Garden Mix Farsan Review - Ideal for tea-time munching
garden mix farsan review

Garden Mix Farsan Review – Ideal for tea-time munching

Primarily made using besan, Garden Mix Farsan is crunchy and non-spicy. Add it on top of your misal or poha for an added crunch.

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Garden Farsan Mix is primarily made using besan. The mild seasoning of this mix makes it ideal as a topping for spicy dishes. The farsan mix is crunchy and does not have an oily aftertaste.

Be it a rusk, a handful of makhanas or some namkeen. Your evening tea needs a partner. Don’t you think so?

The word farsan or pharsāṇ generally means salty snacks that are best enjoyed during tea-time. Gujarati Farsan includes popular snacks like khandvi, fafda, ganthia, dhokla, chakri and sev amongst others.

Some dry farsan like gathiya, sev and chakri are also available in packaged forms around the country in different farsan shops or through popular namkeen brands like Garden. In our Garden Mix Farsan Review we will discuss the price, packaging, ingredients, taste and texture of the farsan. Is it flavorful? Too oily or too dry? Let’s find out.

This section discusses the ingredients used in making the Garden Mix Farsan. We also discuss the parameters like taste, texture, color and crunch.

1. Ingredients 

The ingredients used to make Garden Mix Farsan are – Dehusked bengal gram flour (besan 44%), Refined palmolein oil, Split bengal gram (Chana dal – 6.6%), Seasoning mixed powder – Chilli, Bishop’s weed (ajwain), Asafoetida, Raising agent, Black salt, Turmeric, iodised salt, Cornstarch and Rawa.

garden mix farsan ingredients
The Garden Mix Farsan is primarily made using besan and refined palm oil. It contains chana dal and much more.

2. Flavor

The quality to look for in a good farsan is the distinct flavor of besan. As most dry farsan namkeen is made using besan, the flavor and aroma of besan needs to be gauged. How is the namkeen mix seasoned? 

Another factor we take into consideration while reviewing dry namkeens is the taste of oil. Are there any pungent, rancid notes of oil or does the namkeen taste fresh? Any peculiar aftertaste?

The Garden Farsan Mix does not have an oily-mouthfeel or aftertaste. It tastes fresh. The farsan mix is well salted with mild notes of ajwain. This is a non-spicy namkeen mix.

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3. Texture & Colour

Usually the dry namkeen mix from most farsan shops have a light yellow color indicative of the combination of besan and turmeric. These aren’t smooth, but have a district shape of their own. A farsan mix isn’t supposed to be uniform in any way, it’s a combination of different dry namkeens with varied textures.

4. Crunch

We could see a lot of besan papdis, sev, gathiya and boondi. All the elements in the Garden farsan mix are crispy. When stored in an airtight container, they do not become soggy for 4-5 days.

5. Price

A 170 gm pack of Garden Mix Farsan is priced at Rs 50/-.

6. Nutritional Information

While no one eats ‘namkeen’ for its health quotient, it’s still important to know about the calories any packaged product provides. As per the pack, 100 gms of the Garden Farsan Namkeen provides 579 kcal of energy, 14.3 gms of protein, and 41.7 gm carbohydrates. The saturated fat content is 17.3 gm and trans fat is <0.1 gm.

Garden Farsan Mix – Detailed Review

Garden Farsan Mix Product Information
Price Rs 50/-
Net Weight 140 gm
Main Ingredients Dehusked bengal gram flour, Refined palmolein oil, Split bengal gram
Shelf Life 6 months
Garden Mix Farsan Calories 579 Kcal per 100 gms
Availability  Online and offline

Our Garden mix farsan review discusses the pros, cons and features of the product.

The Garden Mix Farsan is priced at Rs 50/- for a 140 gm pack. It contains a mix of different elements like besan papdi, ganthiya, sev, moti sev. 

The entire pack of this namkeen is tasty and crispy. There is no aftertaste of oil. The besan flavor is bold, like it should be. The salt levels are balanced and this is a non-spicy snack.

contents of garden farsan mix
The Garden Mix Farsan is full of crispy bits of gathiya, sev and besan papdi.
closer look at garden farsan mix
A closer look at the Garden Farsan Mix.


  • The shelf life of Garden Mix Farsan is 6 months from the date of manufacture.
  • Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from sunlight.
  • Once opened, keep in an airtight container. 
  • Main ingredients include Dehusked bengal gram flour, Refined palmolein oil, Split bengal gram and spices like salt, ajwain, turmeric, and asafoetida. 


  • The Garden Mix Farsan has an adequate amount of salt. 
  • It is not spicy at all.
  • The mild ajwain flavor is tasty.
  • The farsan mix is crispy. 
  • There is no aftertaste.
  • The mix is neither oily or dry.

Best Suited For

Best suited for people who like to add farsan namkeen on top of a spicy dish like misal or to tone down a spicy bhel. If your poha lacks some crunch, you can eat this with that as well.

You can even add some roasted peanuts to this.

Do keep in mind that this is a high-calorie namkeen and not meant to be had everyday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Garden mix farsan review.

1. Does Garden Farsan Mix have a sweet flavour?

No. Garden’s Farsan Mix is salty. There are no sweet components in the namkeen. 

2. Garden Farsan Mix a spicy namkeen? If not, which one should I buy?

No. Garden’s Farsan Mix is not spicy at all. If spicy namkeens is your thing, you can purchase namkeens like mirchi aloo-lachha or an all-in-one spicy mixture.

3. Is Garden Farsan Mix fried or roasted?

Majority of the components in the Garden Farsam Mix are fried like gathiya, sev and besan papdi.

4. Does Garden Farsan Mix Include Onion and Garlic powder?

No. Onion and garlic powder are not mentioned in the list of ingredients.

5. Does Garden Farsan Mix mixtures contain rice flakes also?

No. Garden Farsan Mix does not contain rice flakes. It is dominantly a besan-based namkeen.

Final Verdict – Garden Mix Farsan Review

Garden’s Farsan Mix is a light tasting snack that will be enjoyed by people who like besan-based Gujaratri-style namkeens. All the small little elements of this farsan mix are crispy and delicious. This mix will taste great on top of a spicy misal or just as it is with a cup of tea. 

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