How To Choose The Best Groundnut Oil Brands In India?

How To Choose The Best Groundnut Oil Brands In India?

If you are confused between the best groundnut oil brands in India, here is the quick solution you need. Learn more about the peanut oil and the ways to select the best brand without hassles.

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No matter what kind we are talking about, the nuts are the epitome of flavors, texture, and benefits. Being one of the major sources of essential fatty acids and omega compounds, nuts are consumed worldwide. Now, there are several varieties of the nut that you can find in the market, starting from the pecan nuts to the walnuts you usually use to make desserts. However, the most famous type is the groundnut, also known to be the peanut amongst these types. The rich flavor of this nut is world-famous, be it in the form of the raw nut itself or the peanut butter. Since this species is widely used in several ways, today, we will discuss the best groundnut oil brands in India.

Yes, you heard it right- we will discuss the nut oil and not the nut because it is the oil which has proven to be more beneficial and versatile through some recent studies. Moreover, over half of the nut lover population doesn’t know anything about groundnut oil, its uses, benefits, and other relevant facts. This is why we have brought forth this particular topic for our discussion.

What Is Groundnut Oil?

Before learning more about the best groundnut oil brands in India, you need to learn a little bit more about the source itself, which is nothing but the peanut. Peanuts are the edible, oil-filled seeds of the legume plant of the Arachis species. The pods where you will find the nut actually grow under the soil, so the nut is classified as geocarp. Now coming to the oil, peanuts are pretty high in oil content. Even if you rub the nut between your pressed fingers, you will find the skin surface is glistening vividly because of the small amount of oil secreted by the nut.

groundnut oil brands in India
Peanuts are the edible, oil-filled seeds of the legume plant of the Arachis species.

Commercially, this oil content is extracted by several methods and then collected for further use.
As the oil is derived from pure nuts, you will have the best groundnut oil, which you can further use in dressing salads, cooking, and even for other purposes. The oil has a rich flavor and aroma of the peanut, which is why it is one of the best substitutes for those who hate to eat the nut in its raw form.

How The Ground Oil Is Extracted From The Nut?

Now to understand more about the best groundnut oil brands in India, you first need to know the process by which it is prepared. Without understanding oil manufacturing, you would never be able to judge the quality and purity of the oil properly without mistake.

Here we have described the entire process in which the oil is extracted from the kernels in the industries.

So, here we have described the entire process in which the oil is extracted from the kernels in the industries.

#1 Preprocessing

In this step, the kernels containing the nuts are cleaned to remove the excess dirt from the surface. After this, they are shelled where the external hard surfaces and barks are removed by special means. The pods are cracked and then cooked under controlled physical conditions in specialized seed processing equipment units.

Filtered refined groundnut oil

#2 Prepressing

Most of the best groundnut oil brands in India make sure that nothing goes wrong in this particular step since it is the most vital part of the entire oil production process. Here, using the screw oil press machinery units, the kernels are expelled, and the peanut oil is extracted. But, since the residue content is very high, the solvent extraction process is employed to get the pure and residue-free nut oil.

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#3 Filtering and refining

The oil generated in the prepressing step is the crude kadalai oil. To remove the residues and other compounds, the oil is subjected to filtering and refining processes. Filtering is the physical process where the insoluble particles are separated from the crude oil. However, since the oil will contain several soluble impurities, it is mandatory to process it through the refineries.

What Are The Types Of Peanut Oil?

When you look for the best groundnut oil brands in India, you will come across various oil types. Now that can be pretty much confusing because we have decided to give you a glimpse of each such type so that you don’t face such a problem.

1. Refined groundnut oil

From the name itself, you can understand that this type of oil is the one which we just described above. The crude oil obtained is passed through several filtering and refining towers to increase the oil’s transparency. Because of this, all the impurities, both soluble and insoluble particles, are removed. However, studies have shown that some essential compounds are also removed from the refined peanut oil besides the impurities.

