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hawkins classic tall pressure cooker 3 litre review

Hawkins Classic (Tall) Pressure Cooker 3 L Review

Hassle-free cooking and cleaning, here’s Team Mishry’s experience with the Hawkins Classic Pressure Cooker.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5


Economic, sturdy, and convenient, our repeated testing showed this cooker is a good buy and we recommend this for medium-sized families. This is not dishwasher safe and neither is it induction-friendly.

Be it a fine dining restaurant or a home kitchen, a pressure cooker is as essential as salt in an Indian kitchen. Not only do pressure cookers reduce the cooking time significantly, but they also retain more nutrients as compared to open pot/pan cooking. 

Over the weeks and months, we’ve reviewed multiple brands of pressure cookers in our test kitchen. Some were beginner-friendly pressure cookers for students, and some were meant for large families. We purchased a new pressure cooker from Hawkins and tested it in our review lab and home kitchens for over 2 months. The initial test, quality of the components, ease of use and cleaning, are discussed in detail! Here’s our Hawkins Classic Tall Pressure Cooker 3 L review. 

Hawkins Classic (Tall) Pressure Cooker 3  L – Everything You Need To Know

From stainless steel to aluminum and ceramic coated, there are so many types of cookers available in the market. We purchased the Hawkins classic 3 litre pressure cooker for this review. 

1. Packaging

In a sturdy carton, there’s the pressure cooker with the lid, gasket, and vent weight (aka whistle) all packed separately. A cookbook and guarantee card were also included. 

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The lid and the cooker pot were neatly packed in polybags. Other parts (whistle, gasket) weren’t separately covered. 

2. Body Material

Cooker-Pure virgin aluminum


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Lid Handle-Plastic

3. Capacity

This tall pressure cooker offers a 3-L capacity. It is suitable for a family of 3-4 people. 

4. Compatibility

This is recommended for use on gas stoves. 

5. Lid Type

Pressure cookers have an outer lid and an inner lid. This pressure cooker is equipped with an inner lid.

6. Handle Type

The stay-cool handles are fixed on the pivot. Since the pivot is a part of the main cooker pot, carrying the cooker does not put additional pressure on the handles.

7. Price

Priced at Rs 1,425/- this Hawkins pressure cooker is a budget-friendly buy. 

8. Warranty

This comes with a 5-year guarantee against defects in material and workmanship. 

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Hawkins Classic (Tall) Pressure Cooker 3  L – Detailed Review

Hawkins Classic (Tall) Pressure Cooker 3 L Product Details
Price Rs 1,425/-
Capacity 3 L
Material Aluminium with rubber gasket and plastic handles
Weight 1189.5 grams
Warranty 5 years against material and workmanship defects


We tried and tested the Hawkins 3 L Tall pressure cooker for a variety of dishes over the course of multiple weeks. Here’s our detailed review.

Before we tested this vessel for cooking, we conducted a performance check. This performance check is a must in all-new pressure cookers as it tests the safety and functionality. This is a three-stage check that was performed by adding a cup of water with one teaspoon of lemon juice. As instructed in the user manual, we did not fix the vent on the lid. With the rubber gasket firmly fixed, we placed the cooker on high heat. Once the water was boiled, we noticed how the steam only escaped from the vent and not the sides, thumbs up! As part of the second stage, we placed the vent on the lid. This test was a success too as steam emitted with maximum force (we lifted the vent weight using the back of a spoon).

Coming to how well this assists with cooking, we prepared chana dal and gobindbhog rice in this tall pressure cooker. 

Do note that the cookbook that comes with this pressure cooker specifically mentions not preparing moong dal in this cooker. This is because moong dal forms a lot more froth naturally during the cooking process. 

Rice- we added equal portions of raw rice (rinsed and soaked for five minutes) and water to the cooker. In just two minutes, the rice had cooked to perfection. No fat (ghee/oil) was added. We only added some salt for flavor. Please note, the cooking time may be different based on the quality/type of rice and the stove power. 

Dal- We soaked 3/4th cup of chana dal for almost half an hour. To the pressure cooker, we added a little over one cup of water with a pinch of salt and turmeric. Just like rice, no fat source was added here. In 5 minutes, the dal had become soft and cooked well. This tall pressure cooker is designed in a way to ensure zero to minimal foam from the sides of the lid. And this was exactly what happened during our test! That said, only a very minimal amount of cooked dal was seen around the walls of the whistle which is natural as the steam/pressure passes through the vent.

Another aspect we appreciate about this pressure cooker is the pressure regulator. It helps prepare dishes faster, saving more fuel in the long run. The inner lid enhances safety and is easy to use. It does not open until pressure inside the cooker naturally falls/escapes.

hawkins classic tall pressure cooker packaging
This pressure cooker is packed decently.
hawkins classic tall pressure cooker lid
Here's a closer look at the vent.
underside of hawkins tall pressure cooker lid
The base of the pressure cooker.
hawkins tall pressure cooker lid on stove
Hawkins cooker when in use.
rice inside hawkins tall pressure cooker after cooking
We cooked rice in this cooker.
dal inside hawkins tall pressure cooker
Chana dal being cooked in this pressure cooker.


  • This tall pressure cooker comes with an inner lid.
  • It has a 3.25 mm thick base. 
  • This pressure cooker is made of aluminium and has a five-year warranty.
  • With a 3-L capacity, this is priced at Rs 1,425.


  • The tall design is appreciated and makes cooking easy.
  • We like the sturdy grip on the handles.
  • The stay-cool handles are a plus!
  • The main purpose of this tall cooker (no fluid/foam escape from the sides) is fulfilled. 
  • The cookbook is fairly informative. It lists the timings for cooking various dishes. 


  • This is not induction-friendly. 
  • This is not dishwasher-safe. 

Best Suited For

Hawkins Classic Tall Pressure Cooker 3 L is an ideal choice for homes where dals are prepared almost daily for mid-sized families.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Hawkins Classic 3 liter Pressure Cooker.

1. Is this cooker dishwasher safe?

No, this must be washed by hand.

2. Can mutton be cooked in this pressure cooker?

Yes, but ensure the quantity of mutton does not exceed 400 grams. 

3. What is the weight and size of the cooker?

This pressure cooker weighs 1.15 kgs and the dimensions are 35.6 x 20.1 x 16.5 cm. 

4. What is the specialty of the cooker base?

This cooker base has a thickness of 3.25 mm and is compatible with gas stovetops (not induction friendly).

5. What are the other components that mostly come with the packaging?

A rubber gasket, a vent, the lid, a guarantee card, and a cookbook are included in the carton. 

Final Words

Hawkins Classic (Tall) Pressure Cooker 3 L is effective and convenient! This tall pressure cooker is ideal for quick cooking dishes/meals without making a mess.

Mishry definitely recommends this pressure cooker for mid-sized families.

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