Best Veggie Burger Patties in India – Top Brands Reviewed
Veg Burger Patty

Best Veggie Burger Patties in India – Top Brands Reviewed

A veg burger patty that is crisp, full of veggies and delicious. Here is our winner of the veg burger patties review.

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Contrary to popular opinion, veggie burgers are not all boring. You can get as creative as you would want to with the type of veg burger patty and the method of cooking. From rajma to mushrooms, sweet potatoes, and chickpeas, the options are endless.

Vegetarian burgers, especially when made at home can be just about potatoes and masalas. This can border on being a very desi aloo tikki, and that is not what your burger ought to taste like. This is why we reviewed three popular brands of frozen veg burger patties that are more than just about the ‘aloo’. Godrej Yummiez, Amul, and McCain were pitted against each other for our Best Veg Burger Patties Review. 

After considering multiple aspects like flavor and crunch we chose Amul Veggie Burger Patty as our Top Pick. Here is why we loved the Amul Happy Treats Veggie Burger Patty and recommend it as our Top Pick. 

The Best Veg Burger Patty

Veg Burger Patty – Everything You Need To Know

In this section, we discuss everything about veg burger patties – homemade and frozen. The core ingredients used to make these patties, general pricing of the frozen ones, how to use them. We also discuss popularly available brands, the ideal side dish for a veggie burger.

1. Ingredients

If you think that a vegetarian burger is just about potatoes, think again. Veggie burger patties can be made using a combination of multiple ingredients like – 

  • Chickpeas (Channa)
  • Veggies like corn, zucchini, and bell peppers.
  • Sweet potatoes (Shakarkandi)
  • Black-eyed beans (Lobia)
  • Red kidney beans (Rajma)
  • Mushrooms – Button and portobello 
  • Cottage cheese (Paneer)
  • Soya granules

2. Price

In the Indian market, on average, a pack of frozen veg burger patty is priced between Rs 70/- to Rs 150/-. Depending on the net weight and amount of patties inside the pack, different packs can vary in price. 

3. How To Use

A homemade veg burger patty can be cooked using multiple ways depending on the core ingredients used. You can cook it using different methods, including shallow frying, pan-frying, tawa cook method, baking, and deep-frying.

If it’s a frozen veg burger patty you’re looking at, then deep frying or air frying (as per instructions on the pack) is the right direction to go in.

4. Ideal Side Dish

Burgers are an entree. The frills and frolics that go around this are multiple. Some classic and experimental side dishes include – 

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  • Potato fries
  • Potato chips
  • Potato wedges
  • Onion rings
  • Sweet potato fries
  • Chicken fries
  • Zucchini chips
  • Coleslaw
  • Corn salad or buttered corn
  • Salad

5. Available Brands

The most commonly available brands for frozen veg burger patty in India are – 

  • McCain 
  • Amul
  • Godrej Yummiez
  • ITC Master Chef (Veg burger patties available in institutional packs on their website)

Veg Burger Patty Review by Mishry – Here are the Parameters

Big, fat, crunchy veggie burgers are always a welcome meal in any home. For our veg burger patty review, we considered a few critical parameters.

1. Taste

How fresh do these vegetables taste and do they lend any flavors of their own? Are the patties seasoned properly? Any herbs that leave a dominant aroma or flavor in the veg burger patty?

2. Crispiness – Crunch And Texture of the Veg Burger Patty

Crunch is an integral part of any burger-eating experience. How crunchy were the burger patties? Did the crunch remain intact even after the burger patty cooled down? How is the outer breading of the patty? How chunky or fine are the patties from inside? Is it a mish-mash or unidentifiable ingredient or can we spot something else?

3. Amount Of Veggies In The Veg Burger Patty

As this is a ‘veggie burger patty review’, the quantity or number of vegetables in a veg burger patty are of utmost importance. To make a good veggie burger patty, it shouldn’t be just about the potatoes. If a patty is just about the potatoes, it falls into the ‘aloo tikki’ section. During our review, we considered the balance in quantities of veggies and potatoes in the burger patty.

4. Aroma

Even though aroma was not a deciding factor in this review, it did play a small role in the final verdict.

5. Ease of Preparation

How easy or complicated were the instructions given on the pack? Were the veg burger patties easy to make? Did they cook evenly or not? Was the veg burger patty fully cooked till the centre?

6. Price

Is the bag of frozen veg burger patty value for money? Does the size, flavor and ingredients of the veg burger patty justify the price tag? To put it simply- is it worth your money? 

Veg Burger Patty
Veg burger patty - Mishry Review

Who is this review for?

This review is for everyone who likes homemade burgers, but doesn’t have the time to make the patties. People who prefer the convenience of frozen food can benefit from this veg burger patty review.