2. Cold pressed or extra virgin oil

Here, no heat is used for the extraction of the oil. The solvent extraction process is mainly used to ensure that the virgin oil is completely pure without any distortion in the texture, flavor, or aroma of the oil. This is why cold-pressed peanut oil is so costly and high in demand. Unlike the refined oil, this variety retains all the flavors and aromas of the nut.

3. Peanut oil blends

The groundnut oil rate is quite high because of which not everyone can afford it. This is why sometimes low-cost oil having the same smoking point is mixed with the original nut oil. This lowers the price and makes the blend affordable. The low-cost oil is mixed in proper proportion to ensure that the nut oil’s original flavor and aroma are not lost.

groundnut oil brands in India
The kernels are first roasted till they turn golden brown, and then they are sent to the pressing units for the expelling process of the oil.

4. Roasted nut oil

Here, the kernels are first roasted till they turn golden brown, and then they are sent to the pressing units for the expelling process of the oil. Since the nuts are first roasted, the nutty flavor of the oil is enhanced, and also, the color turns a golden brown rather than being pale yellow.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Pure Groundnut Oil?

No matter what nut you are considering, the oil extracted from them is always healthy, provided they are being consumed in the right proportion. Similarly, the products from the best groundnut oil brands in India will also be super healthy for your health.

It sounds surprising, doesn’t it?

If yes, then let’s look at why we can claim this nut oil being a healthy substance.

#1 Rich in Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the essential fat-soluble vitamins, thanks to its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. This particular vitamin helps strengthen the immune system because your body will be able to fight off infections caused by bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and other kinds of microbes. Apart from this, Vitamin E in peanut oil acts as the best antioxidant, which helps prevent the increase of the free radical concentration in the body.

#2 Is good for the health of your heart

The best groundnut oil brands in India claim that their oil is best for the heart’s health. To a greater extent, their claims are true. The oil is loaded with several monosaturated fatty acids that are extremely good in lowering the blood’s LDL content. Apart from this, the fatty acids present in the oil will also help you fight off the excess amount of triglycerides in the blood, further reducing the chances of strokes.

#3 Helps to fight Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is a medical condition where the body shows unresponsiveness to the insulin secreted by the pancreas into the blood. Since the body becomes unresponsive, the insulin fails to convert the excess glucose in the blood to glycogen for storage. As a result, the amount of glucose level increases in the blood. This is where the filtered oil in India from the peanuts will have the main role to play.

The oil will increase the sensitivity of your body to the produced insulin, and hence, the excess blood glucose level in the blood can be controlled.

The groundnut oil will increase the sensitivity of your body to the produced insulin, and hence, the excess blood glucose level in the blood can be controlled.

#4 Is high in antioxidants

Apart from Vitamin E, peanut oil is also rich in other kinds of antioxidants. These bioactive compounds will help your body fight off several degenerative types of diseases, starting with cancers to nervous problems like Alzheimer’s disease.

Prevents the early maturing of the skin cells.

You might have seen that most people suffer from wrinkles and saggy skin even if it’s not their age. This happens because the increased concentration of the free radicals in the blood destroys the collagen fibers in your skin. Due to this, the epidermis sags and forms wrinkles. But, the various antioxidants present in the peanut oil will help you to restore the balance properly. Hence, you can avoid the signs of premature skin, the appearance of wrinkles, and the loosening of the skin. It is advisable to use the best groundnut oil brand in India.

What Are the Best groundnut oil brands in India?

Since our main discussion was about the best groundnut oil brands in India, it’s time to learn about all those available brands in the Indian market. This way, you will decide which particular brand you need for your regular use of peanut oil.


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groundnut oil brands in India
Ground Oil Brands


How to Choose The Best Groundnut Oil Manufacturers In The Market?

In the last section, we have described a lot about the best groundnut oil brands in India. But, apart from these names, there are other brands too.

