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jabsons punjabi masala khakhra review

Jabsons Punjabi Masala Khakhra Review: Crispy And Savoury

Jabsons Punjabi Khakhra is thin, crisp and spicy! Would you give these a try?

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Made using wheat flour, Jabsons Punjabi Masala Khakhra are super crispy. Team Mishry gives these a big thumbs up!

Khakhra, a thin and crispy snack option bears its origin from the Gujarati cuisine. It is usually made using whole wheat flour or a combination of rice flour or millet flour and is mixed together with different spices. 

Over the years, khakhra has increased its fan following as it is considered to be a healthy snacking option. Plain, ajwain, zeera and methi khakhra are classic flavors, but experimental flavors like chili garlic, pizza, and peri-peri are also making their space in this segment.

Jabsons is popular for its delicious and flavorful peanuts and chanas. From the range of different khakhras offered by Jabsons, we picked up the Punjabi Masala Khakhra for our review process. In our Jabsons Punjabi Masala Khakhra review, we discuss the price, packaging, taste and texture of the product.

Jabsons Punjabi Masala Khakhra – Everything You Need To Know

jabsons punjabi masala khakhra
The outside packaging of the Jabsons Punjabi Masala Khakhra

Jabsons Punjabi Masala Khakhra will make for a yummy and spicy snack option to pair with your favorite cup of tea. Here we have listed every single aspect that you need to know about the Jabsons Punjabi Masala Khakhra.

1. Packaging

We give full marks for the packaging of the Jabsons Punjabi Masala Khakhra. It comes with a two layer packaging. The outside packaging is resealable and seals well after opening. The nutritional information is clearly mentioned on the pack. 

 The second layer is where the khakhras are vacuum packed. None of the khakhras were broken. This pack contains 10 pieces of khakhras.

2. Ingredients

The ingredients used in making these khakhras are – Wheat flour (76%), refined cottonseed oil, Iodized salt, red chilli (0.9%), carom seeds, cumin, turmeric powder and sugar. 

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Allergy Information : Contains wheat flour 

3. Taste

Punjabi masala is usually characterized as aromatic and being rich in spices. These khakhras are well seasoned and the flavor of carom seeds is the most noticeable. The flavor of cumin was mild and subtle. These khakhras are spicy and contain red chilli powder. 

4. Appearance

These khakhras have a papad-like round shape and are uniform. These come close to a diameter of 16 cm. We noticed visible pieces of ajwain seeds and cumin spread across the khakhra.    

5. Texture + Crispiness

Khakhras are supposed to be crunchy and CRISP! They shouldn’t be soft or soggy. Jabsons Khakhra are crisp and have a pronounced crunch when you bite into them. They aren’t dry. 

6. Nutritional Information

The following is the nutritional information per 100 gm : 

Energy : 490 kcal, Protein : 10 gm, Dietary Fiber : 7 gm, and Sodium : 950 mg

7. Price

Jabsons Punjabi Masala Khakhra is available for a price of INR 80 for the 180 gm pack.

Jabsons Punjabi Masala Khakhra – Detailed Review

Here is a table showcasing the main ingredients, price, shelf life and calories of the Jabsons Punjabi Masala Khakhra. 


Parameters  Jabsons Punjabi Masala Khakhra
Main Ingredients  Wheat flour (76%), Refined cottonseed oil, Iodized salt, Red chilli (0.9%), Carom seeds
Price INR 80
Dietary Fiber   7 gm (per 100 gm)
Calories 490 kcal (per 100 gm)
Shelf Life  6 months 


For our review process, we selected the Punjabi Masala variant from Jabsons range of khakhras. We loved how well the khakhras were packed. The 180 gm pack comes at a price of Rs 80/-.

Taste-wise, these khakhras are perfectly seasoned and are spicy. They do not feel oily or dry. They are thin and have a crispy texture. It has a dominant flavor of carom seeds that tastes delicious.

jabsons punjabi masala khakhra packaging
These khakhras are tightly vacuum packed
jabsons punjabi masala khakhra on a plate
The Jabsons Punjabi Masala Khakhra have a thin and round shape
closer look at jabsons punjabi masala khakhra
These whole wheat khakhras are CRISPY!


  • It contains no artificial flavors and no artificial colors.
  • The price of the 180 gm pack is INR 80.
  • These khakhras are non-fried.
  • The khakhras are vacuum packed.
  • It is a ready to eat snack option.
  • The 180 gm pack contains around 10 pieces.


  • These khakhras are crispy.
  • These are seasoned appropriately.
  • The prominent flavor of carom seeds taste delectable.
  • We loved the packaging of this khakhra.
  • These are made using wheat flour.

Best Suited For

Jabsons Punjabi Masala Khakhra are best suited for those looking for a healthy snacking option. If you love something savory with your tea, we recommend you to try these khakhras.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Jabsons Punjabi Masala Khakhra.

1. Can this khakhra be paired with tea and coffee?

Yes, these khakhras taste delicious when paired with tea and coffee.  

2. Is this khakhra healthy?

Yes, compared to the other fried snacks available in the market, these khakhras are a healthier option as they are made with whole wheat.

3. How to retain the crispiness of the khakhra after unpacking?

To retain the crispiness of the khakhra it is best to keep them secured in an air-tight container. You can also place them in the same packaging since it is resealable.  

4. Are these khakhras fried or not?

These khakhras are not fried.

5. What are khakhras mostly eaten with?

These khakhras are mostly enjoyed with a hot cup of tea or coffee. You can also pair them with a green chilli pickle.

Final Words

jabsons punjabi masala khakhra review
We loved the spicy flavor of the Jabsons Punjabi Masala Khakhra!

Jabsons Punjabi Masala Khakhra scored well in our taste test. These round, crispy, and spicy khakhras are a sure shot treat for your taste buds. You can enjoy these as it is or have it with green tea or black coffee as well. 

Have you tried these khakhras yet? Drop in your comments and let us know how your experience turned out. 

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