The Brands We Picked

We picked three frozen veg burger patties for our review. All three brands are easily available in supermarkets, local grocery shops, and eCom portals. The product had to be labeled as a ‘Vegetarian Burger Patty’ for the brand to be considered for our review. 

We did not pick the frozen aloo tikki as that has more desi-flavors which are better suited with pav or to make a portion of aloo tikki chaat at home. The three brands we picked are – 

  • Amul Veggie Burger Patty
  • McCain Veggie Burger Patty
  • Godrej Yummiez Burger Patty

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Our Review Process

For our veg burger patties review, we divided the process into two broad stages.

Stage 1 included cooking and tasting of the veg burger patty as it is.

Stage 2 included making burgers out of these patties (Mishry Secret Sauce)

Dry Inspection of Yummiez Veggie Burger Patty

For stage 1, we made the veg burger patties as per the instructions given on the pack. We deep-fried all the patties in refined vegetable oil till golden brown. These vegetarian patties were then tasted as it is, without any condiments. 

Veg Burger Patty
Tasting the deep fried patties as it is.

For our Mishry Secret Sauce, we turned these patties into burgers. We smeared the burger with a little cheese spread and tomato ketchup on the base and top. The deep-fried burger patties were then placed between two salad leaves.

Veg Burger Patty
Mishry Secret Sauce - Testing the veg burger patty in a burger bun.

We tasted the burgers twice after this. Once when it was hot and again after 15-20 minutes, when it cooled down. Why did we do this, you ask? To check for the crispiness of the veg burger patty. Does it retain any crispiness even when it has cooled down? 

After the taste test, we chose our winner for the best veg burger patty.

The big burger review.

Best Veg Burger Patties: Quick Glance

Amongst all the three contenders, we jotted down some key points that helped us choose our winner – the pricing, patty size, crunch, and of course, flavor. Some of the best veg burger brands in India include Amul, McCain, and Godrej Yummiez.

Veggie Burger Patty Brands

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Godrej Yummiez

1. Yummiez Crispy Veggie Burger Patty

We noticed that the patty is unusually large during our dry inspection, is chipped from different places, and is a bit de-shaped. The breaded coating is very thick and crumbly. Godrej Yummiez Veggie Burger Patties have a reddish tinge on the outside. They are too huge to fit inside a regular burger bun. 

After deep frying the burger patty, we saw a lot of corn, peas, and carrots inside the veg burger patty. The garlicky aroma is very pleasing. Taste-wise, the patty by itself is very spicy. The salt levels are balanced and the vegetables taste very fresh. The texture of the potatoes is very mushy and looks like it has a lot of moisture.

When we made a burger using the Godrej Yummiez veg burger patty, we definitely enjoyed the crunch of the patty. The area where it lacked was flavor. The burger tastes very average and did not have that ‘wow’ factor. 

Veg Burger Patty
Stage 1 - Dry inspection of the veg burger patty by Godrej Yummiez.
Veg Burger Patty
Stage 2 - Tasting the burger made using the Godrej Yummiez patty.
Veg Burger Patty
Cross sectional view of the patty.


  • A single pack contains 4 pieces of the veg burger patty.
  • Net weight – 400 grams
  • A 400-gram pack is priced at Rs 149/-.
  • Each veg burger patty is 100 grams in weight.
  • Frozen mixed veggies – 29%
  • Can be made using three methods – Deep frying, Air frying, Shallow pan frying


  • The veg burger patty is the crunchiest out of all the three contenders.
  • The amount of vegetables in this veg burger patty are the most.
  • Good garlicky aroma.
  • Balanced salt levels.


  • Taste-wise, these burger patties did not make for the yummiest burgers 
  • Uneven breading of this veg burger patty led to uneven cooking.
  • The burger patties are too big to fit inside an average burger bun.

2. Amul Happy Treats Veg Burger Patty – Mishry Top Pick

Amul Happy Treats Veg Burger Patty comes in a white pouch pack. A 360-gram pack is priced at Rs 79/- and contains 6 patties. During our dry inspection, we noticed that the patties are all uniform in shape. None of the burger patties were broken. 

After being deep-fried we noticed that these cook very evenly and have a significant crunchy exterior. We spotted a lot of bright vegetables like corn, carrots, and peas. 

When we made a burger using the Amul Happy Treats Veg Burger Patty, it fit perfectly in the bun. The burger was delicious and the patty had a brilliant crunch. From the fresh-tasting vegetables to the balanced seasoning, we really liked the Amul veg burger patty and these made the tastiest, most delicious home-style burgers.