Choosing a particular name from the entire list is not only difficult but next to impossible for someone who is still an amateur in buying something out of hundreds of options. The oil is quite costly, and hence you can’t afford to lose so much money only by making a small mistake. This is why here we have guided you to choose the best peanut oil brands in India.


The groundnut oil price is quite high, all thanks to the complexity of the process by which the oil is extracted and refined for future use. So, at the time of selecting the brand, you need to ensure that the oil price is within your budget limit. If that’s not the case, you will actually make the deal in loss, and hence, you will have to encounter a huge dent in your savings.

Type of oil

We have already discussed earlier that groundnut oil is available in four major forms. Based on your use and preference, you will have to choose the oil type. Here is a little piece of advice which might help you to make the best choice.

If you do not have any restriction about the peanut oil price India, you can choose any oil from the four varieties. But, if you are running tight on your budget, you will have to go with the peanut oil blends since this variety is more affordable than the refined or the cold-pressed oil.

Also, the variety of oil will depend on your use. For example, if you need the oil to fry or cook any dish, you need to go for the cold-pressed oil or the refined oil. But, if you just want the component to use as a garnishing or dressing element, you have to go with the roasted peanut oil. The peanut oil price varies with the brand.

Manufacturing and expiry date

Even though peanut oil has a huge lifetime, we think it’s best to check both the manufacturing and expiry date. Peanut oil can get oxidized when kept in the open, and hence it is suggested not to choose a product whose manufacturing date is way behind the current date.


When you study the various groundnut oil brands in India, you need to ensure that the brand you have chosen is well known and trustworthy in the market. To know more about their product, you can easily look into the customer reviews, which will give you direct knowledge about how the product is, its quality, and other facts. Apart from that, you can also look for referrals since most people use this oil in their kitchens.

groundnut oil brands in India
Cold Pressed ground nut Oil

Color and aroma of the oil

Lastly, you need to check the color of the peanut oil. The color varies from being pale yellowish to a dark golden brown, depending on the variety you choose. If the color is too pale or too dark, it’s best not to choose such a product. It means that the oil has artificial preservatives and other compounds. Similarly, you need to ensure that the oil gives out the distinct aroma of the regular peanuts.

What Are The Uses Of The Peanut Oil?

You have learned almost everything about the best groundnut oil in India. You have also learned how to choose the best brand. So now, you will be able to select the brand without any discrepancy easily. But, do you know how to use the oil?

No, you don’t, and that can prove to be a big problem since you can’t let the oil go in vain or drink it like water or a smoothie. To make you understand more about the Puvi oil, here we have described certain recipes where the oil is being used.

  1. For making the mixed vegetable poha using the peanut oil
  2. Using oil instead of butter to make the pancakes
  3. Using the oil as a mixing ingredient in making oats and vegetable mixed pancake
  4. Drizzling the roasted nut oil over quinoa and gram salad
  5. Making of jowar and bajra rotis by using the peanut oil to complement the grains
  6. Frying the broccoli and paneer tikka in a small amount of peanut oil
  7. Frying the palak puris in the peanut oil
  8. Using the roasted peanut oil for baking the chicken breast for lunch
  9. Making the peanut butter by using the oil from the best groundnut oil brands in India
  10. For making chicken nuggets by deep-frying them in the peanut oil
  11. Preparing the Mc French fries using the groundnut oil
  12. Using the peanut oil to make stir-fried BBQ and garlic pork fingers
  13. Brushing the peanut oil over vegetables to make a roasted side
  14. Using peanut oil instead of olive oil in making the homemade veg mayonnaise
  15. Making bread out of the nuts and the peanut oil
Frying fries in the oil


Peanut oil is one of the most commonly chosen vegetable oils in the Indian market. The nutty flavor and the fresh peanut aroma of the oil enhance the taste of any dish you will be making with this component. This is why we have described everything about the oil and the best groundnut oil brands in India.

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