Best Rusk Brands in India For Your Masala Chai - Mishry (Jun 2024)
best rusk brands in india

Top Rusk Brands In India: Can Be Best Paired With Your Tea Or Coffee (Jun 2024)

Cardamom-flavored or just sweetened? Check out this list of best rusk brands in India curated by Mishry.

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A super-quick mid-morning snack or something refreshing for that evening slump, chai and rusk is a match made in heaven! However, rusks that taste soggy or aren’t properly baked, may ruin this experience. 

Essentially, rusk is just bread that has been baked twice. Bread slices are baked to dry them up, which in turn enhances the shelf life. Before the second bake, the rusk will have a softer bite that becomes crunchier once baked twice.

To ensure you have the best every day, here’s Mishry’s list of best rusk brands in India. 

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Everything you need to know about rusk brands in India is covered in this section. 

1. Packaging

Most rusk brands are offered in non-resealable packs. It is best to transfer the contents to an air-tight container once opened. 

Some brands also offer single-serving packs. 

2. Main Ingredients

Refined wheat flour, sugar, edible vegetable oil, semolina, iodized salt are common ingredients used among most rusk brands. 

Some may contain flavors like cardamom.  

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3. Available Sizes

From smaller 20-gram packs to larger 650-gram family packs, there are tons of variants available in the market. 

4. Available Flavors

When it comes to rusk brands, they are either sweetened,  flavored with cardamom or contain milk solids as it is something that pairs well with tea. 

5. Price Range

A majority of brands price their rusk at Rs 15/100 grams. 

Our Review Factors

Here are certain non-negotiable parameters we’ve based our recommendations on. 

1. Taste

Does the rusk have a well-rounded sweetness? Would it make for a good tea partner?

If flavored with cardamom or milk, how prominent is it?

2. Texture

We judged this parameter with a dunk test. Each rusk was dipped in a cup of freshly prepared tea for three seconds.

Does it become too soft and fall in the cup or is a desirable bite intact?

3. Appearance

Color, shape, and size are the sub-parameters. Are the rusks browned well? If yes, is this shade consistent throughout the pack? What about the thickness?

Are they too small or decently sized?

4. Crunch

This parameter also helped us gauge the freshness. Which rusk had the most prominent crunch?

5. Nutritional Information

Generally, per 100 grams, rusk would offer 400-450 Kcal, with the highest proportion of carbohydrates and almost identical quantities of proteins and fat. 

Quick Comparison of Rusk Brands

1. Britannia Toastea

This 182-gram pack of rusk is priced at Rs 30. These are flavored with cardamom and have a very pronounced crunch. 

In the dunk test, we performed it as part of the Best Rusk Brand for Your Masala Chai, Britannia retains its crunch!

britannia rusk toastea
Britannia Toastea


  • This has a lovely crunch.
  • The flavor isn’t too overpowering.
  • This rusk can be snacked upon as is.
  • It retains crunch after dunking in tea too.
  • This is mildly sweet. 

2. Parle Rusk Elaichi

Elaichi flavored, this is a 300-gram pack of rusk. It is priced at Rs 48 and has a shelf life of four months.

In addition to wheat flour, semolina has also been used which helps enhance the crunch. 

parle rusk elaichi
Parle Rusk


  • This is adequately sweet.
  • The cardamom flavor is not overwhelming.
  • Visual consistency is maintained throughout.
  • This is an economic option. 


  • These rusks soak up a lot of tea.
  • Once dunked, they become very mushy.

3. POLKA Diet Rusk

Prepared with semolina and cardamom, this carton holds 200 grams of rusk. These are priced at Rs 150 and are sweetened with Oligo fructose. This is a naturally occurring sugar. 

In addition to cardamom, fennel has also been added as a flavor. 

polka sugarless diet rusk
POLKA Sugar Less Diet Rusk


  • These are sweetened with naturally occurring sugars.
  • It comes packed in a carton.


  • The low calories claim is incorrect as rusk typically has the same amount of calories.

4. Chaayos Suji Rusk

This carton contains 20 individual packs of rusk, each holding two pieces. This packaging is very convenient as it makes carrying a pack easy and ensures freshness.

Priced at Rs 400 for a 400-gram box, this rusk had a mild flavor of cardamom. 

chaayos suji rusk
Chaayos Suji Rusk


  • We liked the efficient packaging.
  • The rusks looked identical.
  • These are mildly sweet.
  • The flavor of cardamom is subtle.


  • This may feel overpriced. 

5. Wheafree Gluten-Free Cake Rusk

This box holds 300 grams of gluten-free rusk. Made without any wheat product, these rusks contain eggs. They are priced at Rs 220. 

With a shelf life of four months, these rusks are prepared with a blend of ingredients like Bengal split gram, maize, black split gram, etc. 

wheafree gluten free rusk
Wheafree Gluten Free Cake Rusk


  • This is a decent product for those on a gluten-free eating pattern.
  • We like how the calories per serve have also been provided.

6. Bhikharam Chandmal Suji Rusk

This 400-gram pack of rusk is priced at Rs 95. They are cardamom-flavored and are prepared with a blend of wheat flour and semolina. 

As suggested by the brand, this can be paired with warm milk, tea, or coffee. 

bhikharam chandmal rusk
Bhikharam Chandmal Suji Elaichi Rusk


  • This is a budget-friendly option.
  • In addition to cardamom, this also has khas-khas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Indian rusk brands

Rusk is typically made of refined wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oils, semolina, and flavoring agents.

Yes. Only the gluten-free variant contains eggs.

Yes, these contain refined wheat flour which is a natural preservative.

Whether it is diabetes, blood pressure, or weight management, portion control is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

Final Words

From cardamom to fennel, we included the six best rusk brands in India for varied preferences, along with a gluten-free option in our list. 

Happy tea sipping!

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