Veg Burger Patty
Dry inspection of the Amul Happy Treats Veg Burger Patty.
Veg Burger Patty
Tasting the Amul veg burger patty as it is.
Veg Burger Patty
Cross sectional view of the Amul Veg Burger Patty


  • A single pack contains 6 pieces of veg burger patties.
  • Net weight – 360 grams
  • A 360-gram pack is priced at Rs 79/-.
  • Frozen mixed veggies – 18%
  • Can be made using two methods – Deep frying, Air frying


  • The veg burger patty is crisp.
  • The vegetables taste fresh.
  • Made the tastiest vegetarian burger.
  • Fits inside the bun perfectly.
  • Cooks uniformly.
  • Cheapest among all three contenders.

Best suited for people who are looking for an economical and appetizing veg burger patty for their homemade burgers.

3. McCain Veggie Burger Patty

In a single 480 gram pack of McCain Veggie Burger, there are 8 patties. This pack is priced at Rs 115/-. McCain Veggie Burger Patty is thin and uniformly shaped. The veg burger patty cooked evenly and attained a deep brown color.

After the veg burger patty was cooked, we could see sparse amounts of peas, carrots, and red chilli flakes. The exterior is very crunchy, even though it doesn’t have a very thick breaded crust. 

When we tasted this patty as it is, we felt that it is a little low on salt and was not spicy. The veggies, even though are very sparsely added, tasted fresh. The potatoes are chunkier and not mashed, which added to the layer of texture to the patty.

The burger made using the McCain veg burger patty was crispy but lacked the veggies we want in a ‘veggie’ burger. As for the seasoning, even though the salt felt a little low while dry tasting, the other elements like cheese and ketchup helped uplift the overall flavor inside the burger. 

Veg Burger Patty
McCain veg burger patty - Dry inspection
Veg Burger Patty
Cross sectional view of the McCain burger.


  • A single pack contains 8 pieces of veg burger patty.
  • Net weight – 480 grams
  • A 360 gram pack is priced at Rs 115/-.
  • Frozen mixed veggies – 16.35 %
  • Can be made using two methods – Deep frying, Baking


  • The McCain veg burger patty is very crispy.
  • Fits inside the bun perfectly.
  • Cooks uniformly.
  • The potatoes are not a mish-mash. They are chunkier.


  • Veggie quantity is very less.

Veg Burger Brands in India – Our Top Picks

Veg Burger Patty
Burger made using the Amul Veg Burger Patty.

Why did we choose Amul Veggie Burger Patty as our Top Pick?

The amount of potatoes alone does not define a good veg burger patty. It is much more than that. It is about the seasoning, the vegetables, and the crunch. 

We chose Amul Veggie Burger Patty as our Top Pick because of two major factors –  it tasted the best in a burger and because it had the most pronounced crunch of the patty. The fact that the presence of vegetables was in a considerable amount in this veg burger patty was also a deciding factor. Amul fulfills the definition of a ‘veggie burger’.

When we opened the pack, we noticed that none of the pieces were broken. These are thinner in comparison to the Yummiez burger patty, but the size is big enough to fit in a burger bun properly. After deep frying the burger patty, when we cut it open to taste, we could see a lot of bright vegetables like corn, peas, and carrots. Overall, the veggie burger patties by Amul had the most pleasing and appetizing look. 

While tasting the patty by itself, we also liked that it’s not just about the potatoes. We could taste the fresh vegetables along with the aloos

A pack of Amul Veggie Burger contains 6 patties and is priced at Rs 79/-. Great value for money! 

FAQ Section

Here are some exciting FAQs on patty for veg burgers.

1. What toppings go on a veggie burger?

There are multiple toppings that taste great inside a veggie burger, including – 

  • Pickled onions
  • Caramelized onions
  • Sauteed mushrooms
  • Pickles
  • Spiced or pickled olives
  • Melted cheese
  • Grilled pineapple
  • Lettuce, other salad leaves
  • Tomatoes
  • Peri-peri sauce
  • Grilled paneer
  • Aioli
  • Mustard

2. Is the veggie patty vegan?

It can be. Depending on the type of ingredients used, a veg burger patty can be vegan. Do check for labels before making a purchase.

3. Are veggie patties bad for you?

Processed, packaged foods should always be taken in moderation. It is never equivalent to a fresh, homemade meal.

4. What are the best veggie patties?

Amongst the three brands of frozen veg burger patties we reviewed, the Amul Happy Treats burger patty was the tastiest and had the freshest tasting vegetables.

Summary – Results Of Our Review

While McCain and Godrej Yummiez also produced decent-tasting burgers, Amul Veg Burger Patty took the cake. Fresh tasting vegetables, along with the taste of potatoes and a crispy exterior – all contributed to turning the Amul Veg Burger Patties into our Top Pick.

Have you tried any of these veggie burger patties before? If yes, which is your favorite veg burger patty from the frozen food aisle?  Do you agree with our veg burger patties review?

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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