body healthy and other important details.


Pricing Information About Tetley Green Tea-Long Leaf

A 100-gram pack is priced at Rs. 115, and 200-gram pack at Rs. 215. As per the guidelines on the label, prepare your Tetley green tea in freshly boiled water by adding one teaspoonful of tea and brewing it for two minutes before sipping on it.

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Here’s the nutritional information you’d want to know before buying the green tea.


Nutritional Information As per 100 grams
Energy 92 Kcal
Protein 19 gms
Carbohydrate 4 gms
Sugar Nil
Fat Traces


Flavor Of Tetley Green Tea – Long Leaf

Tetley, when brewed for two minutes, has a strong after-taste that is hard to miss.

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Mishry Secret Sauce – Re-usability

The Mishry Secret Sauce was to check the re-usability of the green tea leaves. We stored the used green tea leaves for about four hours before brewing them again. It was to check if the leaves have retained their flavor and color. Tetley Green Tea succeeded in retaining both; so you can enjoy your cup of tea twice, making this buy definitely cost-effective and further helping in waste-management.



Tetley Green Tea Customer Care Details:

Email ID: cc@tgbl.com

Phone Number: 18003451720

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